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r Graceto put up with such quarters when she shared them with Fulmer;but to live there while he basked in the lingering radiance ofVersailles, or rolled from chateau to picture gallery in Mrs.
Melrose’s motor, showed a courage that Susy felt unable toemulate.
„My dear! I knew you’d look me up,“ Grace’s joyous voice randown the stairway; and in another moment she was clasping Susyto her tumbled person.
„Nat couldn’t remember if he’d given you our address, though hepromised me he would, the last time he was here.“ She held Susyat arms‘ length, beaming upon her with blinking short-sightedeyes: the same old dishevelled Grace, so careless of herneglected beauty and her squandered youth, so amused and absent-minded and improvident, that ghd straighteners the boisterous air of the NewHampshire bungalow seemed to enter with her into the little air-tight salon.
While she poured out the tale of Nat’s sudden celebrity, and itsunexpected consequences, Susy marvelled and dreamed. Was thesecret of his triumph perhaps due to those long hard unrewardedyears, the steadfast scorn of popularity, the indifference toevery kind of material ease in which his wife had so gailyabetted him? Had it been bought at the cost of her ownfreshness and her own talent, of the children’s „advantages,“ ofeverything except the closeness of the tie between husband andwife? Well–it was worth the price, no doubt; but what if, nowthat honours and prosperity had come, the tie were snapped, andGrace were left alone among the ruins?
There was nothing in her tone or words to suggest such apossibility. Sus cheap ghd flat iron y noticed that her ill-assorted raiment wascostlier in quality and more professional in cut than the home-made garments which had draped her growing bulk at the bungalow:
it was clear that she was trying to dress up to Nat’s newsituation. But, above all, she was rejoicing in it, filling herhungry lungs with the strong air of his success. It hadevidently not occurred to her as yet that those who consent toshare the bread of adversity may want the whole cake ofprosperity for themselves.
„My dear, it’s too wonderful! He’s told me to take as manyconcert and opera tickets as I like; he lets me take all thechildren with me. The big concerts don’t begin till later; butof course the Opera is always going. And there are littlethi cheap ghd straighteners ngs–there’s music in Paris at all seasons. And later it’sjust possible we may get to Munich for a week–oh, Susy!“ Herhands clasped, her eyes brimming, she drank the new wine of lifealmost sacramentally.
„Do you remember, Susy, when you and Nick came to stay at thebungalow? Nat said you’d be horrified by our primitiveness-butI knew better! And I was right, wasn’t I? Seeing us so happymade you and Nick decide to follow our example, didn’t it?“ Sheglowed with the remembrance. „And now, what are your plans? IsNick’s book nearly done? I suppose you’ll have to live veryeconomically till he finds a publisher. And the baby, darling-when is that to be? If you’re coming home soon I could let youhave a lot of the children’s little old things.““You’re always so dear, Grace. But we haven’t any special plansas yet–not even for a baby. And I wish you’d tell me all ofyours instead.“Mrs. Fulmer asked nothing better: Susy perceive leopard print ghds d that, so far,the greater part of her European experience had consisted intalking about what it was to be. „Well, you see, Nat is sotaken up all day with sight-seeing and galleries and meetingimpo cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery rtant people that he hasn’t had time to go about with us;and as so few theatres are open, and there’s so little music,I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up with my mending. Juniehelps me with it now–she’s our eldest, you remember? She’sgrown into a big girl since you saw her. And later, perhaps,we’re to travel. And the most wonderful thing of all–next toNat’s recognition, I mean–is not having to contrive and skimp,and give up something every single minute. Just think–Nat haseven made special arrangements here in the pension, so that thechildren all have second helpings to ev cheap ghd straighteners £50 erything. And when I goup to bed I can think of Rare ghd my music, instead of lying awakecalculating and wondering how I can make things come out at theend of the month. Oh, Susy, that’s simply heaven!“Susy’s heart contracted. She had come to her friend to betaught again the lesson of indifference to material things, andinstead she was hearing cheap ghd air from Grace Fulmer’s lips the long-repressed avowal of their tyranny. After all, that battle withpoverty on the New Hampshire hillside had not been the easysmiling business that Grace and Nat had made it appear. And yet… and yet ….
Susy stood up abruptly, and straightened the expensive hat whichhung irresponsibly over Grace’s left ear.
„What’s wrong with it? Junie helped me choose it, and shegenerally knows,“ Mrs. Fulmer wailed with helpless hands.
„It’s the way you wear it, dearest–and the bow is rather top-heavy. Let me have it a minute, please.“ Susy lifted the hatfrom her friend’s head and began to manipulate its trimming.
„This is the way Maria Guy or S heap ghd hair straighteners uk uzanne would do it …. And nowgo on about Nat ….“She listened musingly while Grace poured forth the tale of herhusband’s triumph, of the notices in the papers, the demand forhis work, the fine ladies‘ battles over their priority indiscovering him, and the multiplied orders that had resultedfrom their rivalry.
„Of course they’re simply furious with each other-Mrs. Melroseand Mrs. Gillow especially–because each one pretends to havebeen the first to notice his ‚Spring Snow-Storm,‘ and in realityit wasn’t either cheap ghds of them, but only poor Bill Haslett, an art-critic we’ve known for years, who chanced on the picture, andrushed off to tell a dealer who was looking for a new painter topush.“ Grace suddenly raised her soft myopic eyes to Susy’sface. „But, do you know, the funny thing is that I believe Natis beginning to forget this, and to believe that it was Mrs.
Melrose who stopped short in front of his picture on the openingday, and screamed out: ‚This is genius!‘ It seems funny heshould care so much, when I’ve always known he had genius-andhe has known it too. But they’re all so kind to him; and Mrs.
Melrose especially. And I suppose it makes a thing sound new tohear it said in a new voice.“Susy looked at her meditatively. „And how should you feel ifNat liked too much to hear Mrs. Melrose say it? Too much, Imean, to care any longer what you felt or thought?“Her friend’s worn face flushed quickly, and then paled: Susyalmost repented the question. But Mrs. Fulmer met it with atranquil dignity. „You haven’t been married long enough, dear, ghd outlet to understand … how people like Nat and me feel about suchthings … or how trifling they seem, in the balance … thebalance of one’s memories.“Susy stood up again, and flung her arms about her friend. „Oh,Grace,“ she laughed with wet eyes, „how can you be as wise asthat, and yet not have sense enough to buy a decent hat?“ Shegave Mrs. Fulmer a quick embrace and hurried away. She hadlearned her lesson after al cheap ghds l; but it was not exactly the one shehad come to seek.
The week she had allowed herself had passed, and still there wasno word from Nick. She allowed herself yet another day, andthat too went by without a letter. She then decided on a stepfrom which her pride had hitherto recoiled; she would call atthe bank and ask for Nick’s address. She called, embarrassedand hesitating; and was told, after enquiries in the post-officedepartment, that Mr. Nicholas Lansing had given no address sincethat of the Palazzo Vanderlyn, three months previously. Shewent back to Versailles that afternoon with the definiteintention of writing to Strefford unless the next morning’s postbrought a letter.
The next morning brought nothing from Nick, but a scribbledmessage from Mrs. Melrose: would Susy, as soon as possible,come into her room for a wo cheap ghd wide plate straighteners rd, Susy jumped up, hurried throughher bath, and knocked at her hostess’s door. In the

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