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this morning, doctor,“ she said. „Stand back from North Face Sale UK the table.“ She leant over and seized the little heap of papers and the watch. „I am North Face Sale going to shoot you,“ she said steadily, „if you refuse to do as I tell you; because if I don’t shoot you, you will kill me.“
His face had grown old and grey in the space of a few seconds. The white hands he raised were shaking. He tried to speak but only a hoarse murmur came. Then his face went blank. He stared at the pistol, then stretched out his hands slowly toward it.
„Stand back!“ she cried.
He jumped at her, and she pulled the trigger, but nothing happened, and the next minute she was struggling in his arms. The man was hysterical with fear and relief and was giggling and cursing in the same breath. He wrenched the pistol from her hand and threw it on the table.
„You fool! You fool!“ he shouted, „the safety-catch! You didn’t put it down!“
She could have wept with anger and mortification. Beale had put the catch of th north face outlet e weapon at safety, not realizing that she did not understand the mechanism of it, and van north face sale Heerden in one lightning glance had seen his advantage.
„Now you suffer!“ he said, as he flung her in a chair. „You shall suffer, I tell you! I will make an example of you. I will leave your husband something which he will not touch!“
He was shaking in every limb. He dashed to the door and bellowed „Bridgers!“
Presently she heard a footstep in t he hall.
„Come, my friend,“ van Heerden shouted, „you shall have your wish. It is—-“
„How are you going, van Heerden? Quietly or rough?“
He spun round. There were two men in the doorway, and the first of these was Beale.
„It’s no use your shouting for Bridgers because Bridgers is on the way to the jug,“ said McNorton. „I have a warrant for you, van Heerden.“
The doctor turned with a howl of rage, snatched up the pistol which lay on the ta Cheap North Face Sale ble, and thumbed down the safety-catch.
Beale and McNorton fired together, so that it seemed like a single shot that thundered through the room. Van Heerden slid forward, and fell sprawling across the table.
* * * * *
It was the Friday morning, and Beale ste cheap north face jackets pped briskly through the vestibule of the Ritz-Carlton, and declining the elevator went up the stairs two at a time. He burst into the room where Kitson and the girl were standing by the window.
„Wheat prices are tumbling down,“ he said, „the message worked.“
„Thank Heaven for that!“ said Kitson. „Then van Heerden’s code message telling his gang to stop operations reached its destination!“
„Its destinations,“ corrected Beale cheerfully. „I released thirty pigeons with the magic word. The agents have been arrested,“ he said; „we notified the Government authorities, north face of the eiger and there was a sheriff or a policeman in every post office when the code word came through–van Heerden’s agents saw some curious telegraph messengers yesterday.“
Kitson nodded and turned away.
„What are you going to do now?“ asked the girl, with a light in her eyes. „You must feel quite lost without this great quest of yours.“
„There are others,“ said Stanford Beale.
„When do you return to America?“ she asked.
He fenced the question, but she brought him back to it.
„I have a great deal of business to do in London before I go,“ he said.
„Like what?“ she asked.
„Well,“ he hesitated, „I have some legal business.“
„Are you suing somebody?“ she asked, wilfully dense.
He rubbed his head in perplexity.
„To tell you the truth,“ he said, „I don’t exactly know what I’ve got to do or what sort of figure I shall cut. I have never been in the Divorce Court before.“
„Divorce Court?“ she said, puzzled, „are you giving evidence? Of course I know detectives do that sort of thing. I have read about it in the newspapers. It must be rather horrid, but you are such a clever detective–oh, by the way you never told me how you found me.“
„It was a north face very simple matter,“ he said, relieved to change the subject, „van Heerden, by one of those curious lapses which the best of criminals make, left a message at the pawnbroker’s which was written on the back of an account for pigeon food, sent to him from a Horsham tradesman. I knew he would not try to dispatch his message by the ordinary courses and I suspected all along that he had established a pigeon-post. The bill gave me all the information I wanted. It took us a long time to find the tradesman, but once we had discovered him he directed us to the farm. We took along a couple of local policemen and arrested Brid north face gilet gers in the garage.“
She shivered.
„It was horrible, wasn’t it?“ she said.
He nodded.
„It was rather dreadful, but it might have been very much worse,“ he added philosophically.
„But how wonderful of you to switch yourself from the crime of that enthralling character to a commonplace divorce suit.“
„This isn’t commonplace,“ he said, „it is rather a curious story.“
„Do tell me.“ She made a place for him on the w north face size chart indow-ledge and he sat down beside her.
„It is a story of a mistake and a blunder,“ he said. „The plaintiff, a very worthy young man, passably good looking, was a man of my profession, a detective engaged in protecting the interests of a young and beautiful girl.“
„I suppose you have to say she’s young and beautiful or the story wouldn’t be interesting,“ she said.
„It is not necessary to lie in this case,“ he said, „she is certainly young and undoubtedly beautiful. She has the loveliest eyes—-“
„Go on,“ she said hastily.
„The detective,“ he resumed, „hereinafter called the petitioner, desiring to protect the innocent maiden from the machinations of a fortune-hunting gentleman no longer with us, contracted as he thought a fraudulent marriage with this unfortunate girl, believing thereby he could choke off the villain wh north face arctic parka o was pursuing her.“
„But why did the unfortunate girl marry him, even fraudulently?“
„Because,“ said Beale, „the villain of the piece had drugged her and she didn’t know what she was doing. After the marriage,“ he went on, „he discovered that so far from being illegal it was good in law and he had bound this wretched female.“
„Please don’t be rude,“ she said.
„He had bound this wretched female to him for life. Being a perfect gentleman, born of poor but American parents, he takes the first opportunity of freeing her.“
„And himself,“ she murmured.
„As to the poor misguided lad,“ he said firmly, „you need feel no sympathy. He had behaved disgracefully.“
„How?“ she asked.
„Well, you see, he had already fallen in love with her and that made his offence all the greater. If you go red I cannot tell you this story, because it north face fleece embarrasses me.“
„I haven’t gone red,“ she denied indignantly. „So what are you–what is he going to do?“
Beale shrugged his shoulders.
„He is going to work for a divorce.“
„But why?“ she demanded. „What has she done?“
He looked at her in astonishment.
„What do you mean?“ he stammered.
„Well“–she shrugged her shoulders slightly and smiled in his face–„it seems to me that it is nothing to do with him. It is the wretched female who should sue for a divorce, not the handsome detective–do you feel faint?“
„No,“ he said hoarsely.
„Don’t you agree with me?“
„I agree with you,“ said the incoherent Beale. „But suppose her guardian takes the necessary steps?“
She shook her head.
„The guardian can do nothing unless the wretched female instructs him,“ she said. „Does it occur to you that even the best of drugs wear off in time a north face sale nd that there is a possibility that the lady was not as unconscious of the ceremony as she pretends? Of course,“ she said hurriedly, „she did not realize that it had actually happened, and until she was told by Apollo from the Central Office–that’s what you call Scotland Yard in New York, isn’t it?–that the ceremony had actually occurred she was under the impression that it was a beautiful dream–when I say beautiful,“ she amended, in some hurry, „I mean not unpleasant.“
„Then what am I to do?“ said the helpless Beale.
„Wait till I divorce you,“ said Oliva, and turned her head hurriedly, so that Beale only kissed the tip of her ear.
The End

Chapter 1
IT rose for them–their honey-moon–over the waters of a lake sofamed as the scene of romantic raptures that they were ratherproud of not having been afraid to choose it as the setting oftheir own.

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