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ill exhaled thefragrance of their native prairies. The mere fact of being withsuch people was like a purifying bath. When the yacht touchedat Naples he agreed since they were so awfully kind–to go on toSicily. And when the chief steward, going ashore at Naples forthe last time before they got up steam, sa ghd outlet id: “Any letters forthe post, sir?” he answered, as he had answered at each previoushalt: “No, thank you: none.”Now they were heading for Rhodes and Crete–Crete, where he hadnever been, where he had so often longed to go. In spite of thelateness of the season the weather was still miraculously fine:
the short waves danced ahead under a sky without a cloud, andthe strong bows of the Ibis hardly swayed as she fle cheap ghd wide plate straighteners w forwardover the flying crests.
Only his hosts and their daughter were on the yacht-of coursewith El Cheap ghds dorada Tooker and Mr. Beck in attendance. An eminentarchaeologist, who was to have joined them at Naples, hadtelegraphed an excuse at the last moment; and Nick noticed that,while Mrs. Hicks was perpetually apologizing for the great man’sabsence, Coral merely smiled and said nothing.
As a matter of fact, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks were never as pleasantas when one had them to one’s self. In company, Mr. Hicks ranthe risk of appearing over-hospitable, and Mrs. Hicks confuseddates and names in the desire to embrace all culture in herconversation. But alone with Nick, their old travelling-companion, they shone out in their native simplicity, and Mr.
Hicks talked soundly of investments, and Mrs. Hicks recalled herearly married days cheap ghds in Apex City, when, on being brought home toher new house in Aeschylus Avenue, her first thought had heap ghd hair straighteners uk been:
“How on earth shall I get all those windows washed?”The loss of Mr. Buttles had been as serious to them as Nick hadsupposed: Mr. Beck could never hope to replace him. Apart fromhis mysterious gift of languages, and his almost superhumanfaculty for knowing how to address letters to eminent people,and in what terms to conclude them, he had a smattering ofarchaeology and general culture on which Mrs. Hicks had learnedto depend–her own memory being, alas, so inadequate to therange of her interests.
Her daughter might perhaps have helped her; but it was not MissHicks’s way to mother her parents. She was exceedingly kind tothem, but left them, as it were, to bring themselves up as bestthey could, while she pursued her cheap ghd flat iron own course of self-development. A sombre zeal for knowledge filled the mind ofthis strange girl: sh e appeared interested only in freshopportunities of adding to her store of facts. They wereilluminated by little imagination and less poetry; but,carefully catalogued and neatly sorted in her large cool brain,they were always as accessible as the volumes in an up-to-datepublic library.
To Nick there was something reposeful in this lucid intellectualcuriosity. He wanted above all things to get away fromsentiment, from seduction, from the moods and impulses andflashing contradictions that were Susy. Susy was not a greatreader: her store of facts was small, and she had grown upamong people who dreaded ideas as much as if they had been acontagious disease. But, in the early days especially, whenNick had put a book in her hand, o cheap ghd air r read a poem to her, herswift intelligence had instantly shed a new light on thesubject, and, penetrating to its depths, had extracted from themwhatever belonged to her. What a pity that this exquisiteinsight, this intuitive discrimination, should for the most parthave been spent upon reading the thoughts of vulgar people, andextracting a profit from them–should have been wasted, sinceher childhood, on all the hideous intricacies of “managing”!
And visible beauty–how she cared for that too! He had notguessed it, or rather he had not been sure of it, till the daywhen, on their way through Paris, he had taken her to theLouvre, and they had stood before the little Crucifixion ofMantegna. He had not been looking at the picture, or watchingto see what impression it produced on Susy. His own momentarymood was for Correggio a ghd straighteners nd Fragonard, the laughter of the MusicLesson and the bold pagan joys of the Antiope; and then he hadmissed her from his side, and when he came to where she stood,forgetting him, forgetting everything, had seen the glare ofthat tragic sky in her face, her trembling lip, the tears on herlashes. That was Susy ….
Closing his book he stole a glance at Coral Hicks’s profile,thrown back against the cushions of the deck-chair at his side.
There was something harsh and bracing in her blunt primitivebuild, in the projection of the black eyebrows that nearly metover her thick straight nose, and the faint barely visible blackdown on her upper lip. Some miracle of will-power, combinedwith all the artifices that wealth can buy, had turned the fatsallow girl he remembered into this commanding young woman,almost handsome at times in cheap ghd straighteners £50 disputably handsome–in her bigauthoritative way. Watching the arrogant lines of her profileagainst the blue sea, he remembered, with a thrill that wassweet to his vanity, how twice–under the dome of the Scalzi andin the streets of Genoa–he had seen those same lines soften athis approach, turn womanly, pleading an cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery d almost humble. Thatwas Coral ….
Suddenly she said, without turning toward him: “You’ve had noletters since you’ve been on board.”He looked at her, surprised. “No–thank the Lord!” he laughed.
“And you haven’t written one either,” she continued in her hardstatistical tone.
“No,” he again agreed, with the same laugh.
“That means that you really are free–“”Free?”He saw the cheek nearest him redden. “Really off on a holiday,I mean; not tied down.” After a pause he rejoined: “No, I’mnot particularly tied Cheap GHD Straighteners cheap ghd straighteners down.””And your book?””Oh, my book–” He stopped and considered. He had thrust ThePageant of Alexander into his handbag on the night of his Bightfrom Venice; but since then he had never looked at it. Too manymemories and illusions were pressed between its pages; and heknew just at what page he had felt Ellie Vanderlyn bending overhim from behind, caught a whiff of her scent, and heard herbreathless “I had to thank you!””My book’s hung up,” he said impatiently, annoyed with MissHicks’s lack of tact. There was a girl who never put outfeelers ….
“Yes; I thought it was,” she went on quietly, and he gave her astartled glance. What the devil else did she think, hewondered? He had never supposed her capable of getting farenough out of her own thick carapace of self-sufficiency topenetrate into any one else’s feelings.
“The ghd straighteners trut

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