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is watch.
“It is the hour,” he said oracularly, and got up.
“I’ll leave this untidiness for your man to clear,” said Kitson. “Where do you go now?”
“To see Hilda Glaum–if the fates are kind,” said Beale. “I’m going to put up a bluff, believing that in her panic she will lead me into the lion’s den with the idea of van Heerden making one mouthful of me. I’ve got to take that risk. If she is what I think she is, she’ll lay a trap for me–I’ll fall for it, but I’m going to get next to van Heerden to-night.”
Kitson accompanied h cheap nike air max im to the door of the hotel.
“Take no unnecessary risks,” he said at parting, “don’t forget that you’re a married man.”
“That’s one of the th cheap nike air max trainers ings I want to forget if you’ll let me,” said the exasperated young man.
Outside the hotel he hailed a passing taxi and was soon speeding through Piccadilly westward. He turned by Hyde Park Corner, skirted the grounds of Buckingham Palace and plunged into the maze of Pimlico. He pulled up before a dreary-looking house in a blank and dreary street, and telling the cabman to wait, mounted the steps and rang the bell.
A diminutive maid opened the door.
“Is Miss Glaum in?” he demanded.
“Yes, sir. Will you step into the drawing-room. All the other boarders are out. What name shall I say?”
“Tell her a gentleman from Krooman Mansions,” he answered diplomatically.
He walked into the tawdry parlour and put down his hat and stick, and waited. Presently the door opened and the girl came in. She stopped open-mouthed with surprise at the sight of him, and her surprise deepened to suspicion.
“I thought—-” she began, and checked herself.
“You thought I was Doctor van Heerden? Well, I am not.”
“You’re the man I saw at Heyler’s,” she said, glowering at him.
“Yes, my name is Beale.”
“Oh, I’ve heard about you. You’ll get nothing by prying here,” she cried.
“I shall get a great deal by prying here, I think,” he said calmly. “Sit down, Miss Hilda Glaum, and let us understand one another. You are a friend of Doctor van Heerden’s?”
“I shall answer no questions,” she snapped.
“Perhaps you will answer this question,” he said, “why did Doctor van Heerden secure an appointment for you at Punsonby’s, and why, when you were there, did you steal three registered envelopes which you conveyed to the doctor?”
Her face went red and white.
“That’s a lie!” she gasped.
” nike air max 90 You might tell a judge and jury that and then they wouldn’t believe you,” he smiled. “Come, Miss Glaum, let us be absolutely frank with one another. I am telling you that I don’t intend bringing your action to the notice of the police, and you can give me a little information which will be very useful to me.”
“It’s a lie,” she repeated, visibly agitated, “I did not steal anything. If Miss Cresswell says so—-”
“Miss Cresswell is quite ignorant of your treachery,” said the other quietly; “but as you are determined to deny that much, perhaps you will tell me this, what business brings you to Doctor van Heerden’s flat in the small hours of the morning?”
“Do you insinuate—-?”
“I insinuate nothing. And least of all do I insinuate that you have any love affair with the doctor, who does not strike me as that kind of person.” nike air max 90 sale
Her eyes narrowed and for a moment it seemed that her natural vanity would overcome her discretion.
“Who says I go to Doctor van Heerden’s?”
“I say so, because I have seen you. Surely you don’t forget that I live opposite the amiable doctor?”
“I am not going to discuss my business or his,” she said, “and I don’t care what you threaten me with or what you do.”
“I will do something more than threaten you,” he said ominously, “you will not fool me, Miss Glaum, and the sooner you realize the fact the better. I am going all the way with you if you give me any trouble, and if you don’t answer my questions. I might tell you that unless this interview cheap nike air max is a very satisfactory one to me I shall not only arrest Doctor van Heerden to-night but I shall take you as an accomplice.”
“You can’t, you can’t.” She almost screamed the words nike air max 1 .
All the sullen restraint fell away from her and she was electric in the violence of her protest.
“Arrest him! That wonderful man! Arrest me? You dare not! You dare not!”
“I shall dare do lots of things unless you tell me what I want to know.”
“What do you want to know?” she demanded defiantly.
“I want to know the most likely address at wh nike air max sale ich your friend the doctor can be found–the fact is, Miss Glaum, the game is up–we know all about the Green Rust.”
She stepped back, her hand raised to her mouth.
“The–the Green Rust!” she gasped. “What do you mean?”
“I mean that I have every reason to believe that Doctor van Heerden is engaged in a conspiracy against this State. He has disappeared, but is still in London. I want to take him quietly–without fuss.”
Her eyes were fixed on his. He saw doubt, rage, a hint of fear and nike air max classic finally a steady light of resolution shining. When she spoke her voice was calm.
“Very good. I will take you to the place,” she said.
She went out of the room and came back five minutes later with her hat and coat on.
“It’s a long way,” she began.
“I have a taxi at the door.”
“We cannot go all the way by taxi. Tell the man to drive to Baker Street,” she said.
She spoke no word during the journey, nor was Beale inclined for conversation. At Baker Street Station they stopped and the cab was dismissed. Together they walked in silence, turning from th nike air max 95 e main road, passing the Central Station and plunging into a labyrinth of streets which was foreign territory to the American.
It seemed that he had passed in one step from one of the best-class quarters of the town to one of the worst. One minute he was passing through a sedat cheap nike air max e square, lined with the houses of the well-to-do, another minute he was in a slum.
“The place is at the end of this street,” she said.
T nike air max hey came to what seemed to be a stable-yard. There was a blank wall with one door and a pair of gates. The girl took a key from her bag, opened the small door and stepped in, and Beale followed.
They were in a yard littered with casks. On two sides of the yard ran low-roofed buildings which had apparently been used as stables. She locked the door behind her, walked across the yard to the corner and opened another door.
“There are fourteen steps down,” she said, “have you a light of any kind?”
He took his electric torch from his pocket.
“Give it to me,” she said, “I will lead the way.”
“What is this place?” he asked, after she had locked the door.
“It used to be a wine merchant’s,” she nike air max sale said shortly, “we have the cellars.”
“We?” he repeated.
She made no reply. At the bottom of the steps was a short passage and another door nike air max which was opened, and apparently the same key fitted them all, or else as Beale suspected she carried a pass key.
They walked through, and again she closed the

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