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„I wish to leaf to-morrow.“
„If I can get the crew together, I might make it. But say, l ghd outlet et’s not hang out here in this run of darkness. Come over to the grog shop yonder where we can sit down.“
To my relief, for my curiosity was fully aroused–Dr. Schermerhorn’s movements are usually productive–this proposal was vetoed.
„No, no!“ cried the Doctor, with some haste, „this iss well! Somebody might oferhear.“
The huge figure stirred into an attitude of close attention. After a pause the falsetto asked deliberately:
„Where we goin‘?“
„I brefer not to say.“
„H’m! How long a cruise?“
„I want to rent your schooner and your crew as-long-as I-please-to remain.“
„H’m! How long’s that likely to be?“
„Maybe a few months; maybe seferal years.“
„H’m! Unknown port; unknown cruise. See here, anything crooked in this?“
„No, no! Not at all! It iss simply business of my own.“
„Not that I care,“ commented the other easily, „only ghd straighteners risks is worth paying for.“
„There shall not be risk.“
„Pearls likely?“ hazarded the other, without much heed to the assurance. „Them Jap gunboats is getting pretty hard to dodge of late years. However, I’ve dodged ‚em before.“
„Now as to pay–how mooch iss your boat worth?“
I could almost follow the man’s thoughts as cheap ghd straighteners he pondered how much he dared ask.
„Well, you see, for a proposition like that–don’t know where we’re going, when we’re going to get back,–and them gunboats–how would a hundred and twenty-five a month strike you?“
„Double it up. I want you to do ass I say, and I will also give your crew double wages. Bud I want goot men, who will stay, and who will keep the mouth shut.“
„Gosh all fish-hooks! They’d go to hell with you for that!“
„Now you can get all you want of Adams & Marsh. Tell them it iss for me, Bro cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery visions for three years, anyhow. Be ready to sail to-morrow.“
„Tide turns at eight in the evening.“
„I will send some effects in the morning.“
The master hesitated.
„That’s all right, Doctor, but how do I know it’s all right? Maybe by mor cheap ghd wide plate straighteners ning you’ll change your mind.“
„That cannot be. My plans are all—-“
„It’s the usual thing to pay something—-“
„Ach, but yes. I haf forgot. Darrow told me. I will make you a check. Let us go to the table of which you spoke.“
They moved away, still talking. I did not dare follow them into the light, for I feared that the Doctor would recognise me. I’d have given my eye teeth, though, to have gathered the name of the schooner, or that of her master. As it was, I hung around until the two had emerged from the corner saloon. They paused outside, still talking earnestly. I ventured a hasty interview with the bar-keeper.
„Did you notice the two men who were si ghd straighteners tting at the middle table?“ I asked him.
„Sure!“ said he, shoving me my glass of beer.
„Know them?“ I inquired.
„Never laid eyes on ‚em before. Old chap looked like a sort of corn doctor or corner spell-binder. Other was probably one of these longshore abalone men.“
„Thanks,“ I muttered, and dodged out again, leaving the beer untouched.
I cursed myself for a blunderer. When I got to the street the two men had disappeared. I should have shadowed the captain to his vessel.
The affair interest Cheap GHD Straighteners ed me greatly. Apparently Dr. Schermerhorn was about to go on a long voyage. I prided myself on being fairly up to date in regard to the plans of those who interested the public; and the public at that time was vastly interested in Dr. Schermerhorn. I, in common with cheap ghds the rest of the world, had imagined him anchored safely in Philadelphia, immersed in chemical research. Here he bobbed up at the other end of the continent, making shady bargains with obscure shipping captains, and paying a big premium for absolute secrecy. It looked good.
Accordingly I was out early the next morning. I had not much to go by; schooners are as plenty as tadpoles in San Francisco harbour. However, I was sure I could easily recognise that falsetto voice; and I knew where the supplies were to be purchased. Adams & Marsh are a large firm, and cautious. I knew better than to make direct inquiries, or to appear in the salesroom. But by hanging around the door of the shipping room I soon had track of the l Cheap ghds arge orders to be sent that day. In this manner I had no great difficulty in following a truck to Pier 10, nor to identify a consignment to Captain Ezra Selover as probably that of which I was in search.
The mate was in charge of the stowage, so I could not be quite sure. Here, however, was a schooner–of about a hundred and fifty tons burden. I looked her over.
You’re all acquainted with the _Laughing Lass_ and the perfection of her lines. You have not known her under Captain Ezra Selover. She was the cleanest ship I ever saw. Don’t know how he accomplished it, with a crew of four and the cook; but he did. The deck looked as though it had been holystoned every morning by a crew of jackies; the stays were whipped and tarred, the mast new-slushed, and every foot of running gear coiled down shipshape and Bristol fashion. There was a good deal of brass about her; it shone like gold, and I don’t believe she owned an inch of paint that wasn’t either fresh or new-scrubbed.
I gazed for some time at this marvel. It’s unusual enough anywhere, but aboard a California hooker it is little short of miraculous. The crew had all turned up, appar cheap ghd air ently, and a swarm of stevedores were hustling every sort of provisions, supplies, stock, spars, lines and canvas down into the hold. It was a rush job, and that mate was having his hands full. I didn’t wonder at his language nor at his looks, both of which were somewhat mussed up. Then almost at my elbow I heard that shrill falsetto squeal, and turned just in time to see the captain ascend the after gangplank.
He was probably the most dishevelled and untidy man I ever laid my eyes on. His hair and beard were not only long, but tangled and unkempt, and grew so far toward each other as barely to expose a strip of dirty cheap ghd straighteners £50 brown skin. His shoulders were bowed and enormous. His arms hung like a gorilla’s, palms turned slightly outwards. On his head was jammed a linen boating hat that had once been white; gaping away from his hairy chest was a faded dingy checked cotton shirt that had once been brown and white; his blue trousers were spotted and splashed with dusty stains; he was chewing tobacco. A figure more in contrast to the exqui heap ghd hair straighteners uk sitely neat vessel it would be hard to imagine.
The captain mounted the gangplank with a steadiness that disproved my first suspicion of his having been on a drunk. He glanced aloft, cast a speculative eye on the stevedores trooping across the waist of the ship, and ascended to the quarter-deck where the mate stood leaning over the rail and uttering directed curses from between sweat-beaded lips. There the big man roamed aimlessly on what seemed to be a tour of casual inspection. Once he stopped to breathe on the brass binnacle and to rub it bright with the dirtiest red bandana handkerchief I ever want to see.
His actions amused me. The discrepancy between his personal habits and his particularity in the matter of his surroundings was exceedingly interesting. I have often noticed that such discrepancies seem to indicate exc cheap ghd flat iron eptional characters. As I watched him, his whole frame stiffened. The long gorilla arms contracted, the hairy head sunk forward in the tenseness of a serpent ready to strike. He uttered a shrill falsetto shriek that brought to a standstill every stevedore on the job; and sprang forward to seize his mate by, the shoulder.
Evidently the grasp hurt. I can believe it might, from those huge hands. The man wrenched himself about with an oath of inquiry and pain. I could hear one side of what followed. The captain’s high-pitched tones carried clearly; but the grumble and growl of the mate were indistinguishable at that distance.
„How far is it to the side of the ship, you hound of hell?“ shrieked the captain.
Mumble–surprised–for an answer. ③

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