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„There never was such a dear since the world began!“ cried Nancy joyously. „Oh! do read on; there’s a lot more, and the last may contradict the first.“

Shall I tell you what more the Careys may do for me, they who have done so much already?

„So much! nike free review “ quoted Nancy with dramatic emphasis. „Oh, he _is_ a dear!“

My son Tom, when he went down to Beulah before starting for China, visited the house and at my reque nike free trainers uk st put away my mother’s picture safely. He is a clever boy, and instead of cheap nike free run 2 placing the thing in an attic where it might be injured, he tucked it away,–where do you think,–in the old brick oven of the room that is now, I suppose, your dining room nike free run 2 review . It is a capital hiding-place, for there had been no fire there for fifty years, nor ever will be again. I have other portraits of her with me, on this side of the water. Please remove the one I speak of from its wrappings and hang it over the mantel shelf in the west bedroom.

„My bedroom! I shall love to have it there,“ said Mother Carey.

Then, once a year, on my mother’s birthday,–it nike free is the fourth of July and an easy date to remember,–will my little friend Miss Nancy, or any of the other Careys, if she is absent, pick a little nosegay of daisies and buttercups (perhaps there will even be a bit of early Queen Anne’s lace) and put it in a vase under nike blazers my mother’s picture? That shall be the annual rent paid for the Yellow House to Lemuel Hamilton by the Careys!

Tears of joy sprang to the eyes of emotional Nancy. She rose to her feet and paced the greensward excitedly.
„Oh, mother, I didn’t think there could be another such man after knowing father and the Admiral. Isn’t it all as wonderful as a fairy story?“
„There’s a little more; listen, dear.“

As to the term of your occupancy, the Careys may have the Yellow House until the day of my death, unle nike free running shoes ss by some extraordinary chance my son Tom should ever want it as a summer home.

„Oh, dear! there comes the dreadful ‚unless‘! ‚My son Tom‘ is our only enemy, then!“ said Nancy darkly.
„He is in China, at all events,“ her mother remarked cheerfully.

Tom is the only one who ever had a bit of sentiment about Beulah, and he wa cheap nike blazers s always unwilling that the old place should be occupied by strangers. The curious thing about the matter is that you and yours do not seem to be strangers to me and mine. Do you know, dear little Miss Nancy, what brought the tears to my eyes in your letter? The incident of your father’s asking what you could do to thank the Yellow House for the happy hour it had given you on that summer day l nike free 5.0 v4 ong ago, and the planting of the crimson rambler by the side of the portico. I have sent your picture tying up the rose,–and it was so charming I was loath to let it go,–with your letter, and the snap shot of the family group, all out to my son Tom in China. He will know then why I have let the house, to whom, and all the attendant circumstances. Trust him never to disturb you when he sees how you love the old place. The planting of that crimson rambler will fix Tom, for he’s a romantic boy.

„The planting of the rose was a heavenly inspiration if it does ‚fix Tom!‘ We’ll call Tom the Chinese Enemy. No, we’ll nike blazers sale call him the Yellow Peril,“ laughed Nancy in triumph.

I am delighted with the sample of paper you have chosen for the front hall.

„I don’t see why you didn’t go over to Germany yourself, Nancy, and take a trunk of samples!“ cried Mrs. Carey, wiping the tears of merriment from her eyes. „I can’t think what the postage on your letter must have been.“
„Ten cents,“ Nancy confessed, „but wasn’t it worth it, Mu nike free 3.0 sale ddy?–Come, read the last few lines, and then we’ll run all the way home to tell the others.“

Send me anything more, at any time, to give me an idea of the delightful things you are doing. I shall be proud if you honor me with an occasional nike free run plus letter. Pray give my reg nike free 3.0 review ards to your mother, whom I envy, and all the „stormy petrels,“ whom I envy too.
Believe me, dear Miss Nancy,
Yours sincerely,

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