The current developing situation of mill industry

As for the whole industry, the development actuality of the grinding mill industry is indeed worrisome. This industry is faced with the development situation of domestic strife and foreign aggression, if it still does not reform and go along the original road, the consequence will be terrible. The grinding mill manufacturers should reflect, so does the local management function department. The whole grinding mill industry should think what caused the present situation: it is the self reasons or the external factors.

The development of the ball grinding mill industry in our country relies on the steel industry, power sector and the large quantities of non-metal mineral resources that main the thriving of the future generations. The development of this industry is extremely fast, but the grinding equipment with low technological content still dominates the largest market share of the powder grinding industry, which will do no good to the development of the powder grinding industry of our country and at the same time causes heavy environmental burden. Generally speaking, there are several factors that need our reflection.

First of all, there are a lot of problems existing in the technology and quality of the product. The production technology of the present grinding ball mill still rests on the traditional technological level and a lot of problems exist on the machine such as high energy consumption, high noises and serious pollution. How to manufacture new type of powder grinding machine and how to improve the technological innovation ability of the grinding mill are the most important and the most urgent issue facing all mining machinery manufacturing companies. And this is also one aspect that can be used to improve the selling point of the product. However, some small and medium-sized companies do not have innovation ability at all, let alone the technological research and development, for this reason, they can only continue to use the traditional grinding technology, which significantly restrain the development of the company.

Secondly, the manufacturers in the powder grinding machine industry has management ability problems because the management of many manufacturing companies in the present industry adopts family management, which is fatal to the company because the most obvious feature of this management pattern is loose management, the policies in the company cannot be put into practice and the staff lack team spirit and innovation ability. However, not all of the family companies are like this. A few family enterprises do a good job on the management because they always keep a sense of crisis, and they have the courage to introduce new sale pattern and new management concept. And they are successful.

Finally, the production technology of the grinding mill should be improved which requires that the technological level of the production workers reach the uniform standard. The company should strictly control the quality and technological level of the workers. If the technology of the workers is different, quality problem will occur during the production process.

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