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s private room.
McNorton and two of his assistants were present. There was an Under-Secretary from the Foreign Office, a great scient tiffany co ist whose services had been called upon, and a man whom he recognized as a member of the Com tiffany co terminal 5 mittee of the Corn Exchange. He shook his head in answer to McNorton’s inquiring glance, and would have taken his seat at the table, but Kitson, who had risen on his entrance, beckoned him to the window.
„We can do without you for a little while, Beale,“ he said, lowering his voice. „There’s somebody there,“ he jerked his head to a door which led to another room of his suite, „who requires an explanation, and I think your time will be so fully occupied in the next few days that you had better seize this opportunity whilst you have it.“
„Miss Cresswell!“ said Beale, in despair.
The old man nodded slowly.
„What does she know?“
„That is for you to discover,“ said Ki tiffany co careers tson gently, and pushed him toward the door.
With a quaking heart he turned the knob and stepped guiltily into the presence of the girl who in the eyes of the law tiffany sale was his wife.
Chapter 28 The Coming Of Dr. Milsom
She rose to meet him, and he stood spellbound, still holding the handle of the door. It seemed that she had taken on new qualities, a new and an ethereal grace. At the very thought even of his technical possession of this smiling girl who came forward to greet him, his heart thumped so loudly that he felt she must hear it. She was pale, and there were dark shadows under her eyes, but the hand that gripped his was firm and warm and living.
„I have to thank you for much, Mr. tiffany co bracelet Beale,“ she said. „Mr. Kitson has told me that I owe my rescue to you.“
„Did he?“ he asked awkwardly, and wondered what else Kitson had told her.
„I am trying to be very sensible, and I want you to help me, because you are the most sensible man I know.“
She went back to the lounge-chair where she had be tiffany and co en sitting, and pointed to another.
„It was horribly melodramatic, wasn’t it? but I suppose the life of a detective is full of melodrama.“
„Oh, brimming over,“ he said. „If you keep very quiet I will give you a resume of my most interesting cas es,“ he said, making a pathetic attempt to be flippant, and the girl detected something of his insincerity.
„You have had a trying day,“ she said, with quick sympathy, „have you arrested Doctor van Heerden?“
He shook his head.
„I am glad,“ she said.
She nodded.
„Before he is arrested,“ she spoke with some hesitation, „I want one little matter cleared up. I asked Mr. Kitson, but he put me off and said you would tell me everything.“
„What is it?“ he asked steadily.
She got up and went to her bag which stood upon a side-table, opened it and took out something which she laid on the palm of her hand. She came back with hand extended, and Beale looked at the glittering object on her palm and was speechless.
„Do you see that?“ she asked.
He nodded, having no words for the moment, for „that“ was a thin gold ring.
„It is a wedding ring,“ she said, „and I found it on my finger when I recovered.“
„Oh!“ said Beale blankly.
„Was I married?“ she asked.
He made two or three ineffectual attempts to speak and ended by nodding.
„I feared so,“ she said quietly, „you see I recollect nothing cheap tiffany of what happened. The last thing I remembered was Doctor van Heerden sitting beside me and putting something into my arm. It hurt a little, but not very much, and I remember I spoke to him. I think it was about you,“ a little colour came to her face, „or perhaps he was speaking about you, I am not sure,“ she said hurriedly; „I know that you came into it somehow, and that is all I can recall.“
„Nothing else?“ he asked dismally.
„Nothing,“ she said.
„Try, try, try to remember,“ he urged her.
He realized he was being a tiffany co engagement rings pitiable coward and that he wanted to shift the responsibility for the revelation upon her. She smiled, and shook her head.
„I am sorry but I can’t remember anything. Now you are going to tell me.“
He discovered that he was sitting on the edge of the chair and that he was more nervous than he had ever been in his life.
„So I am going to tell you,“ he said, in a hollow voice, „of course I’ll tell you. It is rather difficult, you understand.“
She looked at him kindly.
„I know it must be difficult for a man like you to speak of your own achievements. But for once you are going to be immodest,“ she laughed.
„Well, you see,“ he began, „I knew van Heerden wanted to marry you. I knew that all along. I guessed he wanted to marry you for your money, because in the circumstances there was nothing else he could want to marry you for,“ he added. „I mean,“ he corrected himself hastily, „that money was the most attractive thing to him.“
„This doesn’t sound very flattering,“ she smiled.
„I know I am being crude, but you will forgive me when y tiffany co outlet fake ou learn what I have to say,“ he said huskily. „Van Heerden wanted to marry you—-“
„And he married me,“ she said, „and I am going to break that marriage as soon as I possibly can.“
„I know, I hope so,“ said Stanford Beale. „I believe it is difficult, but I will do all I possibly can. Believe me, Miss Cresswell—-“
„I am not Miss Cresswell any longer,“ she said with a wry little face, „but please don’t call me b tiffany uk y my real name.“
„I won’t,“ he said fervently.
„You knew he wanted to marry me for my money and not for my beauty or my accomplishments,“ she said, „and so you followed me down to Deans Folly.“
„Yes, yes, but I must explain. I know it will sound horrible to you and you may have the lowest opinion of me, but I have got to tell you.“
He saw the look of alarm gather in her eyes and plunged into his story.
„I thought that if you were already married van Heerden would be satisfied and take no further steps against you.“
„But I wasn’t already married,“ she said, puzzled.
„Wait, wait, please,“ he begged, „keep that in your mind, that I was satisfied van Heerden wanted you for your money, and that if you were already married or even if you weren’t and he thought you were I could save you from dangers, the extent of which even I do tiffany uk sale not know. And there was a man named Homo, a crook. He had been a parson and had all the manner and style of his profession. So I got a special licence in my own name.“
„You?“ she said breathlessly. „A marriage licence? To marry me?“
He nodded.
„And I took Homo with me in my search for you. I knew that I should have a very small margin of time, and I thought if Homo performed the ceremony and I could confront van Heerden with the accomplished deed—-“
She sprang to her feet with a laugh.
„Oh, I see, I see,“ she said. „Oh, how splendid! And you went through this mock ceremony! Where was I?“
„You were at the window,“ he said miserably.
„But how lovely! And you were outside and your parson with the funny name–but that’s delicious! So I wasn’t married at all and this is your ring.“ She picked it up with a mocking light in her tiffany co jewelry sale eyes, and held it out to him, but he shook his head.
„You were married,“ he said, in a voice which was hardly audible.
„Married? How?“
„Homo was not a fake! He was a real clergyman! And the marriage was legal!“
They looked at one another without speaking. On the girl’s part there was nothing but pure amazement; but Stanford Beale read horror, loathing, consternation and unforgiving wrath, and waited, as the criminal waits for his sentence, upon her next words.
„So I am really married–to you,“ she said wonderingly.
„You will never forgive me, I know.“ He did not look at her now. „My own excuse is that I did what I did because I–wanted to save you. I might have sailed in with a gun and shot them up. I might have waited my chance and broken into the house. I might have taken a risk and surrounded the place with police, but t tiffany co 925 hat would have meant delay. I didn’t do the normal things or take the normal view–I couldn’t with you.“
He did not see the momentary tenderness in her eyes, because he was not looking at her, and went on:
„That’s the whole of the grisly story. Mr. Kitson will advise you as to what steps you may take to free yourself. It was a most horrible blunder, and it was all the more tragic because you were the victim, you of all the persons in the world!“
She had put the ring down, and now she took it up again and examined it curiously.
„It is rather–quaint, isn’t it?“ she asked.
„Oh, very.“
He thought he hear

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