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“Oui, m’sieur–directly. They come now, I think.”
He walked to the vestibule to meet three men in plain clothes who had just come through the swing-doors. There was something about van Heerden’s attitude which struck Beale as strange. He was standing in the exact spot he had stood when the detective had addressed him. It seemed as if something rooted him to the spot. He did not move even when the ambulance men were lifting the body nor when the police were taking particul cheap max 1 ars of the circumstances of the death. And Beale, escorting the shaken girl up the broad staircase to a room where she could rest and recover, looked back over his shoulder and saw him still standing, his head bent, his fingers smoothing his beard.
“It was dreadful, dreadful,” said the girl with a shiver. “I have never seen anybody–die. It was awful.”
Beale nodded. His thoughts were set on the doctor. Why had h cheap air max 1 e stood so motionless? He was not the kind of man to be shocked by so normal a phenomenon as death. He was a doctor and such sights were common to him. What was the reason for this strange paralysis which kept him chained to the spot even after the body had been removed?
The girl was talking, but he did not hear her. He knew instinctively that in van Heerden’s curious attitude was a solution of Predeaux’s death.
“Excuse me a moment,” he said.
He passed with rapid strides from the room, down the broad stairway and into the palm-court.
Van Heerden had gone.
The explanation flashed upon him and he hurried to the spot where the doctor had stood.
On the tessellated floor was a little patch no bigger than a saucer which had been recently washed.
He beckoned the manager.
“Who has been cleaning this tile?” he asked.
The manager s nike air max 1 grey hrugged his shoulders.
“It was the doctor, sare cheap air max 1 –so eccentric! He call for a glass of water and he dip his handkerchief in and then lift up his foot and with rapidity incredible he wash the floor with his handkerchief!”
“Fool!” snapped Beale. “Oh, hopeless fool!”
“Sare!” said the startled manager.
“It’s all right, M’sieur Barri,” smiled Beale ruefully. “I was addressing myself–oh, what a fool I’ve been!”
He went down on his knees and examined the floor.
“I want this tile, don’t let anybody touch it,” he said.
Of course, van Heerden had stood because under his foot he had crushed the digitalis tablet he had taken from the phial, and for which he had substituted something more deadly. Had he moved, the powdered tablet would have been s nike air max 1 een. It was simple–horribly simple.
He walked slowly back to where he had left Oliva.
cheap nike air max 1 What followed seemed ever after like a bad dream to the girl. She was stunned by the tragedy which had happened under her eyes and could offer no evidence which in any way assisted the police in their subsequent investigation, the sum of which was ably set forth in the columns of the _Post Record_.

“The tragedy which occurred in the Palm-Court of the Grand Alliance Hotel yesterday must be added to the already long list of London’s unravelled mysteries. The deceased, a man named Jackson, has been staying at the hotel for a week and was on the point of departure for Canada. At the last moment Dr. van Heerden, who was assisting the unfortunate man, discovered that Jackson was no other than the wanted man in the Millinborn murder, a crime which most of our readers will recall.
“Dr. van Heerden stated to our representative t nike air max 1 premium hat the man had represented that he was a friend of the late John Millinborn, but was anxious to get to Canada. He had produced excellent credentials, and Dr. van Heerden, in a spirit of generosity, offered to assist him. At the eleventh hour, however, he was struck with the likeness the man bore to the published description of the missing man in the Millinborn case, and was on the point of telegraphing to the authorities at Liverpool, when he discovered that Jackson had missed the train.
“The present tragedy points to suicide. The man, it will be remembered, collapsed, and Dr. van Heerden rendered first aid, administering to the man a perfectly harmless drug. The post-mortem examination reveals the presence in the body of a considerable quantity of cy nike air max 1 leopard anide of potassium, and the police theory is that this was self-admini cheap air 1 stered before the collapse. In the man’s pocket was discovered a number of cyanide tablets.
“‘I am satisfied,’ said Dr. van Heerden, ‘that the man already contemplated the deed, and when I voiced my suspicions in the palm-court he decided upon the action. The presence in his pocket of cyanide–one of the deadliest and quickest of poisons–suggests that he had the project in his mind. I did not see his action or, of course, I should have stopped him!'”

Oliva Cresswell read this account in her room nike air max 1 sale two nights following the tragedy and was struck by certain curious inaccuracies, if all that the doctor had told her was true.
Mr. Beale read the account, smiled across the table grimly to the bearded superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department.
“How does that strike you for ingenuity?” he said, pushing the paper ov nike air max 1 red er the table.
“I have read it,” said the other laconically, “I think we have sufficient evidence to arrest van Heerden. The tile from the Grand Alliance shows traces of digitalis.”
Beale shook his head.
“The case would fall,” he said. “What evidence have you? We did not confiscate his medicine-case. He might have dropped a tablet of digitalis by accident. The only evidence you could convict van Heerden on is proof that he brought with him cyanide tablets which he slipped into Predeaux’s pocket. No, we can prove nothing.”
“What is your theory in connection with the crime?”
“I have many theories,” said Mr. Beale, rising and pacing the room, “and one certainty. I am satisfied that Millinborn was killed by Doctor van Heerden. He was killed because, during the absence of Mr. Kitson in the village, the doctor for nike air max 1 black ced from the d nike air max 1 ebay ying man a secret which up till then he had jealously preserved. When Kitson returned he found his friend, as he thought, _in

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