ASUS VivoTab Smart ME400C tablet review The VivoTab Smart is a Windows tablet that seems to offer it all. This is a full, unhindered Windows 8 device that¡¯s somehow managed to come in both lighter and cheaper than its iPad equivalent, plus it¡¯ll let you run all your desktop apps and has a battery that lasts a full working day. However, if that¡¯s left you scrambling for a pen and asking ¡®Where do I sign up?¡¯, can we humbly suggest holding that thought for a moment ¡ª there are still quite a few caveats here. The tablet problem thus far Tablet PCs are, in many respects, victims of their own design. Having an interface that can be driven using just your digits does demand some simplification of the interface. While being simple might equate to ease of use, there are still plenty of occasions where complexity and the power it offers is needed ¡ª it¡¯s the difference between trying to edit and manipulate images in Microsoft Paint versus Adobe Photoshop. If you¡¯ve tried to use one of today¡¯s ¡®simple¡¯ tablets for prolonged work or intricate productivity tasks, you may have come to the realisation that traditional PCs and laptops still have a vital role to play. As much as we might love the idea of a smart, easy-to-use and highly portable tablet that allows us to do everything, the reality is that stabbing at a screen with your fingers is nowhere near as efficient or precise as using a mouse (or trackpad) and keyboard with a traditional PC. The new standard bearer? With that caveat in mind, Windows tablets do theoretically hold some potential to break that paradigm ¡ª certainly more so than their iPad and Android peers. With Windows 8¡¯s discrete desktop and tablet (a.k.a. ¡®Modern UI¡¯) modes, there¡¯s the promise of power and flexibility when you need it, combined with a simple tablet interface for more casual use. So can you really have one device that does it all? The VivoTab Smart does undeniably make a very solid effort. ASUS has taken an iPad-like approach with the device, building a compact little Windows tablet that competes well with Apple¡¯s offering on paper. At 580g, it¡¯s light and comfortable to hold, but with an Atom processor it still manages tablet-like battery life with a sub-$600 price tag. The build quality is generally sound, with a bright and clean IPS screen at the same lowish 1,366 x 768 resolution of other Windows tablets. Unlike most of its VivoTab kin, the Smart uses a plastic rather than metal chassis.For more information, please visit cheap tablets happyed01466

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