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an ordinary fellow-creature, amusing, b nike air max 1 sale eautiful, possessed of an agile mind, though somewhat frivolous by our standards. Many nike air max 1 leopard of my fellow-countrymen who do not think like I do would take you. It is my intention to leave you just as soon as it is safe to do so unless—-“ A thought struck him, and he frowned.
„Unless—-?“ she repeated with a sinking heart in spite of her assurance.
„Bridgers was speaking to me of you. He who is driving.“ He nodded to the dimly outlined shoulders of the chauffeur. „He has been a faithful fellow—-“
„You wouldn’t?“ she gasped.
„Why not?“ he said coolly. „I don’t want you. Bridgers thinks that you are beautiful.“
„Is he a Hun, too?“ she asked, and he jerked round toward her.
„If Bridgers wants you he shall have you,“ he said harshly.
She knew she had made a mistake. There was no sense in antagonizing him, the more especially so since she had not yet learnt all that she wanted to know.
„I think your scheme is horrible,“ she said after awhile, „the wheat destruction scheme, I mean, not Bridgers. But it is a very great one.“
The man was nike air max 1 grey susceptible to flattery, for he became genial again.
„It is the greatest scheme that has ever been known to science. It is the most colossal crime–I suppose they will call it a crime–that has ever been committed.“
„But how are you going to get your code word away? The telegraphs are in the hands of the Government and I think you will find it difficult even if you have a secret wireless.“
„Wireless, bah!“ he said scornfully. „I never expected to send it by telegraph with or without wires. I have a much surer way, fraeulein, as you will see.“
„But how will you escape?“ she asked.
„I shall leave England to-morro cheap nike air max 1 w, soon after daybreak,“ he replied, with assurance, „by aeroplane, a long-distance flying-machine will land on my Sussex farm which will have British markings–indeed, it is already in England, and I and my good Bridgers will pass your coast without trouble.“
He peered out of the window.
„This is Horsham, I think,“ he said, as they swept through what appeared to the girl to be a square. „That little building on the left is the railway station. You will see nike air max 1 red the signal lamps in a moment. My farm is about five miles down the Shoreham Road.“
He was in an excellent temper as they passed through the old town and mounted the hill which leads to Shoreham, was politeness itself when the car had turned off the main road and had bumped over cart tracks to the door of a large building.
„This is your last escapade, Miss Cresswell, nike air max 1 black or Mrs. Beale I suppose I should call you,“ he said jovially, as he pushed her before him into a room where supper had been cheap air max 1 laid for two. „You see, you were not expected, but you shall have Bridgers‘. It will be daylight in two hours,“ he said inconsequently, „you must have some wine.“
She shook her head with a smile, and he laughed as if the implied suspicion of her refusal was the best joke in the world.
„Nein, nein, little friend,“ he said, „I shall not doctor you again. My days of doctoring have passed.“
She had expected to find the farm in occupation, but apparently they were the only people there. The doctor had opened the door himself with a key, and no servant had appeared, nor apparently did he expect them to appear. She learnt afterwards that there were two farm servants, an old man and his wife, who lived in nike air max 1 a cottage on the estate and came in the daytime to do the housework and prepare a cold supper against their master’s coming.
Bridgers did not make his appearance. Apparently he was staying with his car. About three o’clock in the morning, when the first streaks of grey were showing cheap max 1 in the sky, van Heerden rose to go in search of his assistant. Until then he had not ceased to talk of himself, of his scheme, of his great plan, of his early struggles, of his difficulties in persuading members of his Government to afford him the assistance he required. As he turned to the door she checked him with a word:
„I am immensely interested,“ she said, „but still, you have not told me how you intend to send your message.“
„It is simple,“ he said, and beckoned to her.
They passed out of the house into the chill sweet dawn, made a hal cheap air max 1 f-circuit of the farm and came to a courtyard surrounded on three sides by low buildings. He opened a door to reveal another door covered with wire netting.
„Behold!“ he laughed.
„Pigeons!“ said the girl.
The dark interior of the shed was aflicker with white wings.
„Pigeons!“ repeated van Heerden, closing the door, „and every one knows his way back to Germany. It has been a labour of love collecting them. And they are all British,“ he said with a laugh. „There I will give the British credit, they know more about pigeons than we Germans and have used them more in the war.“
„But suppose your p nike air max 1 premium igeon is shot down or falls by the way?“ she asked, as they walked slowly back to the house.
„I shall send fifty,“ replied van Heerden calmly; „each will carry the same message and some at least will get home.“
Back in the dining-room he cleared the remains of the supper from the table and went out of the room for a few minutes, returning with a small pad of paper, and she saw from the delicacy with which he handed each sheet that it was of the thinnest texture. Between each page he placed a carbon and began to write, printing the characters. There was only one word on each tiny sheet. When this was written he detach nike air max 1 ebay ed the leaves, putting them aside and using his watch as a paper-weight, and wrote another batch.
She watched him, fascinated, until he showed signs that he had completed his task. Then she lifted the little valise which she had at her side, put it on her knees, opened it and took out a book. It must have been instinct which made him raise his eyes to her.
„What have you got there?“ he asked sharply.
„Oh, a book cheap air 1 ,“ she said, with an attempt at carelessness.
„But why have you got it out? You are not reading.“
He leant over and snatched it from her and looked at the title.
„‚A Friend in Need,'“ he read. „By Stanford Beale–by Stanford Beale,“ he repeated, frowning. „I didn’t know your husband wrote books?“
She made no reply. He turned back the cover and read the title page.
„But this is ‚Smiles’s Self Help,'“ he said.
„It’s the same thing,“ she replied.
He turned another page or two, then stopped, for he had come to a place where the centre of the book had been cut right out. The leaves had been glued together to disguise this fact, and what was apparently a book was in reality a small box.
„What was in there?“ he asked, springing to his feet.
„This,“ she said, „don’t move, Dr. van Heerden!“

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