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Then the Gilla Dacker unleashed Bran, the keen-scented terrier hound, and put a pearl-embroidered pillion on Enbarr of the Flowing Mane, and the two dauntless maidens leaped upon her back, each bearing a broad shiel cheap nike air max 1 d and a long polished, death-dealing spear. When Enbarr had been given a free rein she set out for the labyrinth, trailing the Magic Thread-Clue behind her, cleaving the air with long, active strides; and if you know what the speed of a swallow is, flying across a mountain-side, or the dry wind of a March day sweeping over the plains, then you can understand nothing of the swiftness of this steed of the flowing mane, acquired by the day by the maydens of Devorgilla.
Many were the dangers that beset the path of these tw nike air max 1 o noble champions on their quest for the Fairy Quicken Tree. Here they met an enormous white stoat, but this was slain by the intrepid Bran, and they buried its bleeding corse and raised a cairn over it, with the name ‚Stoat‘ graven on it in Ogam; there a druidical fairy mist sprang up in their path to hide cheap air max 1 the way, but they pierced it with a note of their far-reaching, clarion-toned voices,–an art learned in their native land beyond the wave.
Now the dog Bran, being unhungered, and refusing to eat of Toma’s loaf, as all did who were ignorant of its druidical purpose, fell upon the Magic Thread-Clue and tore it in twain. This so greatly affrighted the champions that they sounded the Dord-Fian slowly and plaintively, hoping that the war-cry might bring Sheela to their rescue. This availing nothing, Finola was forced to slay Bran with her straight-sided, silver-shining spear; but this she felt he would not mind if he could kn nike air max 1 black ow that he would share the splendid fate of the stoat, and speedily have a cairn raised over him, with the word ‚Bran‘ graven upon it in Ogam,–since this is the consolation offered by the victorious li cheap air max 1 ving to all dead Celtic heroes; and if it be a poor substitute for life, it is at least better than nothing.
It was now many hours after noon, and though to the Fair Strangers it seemed they had travelled more than forty or a hundred miles, they were apparently no nearer than ever to the heart of the labyrinth: and this from the first had been the pestiferous peculiarity of that malignantly meandering maze. So they dismounted, and tied Enbarr to the branch of a tree, while they refreshed themselves with a mouthful of Toma’s loaf; and Finola now put her thumb under her ‚tooth of knowledge,‘ for she wished new guidance and inspiration, and, being more than common modest, she said: „Inasmuch as we are fairer than all the other maydens in this labyrinth, why, since we cannot find the heart of the maze, do we not entice the invaders f nike air max 1 rom their hiding-place by the quicken-tree; and when we see from what direction they advance, fall upon and slay them; and after raising the usual cairn to their memory, and carving their names over it in the customary Ogam, run to the enchanted tree and gather all the berries that are left? For this is the hour when Sheela brews the tea, and the knights and the ladies quaff it from our golden cups; and truly I a nike air max 1 premium m weary of this quest, and far rather would I be there than here.“
So Pearla the Melodious took her timpan, and chanted a Gaelic song that she had learned in the country of the Dedannans; and presently a round-polished, red-gleaming quicken berry dropped into her lap, and another into Finola’s, and, looking up, they saw nought save only a cloud of quicken berries falling through the air one after the other. And this caused them to wonder, for it seemed like unto a snare set for them; but Pearla said, „There is nought remaining for us but to meet the danger.“
„It is well,“ replied Finola, shaking down the mantle of her ebon locks, and setting the golden combs more firmly in them; „only, if I perish, I prithee let there be no cairns or Ogams. Let me fall, as a beauty should, face upward; and if it be but a swoon, and the inv nike air max 1 red ad air max 1 er be a handsome prince, see that he wakens me in his own good way.“
„To arms, then!“ cried Pearla, and, taking up their spears and shields, the Fair Strangers dashed blindly in the direction whence the berries fell.
„To arms indeed, but to yours or ours?“ called two voices from the heart of the labyrinth; and there, in an instant, the two brave champions, Finola and Pearla, found the Fairy Tree hanging thick with scarle t berries, and under its branches, fit fruit indeed to raise the spirits or bring eternal youth, were, in the language of the Dedannans, Loskenn of the Bare Knees and the Bishop of Ossory,–known to the Children of Corr the Swift-Footed as Ronald Macdonald and Himself!
And the hours ran on; and Sheela the Scribe brewed and brewed and brewed and brewed the tea at her table in the Peacock Walk, and the kn nike air max 1 sale ights and ladies quaffed it from the golden cups belonging to the Wise Woman of Wales; but Finola the Festive and Pearla the Melodious lingered in the labyrinth with Loskenn of the Bare Knees and the Bishop of Ossory. And they said to one another, „Surely, if it were so great a task to find the heart of this maze, we should be mad to stir from the spot, lest we lose it again.“
And Pearla murmured, „That plan were wise indeed, save that th nike air max 1 ebay e place seemeth all too small for so many.“
Then Finola drew herself up proudly, and replied, „It is no smaller for one than for another; but come, Loskenn, let us see if haply we can lose ourselves in some path of our own finding.“
And this they did; and the content of them that departed was no greater than the content of them that were left behind, and the sun hid himself for very shame nike air max 1 leopard because the brightness of their joy was so much more dazzling than the glory of his own face. And nothing more is told of what befell them till they reached the threshold of the Old Hall; and it was not the sun, but the moon, that shone upon their meeting with Sheela the Scribe.
Chapter 31 Good-Bye, Dark Rosaleen
‚When the poor exiles, every pleasure past,
Hung round the bowers, and fondly looked their last,
And took a long farewell, and wished in vain
For seats li nike air max 1 grey ke these beyond the western main,
And shuddering still to face the distant deep,
Returned and wept, and still returned to weep.‘
Oliver Goldsmith. ③

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