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st thing, and it seemed absurdly easy to say “yes.”
“You will stay here until the parson comes,” said van Heerden, “and you will not attempt to escape, will you?”
“No, I won’t attempt to escape,” she said.
“Lie down.”
She sat on the bed and swung her feet clear of the ground, settling herself comfortably.
“She’ll do,” said van Heerden, satisfied. “Come downstairs, Milsom, I have something to say to you.”
So they left her, lying with her cheek on her hand, more absorbed in the pattern on Nike air max 1 the wall-paper than in the tremendous events which threatened.
“Well, what’s the trouble?” asked Milsom, seating himself in his accustomed place by the table.
“This,” said van Heerden, and threw a letter across to him. “It came by one of my scouts this morning–I didn’t go home last night. I cannot risk being shadowed here.”
Milsom opened the letter slowly and read:

“A man called upon you yesterday afternoon and has made several calls since. He was seen by Beale, who cross-examined him. Man calls himself Stardt, but is apparently not British. He is staying at Saraband Hotel, Berners Street.”

“Who is this?” asked Milsom.
“I dare not hope—-” replied the doctor, pacing the room nervously.
“Suppose you dared, what form would your hope take?”
“I told you the other day,” said van Heerden, stopping before his companion, “that I had asked my Government to assist me. Hitherto they have refused, that is why I am so desperately anxious to get this marriage through. I must have money. The Paddington place costs a small fortune–you go back there to-night, by the way—-”
Milsom nodded.
“Has the Government relented?” he asked.
“I don’t kn cheap air max 1 ow. I told you that certain significant items in the East Prussian newspapers seemed to hint that they were coming to my assistance. They have sent no word to me, but if they should agree they would send their agreement by messenger.”
“And you think this may be the man?”
“It is likely.”
“What have you done?”
“I have sent Gregory up to see the man. If he is what I hope he may be, Gregory will bring him here–I have given him the password.”
“What difference will it make?” asked Milsom. “You are on to a big fortune, anyway.”
“Fortune?” The eyes of Dr. van Heerden sparkled and he seemed to expand at the splendour of the vi cheap nike air max 1 sion which was conjured to his eyes.
“No fortune which mortal man has ever possessed will be comparable. All the riches of all the world will lie at my feet. Milliards upon milliards—-”
“In fact, a lot of money,” said the practical Dr. Milsom. “‘Umph! I don’t quite see how you are going to do it. You haven’t taken me very much into your confidence, van Heerden.”
“You know everything.”
Milsom chuckled.
“I know th nike air max 1 sale at in the safe of my office you have a thousand sealed envelopes addressed, as I gather, to all the scallywags of the world, and I know pretty well what you intend doing; but how do you benefit? And how do I benefit?”
Van Heerden had recovered his self-possession.
“You have already benefited,” he said shortly, “more than you could have hoped.”
There was an awkward pause; then Milsom asked:
“What effect is it going to have upon this country?”
“It will ruin England,” said van Heerden fervently, and the old criminal’s eyes narrowed.
“‘Umph!” he said again, and there was a note in his voice which made van Heerden look at him quickly.
“This country hasn’t done very much for you,” he sneered.
“And I haven’t done much for this country–yet,” countered the other.
The doctor laughed.
“You’re turning into a patriot in your old age,” nike air max 1 premium he said.
“Something like that,” said Milsom easily. “There used to be a fellow at Portland–you have probably run across him–a clever crook named Homo, who used to be a parson before he got into trouble.”
“I never met the gentleman, and talking of parsons,” he said, looking at his watch, “our own padre is late. But I interrupted you.”
“He was a man whose tongue I loathed, and he hated me poisonously,” said Milsom, with a little grimace, “but he used to say that patriotism was the only form of religion which survived penal servitude. And I suppose that’s the case. I hate the thought of putting this country in wrong.”
“You’ll get over your scruples,” said the other easily. “You are putting yourself in right, anyway. Think of the beautiful time you’re going to have, my friend.”
“I think of nothing else,” said Milsom, “but sti nike air max 1 black ll—-” He shook his head.
