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nd it complicates rather than simplifies,“ said Beale. „London is a vast proposition. Can you give us any idea as to the hour the burglary was planned for?“
„Eleven,“ said Milsom promptly, „that is to say, in a little over an hour’s time.“
„And you have no idea of the locality?“
„Somewhere in the East of Londo nike ireland promo code n. We were to have met at Aldgate.“
„I don’t understand it,“ said McNorton. „Do you suggest that the code is in the hands of somebody who is not willing to part with it? And now that he no longer needs it for you, is there any reason why he should wait?“
„Every reason,“ replied Milsom, and Stanford Beale nodded in agreement. „It was not only fo ireland r me he wanted it. He as good as told me that unless he recovered it he would be unable to communicate with his men.“
„What do you think he’ll do?“
„He’ll get Bridgers to assist him. Bridgers is a pretty sore man, and the doctor knows just where he can find him.“
As Oliva listened an idea slowly dawned in her mind that she might supply a solution to the mystery of the missing code. It was a wildly improbable theory she held, but even so slender a possibility was not to be discarded nike ireland . She slipped from the group and went back to her room. For the accommodation of his ward, James Kitson had taken the adjoining suite to his own and had secured a lady’s maid from an agency for the girl’s service. She passed through the sitting-room to her own bedroom, and found the maid putting the room ready for the night.
„Minnie,“ she said, throwing a quick glance about the apartment, „where did you put the clothes I took off when I came?“
„Here, miss.“
The girl o nike air max ireland pened the wardrobe and Oliva made a hurried search.
„Did you find–anything, a little ticket?“
The girl smiled.
„Oh yes, miss. It was in your stocking.“
Oliva laughed.
„I suppose you thought it was rather queer, finding that sort of thing in a girl’s stocking,“ she asked, but the maid was busily opening the drawers of the dressing-table in search of somethin nike ireland online g.
„Here it is, miss.“
She held a small square ticket in her hand and held it with such disapproving primness that Oliva nearly laughed.
„I found it in your stocking, miss,“ she said again.
„Quite right,“ said Oliva coolly, „that’s where I put it. I always carry my pawn tickets in my stocking.“
The admirable Minnie sniffed.
„I suppose you have never seen such a thing,“ smiled Oliva, „and you hardly knew what it was.“
The lady’s maid turned very red. She had unfortunately seen many such certificates of penury, but all that was part of her private life, and she had been shocked beyond measure to be confronted with this too-familiar evidence of impecuniosity in the home of a lady who represented to her an assured in nike ireland online store come and comfortable pickings.
Oliva went back to her sitting-room and debated the matter. It was a sense of d iffidence, the fear of making herself ridiculous, which arrested her. Otherwise she might have flown into the room, declaimed her preposterous theories and leave these clever men to work out the details. She opened the door and with the ticket clenched in her hand stepped into the room.
If they had missed her after she had left nobody saw her return. They were sitting in a group abo nike ireland nfl ut the table, firing questions at the big unshaven man who had made such a dramatic entrance to the conference and who, with a long cigar in the corner of his mouth, was answering readily and fluently.
But faced with the tangible workings of criminal investigation her resolution and her theories shrank to vanishing-point. She clasped the ticket in her hand and felt for a pocket, but the dressmaker had not provided her with that useful appendage.
So she turned and went softly back to her room, p nike ireland careers raying that she would not be noticed. She closed the door gently behind her and turned to meet a well-valeted man in evening-dress who was standing in the middle of the room, a light overcoat thrown over his arm, his silk hat tilted back from his forehead, a picture of calm assurance.
„Don’t move,“ said van Heerden, „and don’t scream. And be good enough to hand over the pawn ticket you are holding in your hand.“
Silently she obeyed, and as she handed the little pasteboard across the tab nike ireland clearance le which separated them she looked past him to the bookshelf behind his head, and particularly to a new volume which bore the name of Stanford Beale.
Chapter 30 The Watch
„Thanks,“ said van Heerden, pocketing the ticket, „it is of no use to me now, for I cannot wait. I gather that you have not disclosed the fact that this ticket is in your possession.“
„I don’t know how you gather that,“ sh nike ireland store e said.
„Lower your voice!“ he hissed menacingly. „I gather as much because Beale knew the ticket would not be in my possession now. If he only knew, if he only had a hint of its existence, I fear my scheme would fail. As it is, it will succeed. And now,“ he said with a smile, „time is short and your preparations must be of the briefest. I will save you the trouble of asking questions by telling you that I am going to take you along with me. I certainly cannot afford to leave you. Get your coat.“
With a shrug she walked past him to the bedroom and he followed.
„Are we going far?“ she asked.
There was no tremor in her voice and she felt remarkably self-possessed.
„That you will discover,“ said he.
„I am not asking out of idle curiosity, but I wan nike ireland contact t to know whether I ought to take a bag.“
„Perhaps it would be better,“ he said.
She carried the little attache case back to the sitting-room.
„You have no objection to my taking a little light reading-matter?“ she asked contemptuously. „I am afraid you are not a very entertaining companion, Dr. van Heerden.“
„Excellent girl,“ said van Heerden cheerfully. „Take anything you like.“
She slipped a book from the shelf and nearly betrayed herself by an involuntary exclamation as she felt its weight.
„You are not very original in your methods,“ she said, „this is the second time you have spirited me off.“
„The gaols of Engl Nike ireland and, as your new-found friend Milsom will tell you, are filled with criminals who departed from the beaten tracks,“ said van Heerden. „Walk out into the corridor and turn to the right. I will be close behind you. A little way along you will discover a narrow passage which leads to the service staircase. Go down that. I am sure you believe me when I say that I will kill you if you attempt to make any signal or scr nike ireland head office eam or appeal for help.“
She did not answer. It was because of this knowledge and this fear, which was part of her youthful equipment–for violent death is a very terrible prospect to the young and the healthy–that she obeyed him at all.
They walked down the stone stairs, through an untidy, low-roofed lobby, redolent of cooking food, into the street, without challenge and without attracting undue notice.
Van Heerden’s car was waiting at the end of the street, and she thought she recognized the chauffeur as Bridgers.

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