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“Come one, come all,” said Edwards cheerily. “I’ll live high on the collective bad judgment of this outfit.”
“To-night isn’t likely to settle it, anyhow,” said Ives. “I move we turn in.”
Expectant minds do not lend themselves to sound slumber. All night the officers of the _Wolverine_ slept on the verge of waking, but it was not until dawn that the cry of “Sail-ho!” sent them all hurrying to their clothes. Ordinarily officers of the U.S. Navy do not scuttle on d cheap nike air max eck like a crowd of curious schoolgirls, but all hands had been keyed to a high pitch over the elusive light, and the bet with Edwards now served as an excuse for the betrayal of unusual eagerness. Hence the quarter-deck was soon alive with men who were wont to be deep in dreams at that hour.
They found cheap nike air max Carter, whose watch on deck nike air max sale it was, reprimandin cheap nike air max trainers g the lookout.
“No, sir,” the man was insisting, “she didn’t show no light, sir. I’d ‘a’ sighted her an hour ago, sir, if she had.”
“We shall see,” said Carter grimly. “Who’s your relief?”
“Let him take your place. Go aloft, Sennett.”
As the lookout, crestfallen and surly, went below, Barnett said in subdued tones:
“Upon my word, I shouldn’t be surprised if the man were right. Certainly there’s something queer about that hooker. Look how she handles herself.”
The vessel was some three miles to windward. She was a schooner of the common two-masted Pacific type, but she was comporting herself in a manner uncommon on the Pacific, or any nike air max classic other ocean. Even as Barnett spoke, she heeled well over, and came rushing up into the wind, where she stood with all sails s nike air max 95 haking. Slowly she paid off again, bearing away from th cheap air max 90 em. Now she gathered full headway, yet edged little by little to windward again.
“Mighty queer tactics,” muttered Edwards. “I think she’s steering herself.”
“Good thing she carries a weather helm,” commented Ives, who was an expert on sailing rigs. “Most of that type do. Otherwise she’d have jibed her masts out, running loose that way nike air max .”
Captain Parkinson appeared on deck and turned his glasses for a full minute on the strange schooner.
“Aloft there,” he hailed the crow’s-nest. “Do you make out anyone aboard?”
“No, sir,” came the answer.
“Mr. Carter, have the chief quartermaster report on deck with the signal flags.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Aren’t we going to run up to her?” asked McGuire, turning in surprise to Edwards.
“And take the risk of getting a hole punched in our p nike air max 90 sale retty paint, with her running amuck that way? Not much!”
Up came the signal quartermaster to get his orders, and there ensued a one-sided conversation in the pregnant language of the sea.
“What ship is that?”
No answer.
“Are you in trouble?” asked the cruiser, and waited. The schooner showed a bare and silent main-peak.
“Heave to.” Now Uncle Sam was giving orders.
But the other paid no heed.
“We’ll make that a little more emphatic,” said Captain Parkinson. A moment later there was the sharp crash of a gun and a shot went across the bows of the sailing vessel. Hastened by a flaw of wind that veer nike air max 90 ed from the normal direction of the breeze the stranger made sharply to windward, as if to obey.
“Ah, there she comes,” ran the comment along the cruiser’s quarter-deck.
But the schooner, after standing for a moment, all flapping, answered another flaw, and went wid airmax 90 e about on the opposite tack.
“Derelict,” remarked Captain Parkinson. “She seems to be in good shape, too, Dr. Trendon!”
“Yes, sir.” The surgeon nike air max 1 went to the captain, and the others could hear his deep, abrupt utterance in reply to some question too low for their ears.
“Might be, sir. Beri-beri, maybe. More likely smallpox if anything of that kind. But _some_ of ’em would be on deck.”
“Whew! A plague ship!” said Billy Edwards. “Just my luck to be ordered to board her.” He shivered slightly.
” Scared, Billy?” said Ives. Edwards had a record for daring which made this joke obvious enough to be safe.
“I wouldn’t want to have my peculiar style of beauty spoiled by smallpox marks,” said the ensign, with a smile on his homely, winning face. “And I’ve a hunch that that ship is not a lucky find for this ship.”
“Then I’ve a hunch that your hunch is a wrong one,” said Ives. “How long would you guess that craft to be?”
They were now within a mile of the schooner. Edwards air max 90 scrutinised her calculatingly.
“Eighty to ninety feet.” ③

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