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“Don’t know; ‘most everything she says sounds like the Bible or Shakespeare to me.”
In the hush that followed Mother Car ireland ey’s salutation Gilbert approached with a nike ireland promo code basket over his arm, and quickly and neatly laid a little fire behind the brass andirons on the hearth. Then Nancy handed Peter a loosely bound sheaf, saying: “To light this fire I give you a torch. In it are herbs of the field for health of the body, a fern leaf for grace, a sprig of elm for peace, one of oak for strength, with evergreen to sh nike ireland contact ow that we live forever in the deeds we have done. To these we have added rosemary for remembrance and pansies for thoughts.”
Peter crouched on the hearth and lighted the fire in three places, then handed the torch to Kathleen as he crept again into his mother’s lap, awed into complete silence by the influence of his own mystic rite. Kathleen waved the torch to Nike ireland and fro as she recited some beautiful lines written for some such purpose as that which called them together to-night.

“Bu nike ireland careers rn, fire, burn!
Flicker, flicker, flame!
Whose hand above this blaze is lifted
Shall be with touch of magic gifted,
To warm the hearts of chilly mortals
Who stand without these open portals.
The touch shall draw them to this fire,
Nigher, nigher,
By desire.
Whoso shall st nike air max ireland and on this hearth-stone,
Shall never, never stand alone.
Whose home is dark nike ireland online and drear and old,
Whose hearth is cold,
This is his own.
Flicker, flicker, flicker, flame!
Burn, fire, burn!”[1]

[Footnote 1: Florence Converse.]
Next came Olive’s turn to help in the ceremonies. Ralph Thurston had found a line of Latin for them in his beloved Horace: _Tibi splendet focus_ (For you the hearth-fire shines). Olive had painted the motto on a long narrow panel of canvas, and, giving it to Mr. Popham, stood by the fireside while he deftly fitted it in nike ireland nfl to the place prepared for it. The family had feared that he would nike ireland head office tell a good story when he found himself the centre of attraction, but he was as dumb as Peter, and for the same reason.
“Olive has another lovely gift for the Yellow House,” said Mother Carey, rising, “and to carry out the next part of the programme we shall have to go in procession upstairs to my bedroom.”
“Guess there wan’t many idees to give round to other folks after the Lord made _her_!” exclaimed Bill Harmo nike ireland clearance n to his wife as they went through the lighted hall.
Gilbert, at the head of the procession, held Mother Hamilton’s picture, which had been taken from the old brick oven where “my son Tom” had hidden it. Mother Carey’s bedroom, with its bouquets of field flowers on the wall paper, was gaily lighted and ready to receive the gift. Nancy stood on a ch nike ireland air and hung the portrait over the fireplace, saying, “We place this picture here in memory of Agatha, mother of Lemuel Hamilton, owner of the Yellow House. Underneath it we lay a posy of pressed daisies, buttercups, and Queen Anne’s lace, the wild flowers she loved best.”
Now Olive took away a green garland covering the words “_Mater Cara_,” that she had painted in brown letters just over the bricks of the fireplace. The letters were in old English text, and a riot of buttercups nike ireland store and grasses twined their way amongst them.
“_Mater Cara_ stands for ‘mother dear,'” said Nancy, “and thus this room will be full of memories of two dear mothers, an absent and a present one.”
Then Kathleen and Gilbert and Julia, Mother Carey and Peter bowed their heads and said in chorus: “_O Thou who dwellest in so many homes, possess thyself of this. Thou who settest the solitary in families, bless the life that is sheltered here. Grant that trust and peace an nike ireland online store d comfort may abide within, and that love and light and usefulness may go out from this house forever. Amen_.”
There was a moment’s silence and then all the party descended the stairs to the dining room. ③

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