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hold of the mooring rope of Streffy’s boat and floated there,following his dream …. It was a bore to be leaving; no doubtthat was what made him turn things inside-out so uselessly.
Venice would be delicious, of course; but nothing would everagain be cheap jordans as sweet as this. And then they had only a year ofsecurity before them; and of that year a month was gone.
Reluctantly he swam ashore, walked up to the nike jordans for kids house, and pushedopen a window of the cool painted drawing-room. Signs ofdeparture were already visible. There were trunks in the hall,tennis rackets on the stairs; on the landing, the cook Giuliettahad both arms around a slippery hold-all that refused to letitself be strapped. It all gave him a chill sense of unreality,as if the past month had been an act on the stage, andits setting were being folded away and rolled into the wings tomake room for another play in which he and Susy had no part.
By the time he came down again, dressed and hungry, to theterrace where coffee awaited him, he had recovered his usualpleasant sense of security. Susy was there, fresh and ga y, arose in her breast and the sun in her hair: her head was bowedover Bradshaw, but she waved a fond hand across the breakfastthings, and presently looked up to say: „Yes, I believe we canjust manage it.““Manage what?““To catch the train at Milan–if we start in the motor at tensharp.“He stared. „The motor? What motor?““Why, the new people’s–Streffy’s tenants. He’s never told metheir name, and the chauffeur says he can’t pronounce it. Thechauffeur’s is Otta nike jordans retro 4 viano, anyhow; I’ve been making friends withhim. He arrived last night, and he says they’re not due at Comotill this evening. He simply jumped at the idea of running usover to Milan.““Good Lord–“ said Lansing, when she stopped.
She sprang up from the table with a laugh. „It will be ascramble; but I’ll manage it, if you’ll go up at once and pitchthe last things i jordans nto your trunk. „“Yes; but look here–have you any idea what it’s going to cost?“She raised her eyebrows gaily. „Why, a good deal less than ourrailway tickets. Ottaviano’s got a sweetheart in Milan, andhasn’t seen her for six months. When I fo nike jordans release dates und that out I knewhe’d be going there anyhow.“It was clever of her, and he laughed. But why was it that hehad grown to shrink from even such harmless evidence of heralways knowing how to „manage“? „Oh, well,“ he said to himself,“she’s right: the fellow would be sure to be going to Milan.“Upstairs, on the way to his dressing room, he found her in acloud of finery which her skilful hand nike jordans s were forciblycompressing into a last portmanteau. He had never seen anyonepack as cleverly as Susy: the way she coaxed reluctant thingsinto a trunk was a symbol of the way she fitted discordant fa nike jordans retro ctsinto her life. „When I’m rich,“ she often said, „the thing Ishall hate most will be to see an idiot maid at my trunks.“As he passed, she glanced over her shoulder, her face pink withthe struggle, and drew a cigar-box from the depths. „Dearest,do put a couple of cigars into your pocket as a tip forOttaviano.“Lansing stared. „Why, what on earth are you doing withStreffy’s cigars?““Packing them, of course …. You don’t suppose he meant themfor those other people?“ She gave him a look of honest wonder.
„I don’t know whom he meant them for–but they’re notours ….“She conti cheap nike jordans nued to look at him wonderingly. „I don’t seewhat there is to be solemn about. The cigars are not Streffy’seither … you may be sure he got them out of some bounder. Andthere’s nothing he’d hate more than to have them passed on toanother.““Nonsens nike air jordans retro e. If they’re not Streffy’s they’re much less mine.
Hand them over, please, dear.““Just as you like. But it does seem a waste; and, of course,the other people will never have one of them …. The gardenerand Giulietta’s lover will see to that!“Lansing looked away from her at the waves of lace and muslinfrom which she emerged like a rosy Nereid. „How many boxes ofthem are left?““Only four.““Unpack them, please.“Before she moved there was a pause so full of challenge thatLan cheap jordans sale sing had time for an exasperated sense of the disproportionbetween his anger and its cause. And this made him stillangrier.
She held out a box. „The others are in your suitcasedownstairs. It’s locked and strapped.““Give me the key, then.““We might send them back from Venice, mightn’t we? That lock isso nasty: it will take you half an hour.““Give m nike jordans for men e the key, please.“ She gave it.
He went downstairs and battled with the lock, for the allottedhalf-hour, under the puzzled eyes of Giulietta and the sardonicgrin of the chauffeur, who now and then, from the threshold,politely reminded him how long it would take to get nike jordans cheap to Milan.
Finally the key turned, and Lansing, broken-nailed andperspiring, extracted the cigars and stalked with them into thedeserted drawing room. The great bunches of golden roses thathe and Susy had gathered the day before were dropping theirpetals on the marble embroidery of the floor, pale camelliasfloated in the alabaster tazzas between the windows, hauntingscents of the garden blew in on him with the nike jordans son of mars breeze from thelake. Never had Streffy’s little house seemed so like a nest ofpleasures. Lansing laid the cigar boxes on a console and ranupstairs to collect his last possessions. When he came downagain, his wife, her eyes brilliant with achievement, was seatedin their borrowed chariot, the luggage cleverly stowed away, andGiulietta and the gardener kissing her hand and weeping outinconsolable farewells.
„I wonder what she’s given them?“ he thought, as he jumped inbeside her and the motor whirled them through the nightingale-thickets to the gate.
Chapter 4

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