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While Mrs. Carey was talking with Mr. Lord, Nancy skimmed across the barn floor intent on some suddenly remembered duty, went out into the garden, and met face to face a strange young man standing by the rose trellis and looking in at the dance through the open door.
He had on a conventional black dinner-coat, something never seen in Beulah, and wore a soft travelling cap. At first Nancy thought he was a frie north face arctic parka nd of the visiting fiddler, but a closer look at his merry dark eyes gave her the feeling that she had seen him before, or somebody very like him. He did not wait for her to speak, but taking off his cap, put out his hand and sai north face fleece d: “By your resemblance to a photograph in my possession I think you are the girl who planted the crimson rambler.”
“Are you ‘my son Tom’?” asked Nancy, open astonishment in her tone. “I Cheap North Face Sale mean my Mr. Hamilton’s son Tom?”
“I am _my_ Mr. Ham North Face Sale ilton’s son Tom; or shall we say _our_ Mr. Hamilton’s? Do two ‘mys’ make one ‘our’?”
“Upon my word, wonders will never cease!” exclaimed Nancy. “The Admiral said you were in Boston, but he never told us you would visit Beulah so soon!”
“No, I wanted it to be a secret. I wanted to appear when the ball was at its height; the ghost of the old regime confronting the new, so to speak.”
“Beulah will soon be a summer resort; everybody seems to be coming here.”
“It’s partly yo north face of the eiger ur fault, isn’t it?”
“Why, pray?”
“‘The Water Babies’ is one of my favorite books, and I know all about Mother Carey’s chickens. They go out over the seas and show good birds the way home.”
“Are _you_ a good bird?” asked Nancy saucily.
“I’m _home_, at all events!” said Tom with an emphasis that made Nancy s cheap north face jackets hiver lest the young man had come to Beulah with a north face size chart view of taking up his residence in the paternal mansion.
The two young people sat down on the piazza steps while the music of The Sultan’s Polka floated out of the barn door. Old Mrs. Jenks was dancing with Peter, her eighty-yea north face sale r-old steps as fleet as his, her white side-curls bobbing to the tune. Her withered hands clasped his dimpled ones and the two seemed to be of the same age, for in the atmosphere of laughter and goodwill there would have been no place for the old in heart, and certainly Mrs. Jenks was as young as any one at the party.
“I can’t help dread north face gilet ing you, nice and amiable as you look,” said Nancy candidly to Tom Hamilton; “I am so afraid you’ll fall in love with the Yellow House and want it back again. Are you engaged to be married to a little-footed China north face outlet doll, or anything like that?” she asked with a teasing, upward look and a disarming smile that robbed the question of any rudeness.
“No, not engaged to anything or anybody, but I’ve a notion I shall be, soon, if all goes well! I’m getting along in years now!”
“I might have known it!” sighed Nancy. “It was a prophetic instinct, my calling you the Yellow Peril.”
“It isn’t a bit nice of you to dislike me before you know me; I didn’t do that way with you!”
“What d North Face Sale UK o you mean?”
“Why, in the first letter you ever wrote father you sent your love to any of his children that should happen to be of the right size. I chanced to be _just_ the right size, so I accepted it, gratefully; I’ve got it here with me to-night; no, I left it in my other coat,” he said merrily, making a fictitious search through his pockets.
Nancy laughed at his north face nonsense; she could not help it.
“Will you promise to get over your foolish and wicked prejudices if I on my part promise never to take the Yellow Hous north face sale e away from you unless you wish?” continued Tom.
“Willingly,” exclaimed Nancy joyously. “That’s the safest promise I could make, for I would never give up living in it unless I had to. First it was father’s choice, then it was mother’s, now all of us seem to have built ourselves into it, as it were. I am almost afraid to care so much about anything, and I shall be so relieved if you do not turn out to be really a Yellow Peril after all!”
“You are much more of a Yellow Peril yourself!” said Tom, “with that dress and that ribbon in your hair! Will you dance the next dance with me, please?”
“It’s The Tempest; do you know it?”③

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