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They helped him to his feet and offered to take him over to an ambulance where an RAMC captain and two orderlies were already seeing to the nike air max wounded. But he shook his head and stood there unaided. In shock he was talkative and his voice was softer.
“ME 109. Must have been his machine gun. The nike air max 90 cannon would have blown my ruddy hand off. Twenty millimeter, you know. He must have strayed from his group. Spotted us on his way home and couldn’t resist. Can’t blame him, really. But it means there’ll be mo cheap air max 95 re of them pretty soon.”
The half dozen men he had gathered up before had picked themselves and their rifles out of the ditch and were wandering off. The sight of them recalled the major to himself.
“All right, chaps. Form up.”
They seemed quite unable to resist him and formed a line. Trembling a little now, he addressed Turner.
“And you three. At the double.”
“Actually, old boy, to tell the truth, I think we’d rather not.”
“Oh, I see.” He squinted at Turner’s shoulder, seeming to see there the insignia of senior rank. He gave a good-natured salute with his left hand. “In that case, sir, if you don’t mind, we’ll be nike air max 95 off. Wish us luck.”
“Good luck, Major.”
They watched him march his reluctant detachment away toward the w nike air max 1 oods where the machine guns waited.
For half an hour the column did not move. Turner put himself at the disposal of the RAMC captain and helped cheap nike air max trainers on the stretcher parties bringing in the wounded. Afterward he found places for them on the lorries. There was no sign of the corporals. He fetched and carried supplies from the back of an ambulance. Watching the captain at work, stitching a head wound, Turner felt the stirrings of his old ambitions. The quantity of blood obscured the textbook details he remembered. Along their stretch of road there were five injured and, surprisingly, no one dead, though t nike air max classic he sergeant with cheap nike air max the rifle was hit in the face and was not expected to live. Three vehicles had their front ends shot cheap nike air max 95 up and were pushed off the road. The petrol was siphoned off and, for good measure, bullets were fired through the tires.
When all this was done in their section, there was still no movement up at the front of the column. Turner retrieved his greatcoat and walked on. He was too thirsty to wait about. An elderly B nike air max sale elgian lady shot in the knee had drunk the last of his water. His tongue was large in his mouth and all he could think of now was finding a drink. That, and keeping a watch on the sky. He passed sections like his own where vehicles were being disabled and the wounded were being lifted into lorries. He had been going for ten minutes when he saw Mace’s head on the grass by a pile of dirt. It was about twenty-five yards away, in the deep green shadow of a stand of poplars. He went toward it, nike air max 90 sale even though he suspec cheap nike air max ted that it would be better for his state of mind to walk on. He found Mace and Nettle shoulder deep in a hole. They were in the final stages of digging a grave. Lying facedown beyond the pile of earth was a boy of fifteen or so. A crimson stain on the back of his white shirt spread from neck to waist.
Mace leaned o n his shovel and did a passable imitation. “‘I think we’d rather not.’ Very good, guv’nor. I’ll remember that next time.”
“Divagation was nice. Where d’you get that one?”
“He swallowed a fucking dictionary,” Corporal Nettle said proudly.
“I used to like the crossword.”
“And ’orribly and onerously overrun?”
“That was a concert party they had in the sergeants’ mess last Christmas.”
Still in the grave, he and Nettle sang tunelessly for Turner’s benefit.

’Twas ostensibly ominous in the overview
To be ’orribly a air max 95 nd onerously overrun. ③

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