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“Never mind, she’s only ten, and there’s hope for her yet,” Captain Carey had replied cheerfully; though if he had known her a little later, in her first Beulah days, he might not have been so sanguine. She seemed to have no instinct of adapting herself to the family life, standing just a little aloof and in an attitude of silent criticism. She was a trig, smug prig, Nancy said, delighting in her accidental muster of three short, hard, descriptive words. She hadn’t a bit of humor, no fun, no gayety, no generous enthusiasms that carried her too far for safety or propriety. She brought with her to Beula air max 1 h sheaves of school certificates, and when she showed them to Gilbert with their hundred per cent deportment and ninety-eight and seven-eighths per cent scholarship every month for years, he went out behind cheap nike air max 1 the barn and kicked its foundations savagely for several minutes. She was a sort of continual Sunday child, with an air of church and cold dinner and sermon-reading and hymn-singing and early bed. Nobody cou nike air max 1 sale ld fear, as for some impulsive, reckless little creature, that she would come to a bad end. Nancy said no one could imagine her as coming to anything, not even an end!
“You never let mother hear you say these things, Nancy,” Kathleen remarked once, “but really and truly it’s just as bad to say them at all, when you know she wouldn’t approve.”
“My present object is to be as good as gold in mother’s eyes, but there I stop!” retorted Nancy cheerfully. “Pretty soon I shall get virtuous enough to go a step further and endeavor to please the angels,–not Julia’s cast-iron angels, but the other angels, who understand and a Nike air max 1 re patient, because they remember our frames and know that being dust we are likely to be dusty once in a while. Julia wasn’t made of dust. She was made of–let me see–of skim milk and baked custard (the wate nike air max 1 red ry kind) and rice flour and gelatine, with a very little piece of overripe banana,–not enough to flavor, just enough to sicken. Stir this up with weak barley water without putting In a trace of salt, sugar, spice, or pepper, set it in a cool oven, take it out before it is done, and you will get Julia.”
Nancy was triumphant over this recipe for making Julias, only regretting that she could never show it to her mother, who, if critical, was always most appreciative. She did send it in a letter to the Admiral, off in China, and he, being “none too good for human nature’s daily food,” enjoyed it hugely and never scolded her at all.
Julia’s only conversation at this time was on matters concerning Gladys Ferguson and the Ferguson family. When you are washing dishes in the sink of the Yellow House in Beulah it is very irritati ng to hear of Gladys Ferguson’s mother-of-pearl opera glasses, her French maid, her breakfast on a tray in bed, her diamond ring, her photograph in the Sunday “Times,” her travels abroad, her proficiency in French and German.
“Don’t trot Gladys into the kitchen, for goodness’ sake, Julia!” grumbled Nancy on a warm day. “I don’t want her diamond ring in my dishwater. Wait till Sunday, when we go to the hotel for dinner in our best clothes, if you must talk about her. You don’t wipe the tumblers dry, nor put them in the proper place, when your mind is full of Gladys!”
“All right!” said Julia gently. “Only I hope I shall always be able to wipe dishes and keep my mind on better things at th nike air max 1 premium e same time. That’s what Miss Tewksbury told me when she knew I had got to give up my home luxuries for a long time. ‘Don’t let poverty nike air max 1 ebay drag you down, Julia,’ she said: ‘keep your high thoughts and don’t let them get soiled with the grime of daily living.'”
It is only just to say that Nancy was not absolutely destitute of self-control and politeness, because at this moment she had a really vicious desire to wash Julia’s supercilious face and neat nose with the dishcloth, fresh from the fr nike air max 1 leopard ying pan. She knew that she could not grasp those irritating “high thoughts” and apply the grime of daily living to them concretely and actually, but Julia’s face was within her reach, and Nancy’s fingers tingled with desire. No trace of this savage impulse appeared in her behavior, however; she rinsed the dishpan, turned it upside down in the sink, and gave the wiping towels to Julia, asking her to wring them out in hot water and hang them on the barberry bushes, accor nike air max 1 ding to Mrs. Carey’s instructions.
“It doesn’t seem as if I could!” whimpered Julia. “I have always been so sensitive, and dish towels are so disgusting! They do _smell_, Nancy!”
“They do,” said Nancy sternly, “but they will smell worse if they are not washed! I give you the dish-wiping and take the washing, just to save your hands, but you must turn and turn about with Kathleen and me with some of the ugly, hateful things. If you were company of course we couldn’t let you, but you are a member of the family. O nike air max 1 black ur principal concern must be to keep mother’s ‘high thoughts’ from grime; ours must just take their chance!”
Oh! how Julia disliked Nancy at this epoch in their common history; and how cordially and vigorously the dislike was returned! Many an unhappy moment did Mother Carey have over the feud, mostly deep and sil cheap nike air max 1 ent, that went on between these two; and Gilbert’s attitude was not much more hopeful. He had found a timetable or syllabus for the day’s doings, over Julia’s washstand. It had been framed under Miss Tewksbury’s guidance, who knew Julia’s unpunctuality and lack of system, and read as follows:–

Rise at 6.45.
Bathe and dress.
Devotional Exercises 7.15.
Breakfast 7.45.
Household tasks till 9.
Exercise out of doors 9 to 10.
Study 10 to 12.
Preparations for dinner 12 to 1.
Recreation 2 to 4.
Study 4 to 5.
Preparation for supper 5 to 6.
Wholesome reading, walking, or conversation 7 to 8.
Devotional exercises 9.
Bed 9.30.

There was nothing wrong about this; indeed, it was excellently conceived; still it appeared to Gilbert as excessively funny, and with Nancy’s help he wrote another syllabus and tacked it over Ju nike air max 1 grey cheap air max 1 lia’s bureau. ③

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