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d speak and van Heerden, fearful of having his villainy exposed, stabbed him to the heart under the pretext of assisting him to lie d north face gilet own.
„Something different occurred at the Grand Alliance Hotel. A man swoons, immediately he is picked up by the doctor, who gives him a harmless drug–that is to say, harmless in small quantities. In five seconds the man is dead. At the inquest we find he has been poisoned–cyanide is found in his pocket. And who is north face size chart this man? Obviously the identical person who witnessed the murder of John Millinborn and whom we have been trying to find ever since that crime.“
„Van Heerden won’t escape the third time. His presence will be a little more than a coincidence,“ said the superintendent.
Beale laughed.
„There will be no third time,“ he said shortly, „van Heerden is not a fool.“
„Have you any idea what the secret was that he wa cheap north face jackets nted to get from old Millinborn?“ asked the detective.
Beale nodded.
„Yes, I know pretty well,“ he said, „and in course of time you will know, too.“
The detective was glancing over the newspaper account.
„I see the jury returned a verdict of ‚Suicide whilst of unsound mind!'“ he said. „This case ought to injure van Heerden, anyway.“
„That is where you are wrong,“ said Beale, stopping in his stride, „van Heerden has so manoeuvred the Pressmen that he comes out with an enhanced reputation. You will probably find articles in the weekly papers written and signed by him, giving his views on the indiscriminate sale of poisons. He will move in a glamour of romance, and his consulting-rooms will be thronged by new admirers.“
„It’s a rum case,“ said the superintendent, rising, „and if you don’t mind my saying so, Mr. Be north face sale ale, you’re one of the rummiest men that figure in it. I can’t quite make you out. You are not a policeman and yet we have orders from the Foreign Office to give you every assistance. What’s the game?“
„The biggest game in the world,“ said Beale promptly, „a game which, if it succeeds, will bring misery and suffering to thousands, and will bring great businesses tumbling, and set you and your children and your children’s children working for hundreds of years to pay off a new national debt.“
„Man alive!“ said the other, „are you serious?“
Beale nodded.
„I was never more serious in my life,“ he said, „that is why I don’t want the police to be too inquisitive in regard to this murder of Jackson, whose real name, as I say, is Predeaux. I can tell you this, chief, that you are seeing the development of North Face Sale the most damnable plot that has ever been hatched in the brain of the worst miscreant that history knows. Sit down again. Do you know what happened last year?“ he asked.
„Last year?“ said the superintendent. „Why, the war ended last year.“
„The war ended, Germany was beaten, and had to accept terms humiliating for a proud nation, but fortunately for her Prussia was not proud, she was merely arrogant. Her worst blow was the impoverishing conditions which the Entente Powers imposed. That is to say, they demanded certain concessions of territory and money which, added to the enormous interest of war stock which the Germans had to pay, promised to cripple Prussia for a hundred years.“
„Well?“ said the detective, when the other had stopped.
„Well?“ repeated Beale, with a hard north face outlet little smile. „Germany is going to get that money back.“
Beale laughed.
„No, nothing so foolish as war. Germany has had all the war she wants. Oh no, there’ll be no war. Do you imagine that we should go to war because I came to the Foreign Office with a crazy story. I can tell you this, that officially the German Government have no knowledge of this plot and are quite willing to repudiate those people who are engaged in it. Indeed, if the truth be told, the Government has not contributed a single mark to bring the scheme to fruition, but when it is working all the money required will be instantly found. At present the inventor of this delightful little scheme finds himself with insufficient capital to go ahead. It north face sale is his intention to secure that capital. There are many ways by which this can be done. He has already borrowed L40,000 from White, of Punsonby’s.“
Superintendent McNorton whistled.
„There are other ways,“ Beale went on, „and he is at liberty to try them all except one. The day he secures control of that fortune, that day I shoot him.“
„The deuce you will?“ said the startled Mr. McNorton.
„The deuce I will,“ repeated Beale.
There was a tap at the door and McNorton rose.
„Don’t go,“ said Beale, „I would like to introduce you to this gentleman.“
He opened the door and a grey-haired man with a lean, ascetic face came in. north face fleece
Beale closed the door behind him and led the way to the dining-room.
„Mr. Kitson, I should like you to know Superintendent McNorton.“
The two men shook hands.
„Well?“ said Kitson, „our medical friend seems to have got away with it.“ He sat at the table, nervously drumming with his fingers. „Does the superintendent know everything?“
„Nearly everything,“ replied Beale.
„Nearly everything,“ repeated the superintende Cheap North Face Sale nt with a smile, „except this great Green Rust business. There I admit I am puzzled.“
„Even I know nothing about that,“ said Kitson, looking curiously at Beale. „I suppose one of these days you will tell us all about it. It is a discovery Mr. Beale happed upon whilst he was engaged in protecting Miss—-“ He looked at Beale and Beale nodded–„Miss Cresswell,“ said Kitson.
„The lady who was present at the murder of Jackson?“
„There is no reason why we should not take you into our confidence, the more so since the necessity for secrecy is rapidly passing. Miss Oliva Cresswell is the niece of John Millinborn. Her mother married a scamp who called himself Cresswell but whose real name was Predeaux. He first spent every penny she had and then left her and her infant child.“
„Predeaux!“ cried the detective. „Why you told me that north face was Jackson’s real name.“
„Jackson, or Predeaux, was her father,“ said Kitson, „it was believed that he was dead; but after John Millinborn’s death I set inquiries on foot and discovered that he had been serving a life sentence in Cayenne and had been released when the French President proclaimed a general amnesty at the close of the war. He was evidently on his way to see John Millinborn the day my unhappy friend was murdered, and it was the recognition of his daughter in the palm-court of the Grand Alliance which produced a fainting-fit to which he was subject.“
„But how could he recognize the daughter? Had he seen her before?“
For answer Kitson took from his pocket a leather folder and opened it. There were two photographs. One of a beautiful woman in the fashion of 25 years before; and one a snapshot of a girl in a mode north face of the eiger rn costume, whom McNorton had no difficulty in recognizing as Oliva Cresswell.
„Yes,“ he said, „they might be the same person.“
„That’s the mother on the left,“ explained Kitson, „the resemblance is remarkable. When Jackson saw the girl he called her Mary–that was his wife’s name. Millinborn left the whole of his fortune to Miss Cresswell, but he placed upon North Face Sale UK me a solemn charge that she was not to benefit or to know of her inheritance until she was married. He had a horror of fortune-hunters. This was the secret which van Heerden surprised–I fear with violence–from poor John as he lay dying. Since then he has been plotting to marry the girl. To do him justice, I believe that the cold-blooded hound has no other wish than to secure her money. His acquaintance with White, who is on the verge of ruin, enabled him to get to k now the girl. He persuaded her to come here and a flat was found for her. Partly,“ said the lawyer dryly, „because this block of flats happens to be her own property and the lady who is supposed to be the landlady is a nominee of mine.“
„And I suppose that explains Mr. Beale,“ north face arctic parka smiled the inspector.
„That explains Mr. Beale,“ said Kitson, „whom I brought from New York especially to shadow van Heerden and to protect the girl. In the course of investigations Mr. Beale has made another discovery, the particulars of which I do not know.“
There was a little pause.
„Why not tell the girl?“ said the superintendent.
Kitson shook his head.
„I have thought it out, and to tell the girl would be tantamou

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