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That, Robbie knew, was not the question to ask. At this stage in her life Briony inhabited an ill-defined transitional space between the nursery and adult worlds which she crossed and recrossed unpredictably. In the present situation she was less dangerous as an indignant little girl.
In fact, Briony herself had no clear idea of what she meant, but Robbie could not know this as he moved in quickly to change the subject. He turned to Lola on his left, and cheap nike air max 1 said in a way that was intended to include the whole table, “They’re nice lads, your brothers.”
“Hah!” Briony was savage, and did not give nike air max 1 her cousin time to speak. “That shows what little you know.”
Emily put down her spoon. “Darling, if this continues, I must ask you to leave the table.”
“But look what they did to her. Scratched her face, and gave her a Chinese burn!”
All eyes were on Lola. Her complexion pulsed darke nike air max 1 red r beneath her freckles, mak nike air max 1 leopard ing her scratch appear less vivid.
Robbie said, “It doesn’t look too bad.”
Briony glared at him. He nike air max 1 ebay r mother said, “Little boys’ fingernails. We should get you some ointment.”
Lola appeared brave. “Actually, I’ve put some on. It’s feeling a lot better already.”
Paul Marshall cleared his throat. “I saw it myself—had to break it up and pull them off her. I have to say, I was surprised, little fellows like air max 1 that. They went for her all right . . .”
Emily had left her chair. She came to Lola’s side and lifted her hands in hers. “Look at your arms! It’s not just chafing. You’re bruised up to your elbows. How on earth did they do that?”
“I don’t know, Aunt Emily.”
Once again, Marshall tilted back in his seat. He spoke behind Cecilia and Robbie’s head to the young girl who stared at him as her eyes filled with tears. “There’s no shame in making a fuss, you know. You’re awfully brave, but you have taken a bad knock.”
Lola wa nike air max 1 grey s making an effort not to cry. Emily drew her niece toward her midriff and stroked her head.
Marshall said to Robbie, “You’re right, they’re nice lads. But I suppose they’ve been through a lot lately.”
Robbie wanted to know why Marshall had not mentioned the matter before if Lola had been so ba Nike air max 1 dly harmed, but the table was now in commotion. Leon called across to his mother, “Do you want me to phone a doctor?” Cecilia was rising from the table. Robbie touched her arm and she turned, and for the first time since the library, their eyes met. There was no time to establish anything beyond the connection itself, then she hurried round to be by her mother who began to give instructions for a cold compress. Emily murmured comforting words to the top of her niece’s head. Marshall remained in his seat and filled his glass. Br cheap nike air max 1 iony also stood up, and as she did so, gave another of her penetrating girlish cries. She took from Jackson’s seat an envelope and held it up to show them.
“A letter!”
She was about to open it. Robbie could not prevent himself asking, “Who’s it addressed to?”
“It says, T cheap air max 1 o everyone.”
Lola disengaged from her aunt and wiped her face with her napkin. Emily drew on a surprising new source of authority. “You will not open it. You will do as you are told and bring it to me.”
Briony caught the unusual tone in her mother’s voice and meekly walked round the table with the envelope. Emily took one step away from Lola as she pulled a scrap of lined paper clear. When she read it, Robbie and Cecilia were able to read it too.

We are gong to run away becase Lola and Betty are horid to us and we want to go home. Sory we took some frute And there was’nt a play.

They had each si gned their first names with zigzag flourishes.
There was silence after Emily had read it aloud. Lola stood up and took a couple of steps toward a window, then changed her m nike air max 1 premium ind and walked back toward the end of the table. She was looking from left to right in a distracted manner and murmuring over and over, “Oh hell, oh hell . . .”
Marshall came and put his hand on her arm. “It’s going to be all right. We’ll make up some search parties and find them in no time.”
“Absolutely,” Leon said. “They’ve only been gone a few minutes.”
But Lola was not listening and seemed to have made up her mind. As she strode toward the door she said, “Mummy will kill me.”
When Leon tried to take her by her shoulder she shrugged away, and then she was through the door. They heard her running across the hall.
Leon turned to his sister. “Cee, you and I will go together.”
Marshall said, “Ther nike air max 1 black e’s no moon. It’s pr nike air max 1 sale etty dark out there.”③

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