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Francesca joined me just then, and a tear was in her eye. “Penny dear, when all is said, ‘Believe me’ is the dearer song of the two. Anybody ca tiffany co outlet fake n sing, feel, live, the first, which is but a youthful dream, af tiffany and co ter all; but the other has in it the proved fidelity of the years. The first song belongs to me, I know, and it is all I am fit for now; but I want to grow toward and deserve the second.”
“You are right; but while Love’s Young Dream is yours and Ronald’s, dear, take all the joy that it holds for you. The other song is for Salemina and Dr. Gerald, and I only hope they are realising it at this moment–secretive, provoking creatures that they are!”
The old organist left his pupil just then, and disappeared through a little door in the rear.
“Have you the Wedding March there?” I asked the pupil who had been practising the love-songs.
“Oh yes, madam, though I am afraid I cannot do it justice,” he replied modestly. “Are you interested in organ music?”
“I am very mu tiffany co 925 ch interested in yours, and I am still more interested in a romance that has been dragging its weary length along for twenty years, and is trying to bring itself to a crisis just on the other side of that screen. You can help me precipitate it, if you only will!”
Well, he was young and he was an Irishman, which is equivalent to being a born lover, and he had been brought up on Tommy Moore and music–all of which I had known from the moment I saw him, else I should not have made the proposition. I peeped from behind the screen. Ronald and Himself were walking toward us; Salemina and Dr. Gerald were sitting together in one tiffany co bracelet of the front pews. I beckoned to my husband.
“Will you and Ronald go quietly out one of the side doors,” I asked, “take your own car, and go back to the hotel, allowing us to follow you a little later?”
cheap tiffany It takes more than one year of marriage for even the cleverest Benedict to uproot those weeds of stupidity, denseness, and non-comprehension that seem to grow so riotously in the mental garden of the bachelor; so, said Himself, “We came all together; why shouldn’t we go home all together?” (So like a man! Always reasoning from analogy; always, so to speak, ‘lugging in’ logic!)
“Desperate situations demand desperate remedies,” I replied mysteriously, though I hope patiently. “If you go home at o nce without any questions, you will be virtuous, and it is more than likely that you will also be happy; and if you are not, somebody else will be.”
Having seen the backs of our two cavaliers disappearing meekly into the rain, I stationed Francesca at a point of vantage, and went out to my victims in the front pew.
“The others went tiffany uk on ahead,” I explained, with elaborate carelessness–“they wanted to drive by Dublin Castle; and we are going to follow as we like. For my part, I am tired, and you are looking pale, Salemina; I am sure your ankle is painful. Help her, Dr. tiffany co Gerald, please; she is so proud and self-reliant that she won’t even lean on any one’s arm, if she can avoid it. Take her down the middle aisle, for I’ve sent your car to that door” (this was the last of a series of happy thoughts on my part). “I’ll go and tell Francesca, who is flirting with the organist. She has an appointment at the tailor’s; so I will drop her there, and join you at the hotel in a few minutes.”
The refractory pair of innocent, middle-aged lovers started, arm in arm, on what I ardently hoped would be an eventful walk together. It was from, instead of toward the alt tiffany sale ar, to be sure, but I was certain it would finally lead them to it, notwithstanding the unusual method of approach. I gave Francesca the signal, and then, disappearing behind the screen, I held her hand in a palpitation of nervous apprehension that I had scarcely felt when Himself first asked me to be his.
The young organist, blushing to the roots of his hair, trembling with responsibility, smiling at the humour of the thing, pulled out all the stops, and the Wedding March pealed through the cathedral, the splendid joy and swing and triumph of it ech tiffany co jewelry sale oing through the vaulted aisles in a way that positively incited one to bigamy.
“We may regard the matter as settled now,” whispered Francesca comfortably. “Anybody would ask anybody else to marry him, whether he was in love with her or not. If it weren’t so beautiful and so tiffany co terminal 5 touching, wouldn’t it be amusing? Isn’t the organist a darling, and doesn’t he enter into the spirit of it? See him shaking with sympathetic laughter, and yet he never lets a smile creep into the music; it is all earnestness and majesty. May I peep now and see how they are getting on?”
“Certainly not! What are you thinking of, Francesca? Our only tiffany co careers justification in this whole matter is that we are absolutely serious about it. We shall say good-bye to the organist, wring his hand gratefully, and steal with him through the little door. Then in a half-hour we shall know the worst or the best; and we must remember to send him cards and a marked copy of the newspaper containing the marriage notice.”
Salemina told me all about it that night, but she never suspect tiffany co engagement rings ed the interference of any deus ex machina save that of the tradit tiffany uk sale ional God of Love, who, it seems to me, has not kept up with the requirements of the age in all respects, and leaves a good deal for us women to do nowadays.
“Would that you had come up this aisle to meet me, Salemina, and that you were walking down again as my wife!” This was what Dr. Gerald had surprised her by saying, when the wedding music had finally entered into his soul, driving away for the moment his doubt and fear and self-distrust; and I can well believe that the hopelessness of his tone stirred her tender heart to its very depths.
“What did you answer?” I asked breathlessly, on the impulse of the moment. ③

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