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t makes you say that?“
„It’s clear enough. He has already some idea of the scheme. He has been pumping old Heyler; he even secured a sample of the stuff–it was a faulty cultivation, but it might have been enough for him. He surmised that I had a specia nike jordans release dates l use for old Millinborn’s money and why I was in a hurry to get it.“
The silence which followed lasted several minutes.
„Does anybody except Beale know? If you settled him…?“
„We should have to finish him to-night“ said van Heerden, „that is what I have been thinking about all day.“
Another silence.
„Well, why not?“ asked Milsom, „it is all one to me. The stake is worth a little extra risk.“
„It must be done before he finds the Paddington place; that is the danger which haunts me.“ Van Heerden was uneasy, and he had lost the note of calm assurance which ordinarily characterized his speech. „There i nike jordans son of mars s sufficient evidence there to spoil everything.“
„There is that,“ breathed Milsom, „it was madness to go on. You have all the stuff you want, you could have closed down the factory a week ago.“
„I must have a margin of saf nike jordans for kids ety–besides, how could I do anything else? I was nearly broke and any sign of closing down would have brought my hungry workers to Krooman Mansions.“
„That’s true,“ agreed the other, „I’ve had to stall ‚em off, but I didn’t know that it was because you were broke. It seemed to me just a natural reluctance to part with good money.“
Further conversation was arrested by the sudden stoppage of the car. Van Heerden peered through the window ahead and caught a glimpse of a red lamp.
„It is all right,“ he said, „this must be Putney Common nike jordans cheap , and I told Gregory to meet me with any news.“
A man came into the rays of the head-lamp and passed to the door.
„Well,“ asked the doctor, „is there any trouble?“
„I saw the green lamp on the bonnet,“ said Gregory (Milsom no longer wondered how the man had recognized the car from the score o cheap jordans f others which pass over the common), „there is no news of importance.“
„Where is Beale?“
„At the old man’s hotel. He has been there all day.“
„Has he made any further visits to the police?“
„He was at Scotland Yard this afternoon.“
„And the young lady?“
„One of the waiters at the hotel, a friend of mine, told me that she is much better. She has had two doctors.“
„And still lives?“ said the cy cheap nike jordans nical Milsom. „That makes four doctors she has seen in two days.“
Van Heerden leant out of the car window and lowered his voice.
„The Fraeulein Glaum, you saw her?“
„Yes, I told her that she must not come to your laboratory again until you sent for her. She asked when you leave.“
„That she must not know, Gregory–please remember.“
He withdrew his head, tapped at the window and the car moved on.
„There’s another problem for you, van nike jordans retro Heerden,“ said Milsom with a chuckle.
„What?“ demanded the other sharply.
„Hilda Glaum. I’ve only seen the gir nike air jordans retro l twice or so, but she adores you. What are you going to do with her?“
Van Heerden lit a cigarette, and in the play of the flame Milsom saw him smiling.
„She comes on after me,“ he said, „by which I mean that I have a place for her in my country, but not—-“
„Not the sort of place she expects,“ finished Milsom bluntly. „You may have trouble there.“
„That’s foolish,“ said Milsom, „the convict establishments of England are filled with men who said ‚Bah‘ when they were warned against jealous women. If,“ he went on, „if you could eliminate jealousy from the human outfit, you’d have half the prison warders of England unemployed.“
„Hilda is a good girl,“ said the other complacently, „she is also a good German girl, and in Germany women know their place in the system. She will be satisfied with what I give her.“
„There aren’t any women like that,“ said Milsom with decision, and the subject dropped.
The car stopped near the Marble Arch to put down Milsom, and van Heerden continued his journey alone, reaching his apartments a little before midnight. As he stepped out of the car jordans a man strolled across the street. It was Beale’s watcher. Van Heerden looked round with a smile, realizing the significance of this nonchalant figure, and passed through the lobby and up the stairs.
He had left his lights full on for the benefit of watchers, and the hall-lamp glowed convincingly through the fanlight. Beale’s flat was in darkness, and a slip of paper fastened to the door gave his address.
The doctor let himself into his own rooms, closed the door, switched out the light and stepped into his bureau.
nike jordans retro 4 „Hello,“ he said angrily, „what are you doing here?–I told you not to come.“
The girl who was sitting at the table and who now rose to meet him was breathless, and he read trouble in her face. He could have read pride there, too, that she had so well served the man whom she idolized as a god.
„I’ve got him, I’ve got him, Julius!“
„Got him! Got whom?“ he asked, with a frown.
„Beale!“ she said eagerly, „the great Beale!“
She gurgled with hysterical laughter.
„He came to me, he was going to arrest me to-night, but I got him.“
„Sit down,“ he said firmly, „and try to be coherent, Hilda. Who came to you?“
„Beale. He came to my boarding-house and wanted to know where you had taken Oliva Cresswell. Have you taken her?“ she asked earnestly.
„Go on,“ he said.
„He came to me full of arrogance and threats. He was going to have me arrested, Julius, because of those letters which I gave you. But I didn’t worry about myself, Julius. It was all for you that I thought. The thought that you, my dear, great man, should be put in one of these ho cheap jordans sale rrible English prisons–oh, Julius!“
She rose, her eyes filled with tears, but he stood over her, laid his hands on her shoulders and pressed her back.
„Now, now. You must tell me everything. This is very serious. What happened then?“
„He wanted me to take him to one of the places.“
„One of what places?“ he asked quickly.
„I don’t know. He only said that he knew that you had other houses–I don’t even know that nike jordans for men he said that, but that was the impression that he gave me, that he knew you were to be found somewhere.“
„Go on,“ said the doctor.
„And so I thought and I thought,“ said the girl, her hands clasped in front of her, her eyes looking up into his, „and I prayed God would give me some idea to help you. And then the scheme came to me, Julius. I said I would lead him to you.“
„You said you would lead him to me?“ he said steadily, „and where did you lead him?“
„To the factory in Paddington,“ she said.
„There!“ he stared at her.
„Wait, wait, wait!“ she said, „oh, please don’t blame me! I took him into the passage with the doors. I borrowed his light, and after we had passed and locked the second door I slipped through the third and slammed it in his face.“
„He is there! Caught! Oh, Julius, did I do well? Please don’t b nike jordans e angry with me! I was so afraid for you!“
„How long have you been here?“ he asked.
„Not ten minutes, perhaps five minutes, I don’t know. I have no knowledge of time. I came straight back to see you.“
He stood by the table, gnawing his finger, his head bowed in concentrated thought.
„There, of all places!“ he muttered; „there, of all places!“
„Oh, Julius, I did my best,“ she said tearfully.
He looked down at her with a little sneer.
„Of course you did your best. You’re a woman and you haven’t brains.“
„I thought—-“
„You thought!“ he sneered. „Who told you you could think? You fool! Don’t you know it was a bluff, that he could no more arrest me than I could arrest him? Don’t you realize–did he know you were in the habit of coming here?“
She nodded.
„I thought so,“ said van Heerden with a bitter laugh. „He knows you are in love with me and he played upon your fears. You poor little fool! Don’t cry or I shall do something unpleasant. There, there. Help yourself to some wine, you’ll find it in the tantalus.“
He strode up and down the room.
„There’s nothing to be done but to settle accounts with Mr. Beale,“ he said grimly. „Do you think he was watched?“
„Oh no, no, Julius“–she checked her sobs–„I was so careful.“
She gave him a description of the journey and the precautions she had taken.
„Well, perhaps you’re not such a fool after all.“
He unlocked a drawer in his desk and took out a long

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