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lty–what are you opening your bag for?” he asked, peering in the dark.
“I am looking for a handkerchief,” said Oliva. “I cheap nike air max trainers am afraid I am going to cry!”
He settled himself back in the corner of the car with a sigh of resignation, accepting her explanation–sarcasm was wholly wasted on van Heerden.
* * * * *
“Well, gentlemen,” said Milsom, “I don’t think there’s anything more I can tell you. What are you going to do with me?”
“I’ll take th cheap nike air max e responsibility of not executing the warrant,” said McNorton. “You will accompany one of my men to his home to-night and you will be under police supervision.”
“That’s no new experience,” said Milsom, “there’s only one piece of advice I want to give you.”
“And that is?” asked Beale.
“Don’t underrate van Heerden. You have no conception of his nerve. There isn’t a man of us here,” he said, “whose insurance rate wouldn’t go up to ninety per cent. if van Heerden decided to get him. I don’t profess that I can air max help you to explain his strange conduct to-day. I can only outline the psychology of it, but how and where he ha nike air max 90 sale s hidden his code and what circumstances prevent its recovery, is known only to van Heerden.”
He nodded to the little group, and accompanied by McNorton left the room.
“There goes a pretty bad man,” said Kitson, “or I am no judge of character. He’s an old lag, isn’t he?”
Beale nodded.
“Murder,” he said laconically. “He lived after his time. He should have been a contemporary of the Borgias.”
“A poisoner!” shudd nike air max ered one of the under-secretaries. “I remember the case. He killed his nephew and defended himself on the plea that the youth was a degenerate, as he undoubtedly was.”
“He might have got that defence past in America or France,” said Beale, “but unfortunately there was a business end to the matter. He w nike air max classic as the sole heir of his nephew’s considerable fortune, and a jury from the Society of Eugenics would have convicted him on that.”
He looked at his watch and turned his eyes to Kitson.
“I presume Miss Cresswell is bored and has retired for the night,” he said.
“I’ll find out in a moment,” said Kitson. “Did you speak to her?”
Beale nodded, and his eyes twinkled.
“Did you make any progress?”
“I broke the sad news to her, if that’s what you mean.”
“You told her she was married to you? Good heavens! What did she say?”
“Well, she didn’t faint, I don’t think she’s the fainting kind. nike air max 90 She is cursed with a sense of humour, and refused even to take a tragic view.”
“That’s bad,” said Kitson, shaking his head. “A sense of humour is out of place in a divorce court, and that is where your little romance is going to end, my friend.”
cheap nike air max I am not so sure,” said Beale calmly, and the other stared at him.
“You have promised me,” he began, with a note of acerbity in his voice.
“And you have advised me,” said Beale.
Kitson choked down something which he was going to say, but which he evidently thought was better left unsaid.
“Wait,” he commanded, “I will find out whether Miss Cresswell,” he emphasized the words, “has gone to bed.”
He passed through the door to Oliva’s sitting-room and was gone a few minutes. When he came back Beale saw his troubled face, and ran forward to meet him.
“She’s not there,” said Kitson.
“Not in her room?”
“Neither in the sitting-room nor cheap nike air max the bedroom. I have rung for her maid. Oh, here you are.”
Prim Minnie came through the bedroom door.
“Where is your mistress?”
“I thought she was with you, sir.”
“What is this?” said Beale, stoo nike air max sale ped and picked up a white kid glove. “She surely hasn’t gone out,” he said in consternation.
“That’s not a lady’s glove, sir,” said the girl, “that is a gentleman’s.”
It was a new glove, and turning it over he saw stamped inside the words: “Glebler, Rotterdam.”
“Has anybody been here?” he asked.
“Not to my knowledge, sir. The young lady told me she did not want me any more to-night.” The girl hesitated. It seemed a veritable betrayal of her mistress to disclose such a sordid matter as the search for a pawn ticket.
Beale noticed the hesitation.
“You must tell me everything, and tell me quickly,” he said.
“Well, sir,” said the maid, “the lady came in to look for something she brought with her when she came here.”
“I remember!” cried K nike air max itson, “she told me she had brought away something very curious from van Heerden’s house nike air max 1 and made me guess what it was. Something interrupted our talk–what was it?”
“Well, sir,” said the maid, resigned, “I won’t tell you a lie, sir. It was a pawn ticket.”
“A pawn ticket!” cried Kitson and Beale in unison.
“Are you sure?” asked the latter.
“Absolutely sure, sir.”
“But she couldn’t have brought a pawn ticket from van Heerden’s house. What was it for?”
“I beg your pardon, sir.”
“What was on the pawn ticket?” said Kitson impatiently. “What article had been pledged?”
Again the girl hesitated. To betray her mistress was unpleasant. To betray herself–as she would if she confessed that she had most carefully and thoroughly read the voucher–was unthinkable.
“You know what was on it,” said Beale, in his best third degree manner, “now don’t keep us waiting. What was it?”
“A watch, sir.”
“How much was it pledged fo http://cheapnikeairmaxtop10.blogspot.com/ r?”
“Ten shillings, sir.”
“Do you remember the name.”
“In a foreign name, sir–van Horden.”
“Van Heerden,” said Beale quic nike air max 95 kly, “and at what pawnbrokers?”
“Well, sir,” said the girl, making a fight for her reputation, “I only glanced at the ticket and I only noticed—-”
“Yes, you did,” interrupted Beale sharply, “you read every line of it. Where was it?”
“Rosenblaum Bros., of Commercial Road,” blurted the girl

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