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r?” he said, as he cheap nike air max 1 r light flashed upon a steel door a dozen paces ahead.
“It is the last one,” she said, and went on.
Suddenly the light was extinguished.
“Your lamp’s gone wrong,” he heard her say, “but I can find th nike air max 1 red e lock.”
He heard a click, but did not see the door open and did not realize what had happened until he heard a click again. The light was suddenly flashed on him, level with his eyes.
“You can’t see me,” said a mocking voice, “I’m looking at you through the little spy-hole. Did you see the spy-hole, clever Mr. Beale? And I am on the other side of the door.” He heard her laugh. “Are you going to arrest the doctor to-night?” she mocked. “Are you going to discover the secret of the Green Rust–ah! That is what you want, isn’t it?”
“My dear little friend,” said Beale smoothly, “you will be very sensible and open that door. You nike air max 1 premium don’t suppose that I came here alone. I was shadowed all the way.”
“You lie,” she said coolly, “why did I dismiss the cab and make you walk? Oh, clever Mr. Beale!”
He chuckled, though he was in no chuck nike air max 1 ebay ling mood.
“What a sense of humour!” he said admiringly, “now just listen to me!”
He made one stride to the door, his revolver had flicked out of his hip-pocket, when he heard the snap of a shutter, and the barrel that he thrust between the bars met steel. Then came the grind of bolts and he pocketed his gun.
“So that’s that,” he said.
Then he walked back to the other door, struck a match and examined it. It was sheathed with iron. He tapped the walls with his stick, but found nothing to encourage him. The floor was solidly flagged, the low roof of the passage was vaulted and cased with stone.
He stopped in his search sud nike air max 1 sale denly and listened. Above his head he heard a light patter of feet, and smiled. It was his boast that he never forgot a voice or a footfall.
“That’s my little friend on her way back, running like the deuce, to tell the doctor,” he said. “I have something under an hour before the shooting starts!”
Chapter 23 At The Doctor’s Flat
Dr. van Heerden did not hurry his departure from his Staines house. He spent the morning following Oliva’s marriage in town, transacting certain important business and making no attempt to conceal his comings and goings, though he knew that he was shadowed. Yet he was well aware that every hour that passed brought danger nearer. He judged (and rightly) that his peril was not to be found in the consequences to his detention of Oliva Cress well.
“I may have a week’s grace,” he said to Milsom, “and Nike air max 1 in the space of a week I can do all that I want.”
He spent the evening superintending the dismantling of apparatus in the shed, and it was past ten o’clock on Tuesday before he finished.
It was not until he was seated by Milsom’s side in the big limousine and the car was running smoothly through Kingston that he made any further reference to the previous afternoon.
“Is Beale content?” he asked.
Milsom, dozing in the corner of the car, awoke with a start.
“Is Beale content with his prize–and his predicament?” asked van Heerden.
“Well, I guess he should be. That little job brings him a million. He shouldn’t worry about anything further.”
But van Heerden shook his head.
“I don’t think you have things quite right, Milsom,” he said. “Beale is a better man than I thought, and knows my mind a little too well. He was ast nike air max 1 ounded when Homo claimed to be a priest–I never saw a man more stunned in nike air max 1 grey my life. He intended the marriage as a bluff to keep me away from the girl. He analysed the situation exactly, for he knew I was after her money, and that she as a woman had no attraction for me. He believed–and there he was justified–that if I could not marry her I had no interest in detaining her, and engaged Homo to follow him around with a special licence. He timed everything too well for my comfort.”
Milsom shifted round and peered anxiously at his companion.
“How do you mean?” he asked. “It was only by a fluke that he made it in time.”
“That isn’t what I mean. It is the fact that he knew that every second was vital, that he guessed I was keen on a quick marriage and that to forestall me he carried his (as he thought) pseudo-clergyman wit nike air max 1 leopard h him so that he need n ot lose a minute: these are the disturbing factors.”
“I don’t see it,” said Milsom, “the fellow’s a crook, all these Yankee detectives are grafters. He saw a chance of a big rake off and took it, fifty-fifty of a million fortune is fine commission!”
“You’re wrong. I’d like to think as you do. Man! Can’t you see that his every action proves that he knows all about the Green Rust?”
Milsom sat up.
“How–what makes you say that?”
“It’s clear enough. He has already some idea of the scheme. He has been pumping old Heyler; he even secured a sample of the stuff–it was a faulty cultivation, but it might have been enough for him. He surmised that I had a special use for old Millinborn’s money and why I was in a hurry to g cheap air max 1 et it.”
The silence which followed lasted several minutes.
“Does anybody excep nike air max 1 black t Beale know? If you settled him…?”
“We should have to finish him to-night” said van Heerden, “that is what I have been thinking about all day.”
Another silence.
“Well, why not?” asked Milsom, “it is all one to me. The stake is worth a little extra risk.”
“It must be done before he finds the Paddington place; that is the danger which haunts me.” Van Heerden was uneasy, and he had lost the note of calm assurance which ordinarily characterized his speech. “There is sufficient evidence there to spoil everything.”
“There is that,” breathed M air max 1 ilsom, “it was madness to go on. You have all the stuff you want, you could have closed down the factory a week ago.”
“I must have a margin of safety–besides, how could I do anything else? I was nearly broke and any sign of closing down would have brought my hungry workers to Krooman Mansions.”
“That’s true,” agreed the other, “I’ve had to stall ’em off, but I didn’t know that it was because you were broke. It cheap nike air max 1 seemed to me just a natural reluctance to part with good money.”
Further conversation was arrested by the sudden stoppage of the car. Van Heerden peered through the window ahead and caught a glimpse of a red lamp.
“It is all right,” he said, “this must be Putney Common, and I told Gregory to meet me with any news.”
A man came into the rays of the head-lamp and passed to the door.
“Well,” asked the doctor, “is there any trouble?”
“I saw the green lamp on the bonnet,” said Gregory (Milsom no longer wondered how the man had recognized the car from the score of others which pass over the common), “there is no news of importance.”
“Where is Beale?”
“At the old man’s hotel. He has been there all day.”
“Has he made any further visits to the police?”
“He was at Scotland Yard this afternoon.”
“And the young la

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