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do you know–“ Strefford paused and swung abouton his comp cheap tiffany anion–„do you know, when the Rude Awakening comes, Idon’t care to be there. I believe there’ll be some crockerybroken.““Shouldn’t wo tiffany uk sale nder,“ Lansing answered indifferently. He wanderedaway to his own room, leaving Strefford to philosophize to hispipe.
Lansing had always known about poor old Nelson: who hadn’t,except poor old Nelson? The case had once seemed amusingbecause so tiffany co typical; now, it rather irritated Nick that Vanderlynshould be so complete an ass. But he would be off the next day,and so would Ellie, and then, for many enchanted weeks, thepalace would once more be the property of Nick and Susy. Of allthe people who came and went in it, they were the only ones whoappreciated it, or knew how it was meant to be lived in; andthat made it theirs in the only valid sense. In this light itbecame easy to regard the Vander tiffany uk lyns as mere transientintruders.
Havin tiffany co jewelry sale g relegated them to this convenient distance, Lansing shuthimself up with his book. He had returned to it with freshenergy after his few weeks of holiday-making, and was determinedto finish it quickly. He did not expect that it would bring inmuch money; but if it were moderately successful it might givehim an opening in the reviews and magazines, and in that case hemeant to abandon archaeology for novels, since it was only as apurveyor of fiction that he could count on ear tiffany co bracelet ning a living forhimself and Susy.
Late in the afternoon he laid down his pen and wandered out ofdoors. He loved the increasing heat of the Venetian summer, thebruised peach-tints of worn house-fronts, the enamelling ofsunlight on dark green canals, the smell of half-decayed fruitsand flowers thickening the langu tiffany co engageme tiffany co 925 nt rings id air. What visions he couldbuild, if he dared, of being tucked away with Susy in the atticof some tumble-down palace, above a jade-green waterway, with aterrace overhanging a scrap of neglected garden–and chequesfrom the publishers dropping in at convenient intervals! Whyshould they not settle in Venice if he pulled it off!
He found himself before the church of the Scalzi, and pushingopen the leathern door wandered up the nave under the whirl ofrose-and-lemon angels in Tiepolo’s great vault. It was not achurch in which one was likely to run across sight-seers; but hepresently remarked a young lady standing alone near the choir,and assiduously applying her field-glass to the celestialvortex, from which she occasionally glanced down at an openmanual.
As Lansing’s step sounded on tiffany and co the pavement, tiffany co the young lady,turning, revealed herself as Miss Hicks.
„Ah–you like this too? It’s several centuries out of yourline, though, isn’t it!“ Nick asked as they shook hands.
She gazed at him gravely. „Why shouldn’t one like things thatare out of one’s line?“ she answered; and he agreed, with alaugh, that it was often an incentive.
She continued to fix her grave eyes on him, and after one or tworemarks about the Tiepolos he perceived that she was feeling herway toward a subject of more personal interest.
„I’m glad to see y tiffany uk sale ou alone,“ she said at length, with anabruptness that might have seemed awkward had it not been socompletely unconscious. She turned toward a cluster of strawchairs, and signed to Nick to seat himself beside her.
„I seldom do,“ she added, with the serious smile that made herheavy fa tiffany co engagement rings ce almost handsome; and she went on, giving him no timeto protest: „I wanted to speak to you–to explain aboutfather’s invitation to go with us to Persia and Turkestan.““To explain?““Yes. You found the letter when you arrived here just afteryour marriage, didn’t you? You must have thought it odd, ourasking you just then; but we hadn’t heard that you weremarried.““Oh, I guessed as much: it happened very quietly, and I wasremiss about announcing it, even to old friends.“Lansing frowned. His thoughts had wandered away to the eveningwhen he had found Mrs. Hicks’s letter in the mail awaiting himat Venice. The day was associated in his mind with theridiculous and mortifying episode of the cigars–the expensivecigars that Susy had wanted to carry away from Strefford’svilla. Their brief exchange of views on t tiffany co jewelry sa tiffany uk le he subject had leftthe first blur on the perfect surface of his happiness, and hestill felt an uncomfortable heat at the remembrance. For a fewhours the prospect of life with Susy had seemed unendurable; andit was just at that moment that he had found the letter fromMrs. Hicks, with its almost irresistible invitation. If onlyher daughter had known how nearly he had accepted it!
„It was a dreadful temptation,“ he said, smiling.
„To go with us? Then why–?““Oh, everything’s different now: I’ve got to stick to mywr iting.“Miss Hicks still bent on him the same unblinking scrutiny.