Van Heerden had taken up the paper he had brought down and was reading it, and Milsom noted that he was perusing the produce columns.
“When do we make a start?”
“Next week,” said the doctor. “I want to finish up the Paddington factory and get away.”
“Where will you go?”
“I shall go to the Continent,” replied van Heerden, folding up the paper and laying it on the table. “I can conduct operations from there with greater ease. Gregory goes to Canada. Mitchell and Samps have already organized Australia, and our three men in India will have ready workers.”
“What about the States?”
“That has an organization of its own,” Van Heerden said; “it is costing me a lot of money. All the men except you are at their stations waiting for the word ‘Go.’ You will take the Canadian supplies with you.”
“Do I take Bri nike air max 1 grey dgers?”
Van Heerden shook his head.
“I can’t trust that fool. Otherwise he would be an ideal assistant for you. Your work is simple. Before you leave I will give you a sealed nike air max 1 ebay envelope containing a list of all our Canadian agents. You will also find two code sentences, one of which means ‘Commence operations,’ and the other, ‘Cancel all instructions and destroy apparatus.'”
“Will the latter be necessary?” asked Milsom.
“It may be, though it is very unlikely. But I must provide against all contingencies. I have made the air max 1 organization as simple as possible. I have a chief agent in every country, and on receipt of my message by the chief of the organization, it will be repeated to the agents, who also have a copy of the code.”
“It seems too easy,” said Milsom. “What chance is there of detection?”
“None whatever,” said the doct nike air max 1 leopard or promptly. “Our only danger for the moment is this man Beale, but he knows nothing, and so long as we only have him guessing there is no great harm done–and, anyway, he hasn’t much longer to guess.”
“It seems much too simple,” said Milsom, shaking his head.
Van Heerden had heard a footfall in the hall, stepped quickly to the door and opened it.
“Well, Gregory?” he said.
“He is here,” r nike air max 1 red eplied the other, and waved his hand to a figure who stood behind him. “Also, the parson is coming down the road.”
“Good, let us have our friend in.”
The pink-faced foreigner with his stiff little moustache and his yellow boots stepped into the room, clicked his heels and bowed.
“Have I the honour of addressing Doctor von Heerden?”
“Van Heerden,” corrected the doctor with a smile “that is my name.”
Both men spoke in German.
“I have a lette cheap nike air max 1 r for your excellency,” said the messenger. “I have been seeking you for many days and I wish to report that unauthorized persons have attempted to take this from me.”
Van Heerden nodded, tore open the envelope and read the half a dozen lines.
“The test-word is ‘Breslau,'” he said in a low voice, and the messenger beamed.
“I have the honour to convey to you the word.” He whispered something in van Heerden’s ear and Milsom, who did not understand German very well and had been trying to pick up a word or two, saw the look of exultation that came to the doctor’s face.
He leapt back and threw out his arms, and his strong voice rang with the words which the German hymnal has made famous:
“Gott sei Dank durch alle Welt, Gott sei Dank durch alle Welt!”
“What are you thanking God about?” asked Milsom.
“It’s come, it’s come!” cried nike air max 1 van Heerden, his eyes ablaze. “The Government is with me; behind me, my beautiful country. Oh, Gott sei Dank!”
“The parson,” warned Milsom.
A young man stood looking through the open door.
“The parson, yes,” said van Heerden, “there’s no need for it, but we’ll have this wedding. Yes, we’ll have it! Come in, sir.”
He was almost boyishly jovial. Milsom had never seen him like that before.
“Come in, sir.”
“I am sorry to hear your fiancee is ill,” said the curate.
“Yes, yes, but that will not hinder the ceremony. I’ll go myself and prepare her.”
Milsom had walked round the table to the window, and it was he who checked the doctor as he was leaving the room.
“Doctor,” he said, “come here.”
Van Heerden detected a strain of anxiety in the other’s voice.
“What is it?” he said.
“Do you hear somebody speaking?”
They stood by the window and listened intently.
“Come with me,” said the doctor, and he walked noiselessly and ascended the stairs, followed more slowly by his heavier companion.
Chapter 20 The Marriage
A quarter of a mile from Deans Folly a motor-car

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