„Does that mean that you’re going to give up your real work?““My real work–archaeology?“ He smiled again to hide a twitchof regret. „Why, I’m afraid it hardly produ tiffany co careers ces a living wage;and I’ve got to thin k of that.“ He coloured suddenly, as ifsuspecting that Miss Hicks might consider the avowal an openingfor he hardly knew what ponderous offer of aid. The Hicksmunificence was too uncalculating not to be occasionallyoppressive. But looking at her again he saw that her eyes werefull of tears.
„I thought it was your vocation,“ she said.
„So did I. But life comes along, and upsets things.““Oh, I understand. There may be things–worth giving up allother things for.““There are!“ cried Nick with beaming emphasis.
He was conscious that Miss Hicks’s eyes demanded of him evenmore than this sweeping affirmation.
„But your novel may fail,“ she said with her odd harshness.
„It may–it probably will,“ he agreed. „But if one stopped toconsider such possibilities–„“Do tiffany co outlet fake n’t you have to, with a wife?““Oh, my tiffany and co dear Coral–ho tiffany co terminal 5 w old are you? Not twenty?“ hequestioned, laying a brotherly hand on hers.
She stared at him a moment, and sprang up clumsily from herchair. „I was never young … if that’s what you mean. It’slucky, isn’t it, that my parents gave me such a grand education?
Because, you see, art’s a wonderful resource.“ (She pronouncedit RE-source.)He continued to look at her tiffany co careers kindly. „You won’t need it–or anyother–when you grow young, as you will some day,“ he assuredher.
„Do you mean, when I fall in love? But I am in love–Oh,there’s Eldorada and Mr. Beck!“ She broke off with a jerk,signalling with her field-glass to the pair who had justappeared at the farther end of the nave. „I told them that ifthey’d meet me here to-day I’d try to make them understandTiepolo. Because, you see, at home we never really haveunderstood Tiepolo; and Mr. Beck and Eldorada are the only onesto realize it. Mr. Buttles simply won’t.“ She cheap tiffany turned toLansing and held out her hand. „I am in love,“ she repeatedearnestly, „and that’s the reason why I find art such a REsource.“She restored her eye-glasses, opened her manual, and strodeacross the church to the expectant neophytes.
Lansing, looking after her, wondered f tiffany co terminal 5 or half a moment whetherMr. Beck were the object of this apparently unrequitedsentiment; then, with a queer start of introspection, abruptlydecided that, no, he certainly was not. But then–but then–.
Well, there was no use in following up such conjectures …. Heturned home-ward, wondering if the picnickers had alreadyreached Palazzo Vanderlyn.
They got back only in time for a late dinner, full of chaff andlaughter, and apparently still enchanted with each other’ssociety. Nelson Vanderlyn beamed on his wife, sent his daughteroff to bed with a kiss, and leaning back in his armchair beforethe fruit-and-flower-laden table, declared that he’d never spenta jollier day in his life. Susy seemed to come in for a fullshare of his appr tiffany sale obation, and Lansing thought that Ellie wasunusually demonstrative to her friend. Strefford, f tiffany co 925 rom hishostess’s side, glanced across now and then at young Mrs.
Lansing, and his glance seemed to Lansing a confidential commenton the Vanderlyn raptures. But then Strefford was always havingprivate jokes with people or about them; and Lansing wasirritated with himself for perpetually suspecting his bes tiffany co bracelet tfriends of vague complicities at his expense. „If I’m going tobe jealous of Streffy now–!“ he concluded with a grimace ofself-derision.
Certainly Susy looked lovely enough to justify the mostirrational pangs. As a girl she had been, for some people’staste, a trifle fine-drawn and sharp-edged; now, to her oldlightness of line was added a shadowy bloom, a sort of star-reflecting depth. Her movements were slower, less angular; hermouth had a needing droop, her lids seemed weighed down by theirlashes; and then suddenly the tiffany sale old spirit would reveal itselfthrough the new languor, like the tartness at the core of asweet fruit. As her husband looked at her across the flowersand lights he laughed inwardly at the nothingness of all thingselse.
tiffany co outlet fake Vanderlyn and Clarissa left betimes the next morning; and Mrs.
Vanderlyn, who was to start for St. Moritz in the afternoon,devoted her last hours to anxious conferences with her maid andSusy. Strefford, with Fred Gillow and the others, had gone fora swim at the Lido, and Lansing seized the opportunity to getback to his book.
The quietness of the great echoing place gave him a foretaste ofthe solitude to come. By mid-August all their party would bescattered: the Hickses off on a cruise to Crete and the AEgean,Fred Gillow on the way to his moor,

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