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„Well, I’ll tell you, you _swab_! It’s just two fathom from where you stand. Just two fathom! How long would it take you to walk there? How long? Just about six seconds! There and back! You–“ I won’t bother with all the epithets, although by now I know Captain Selover’s vocabulary fairly well. „And you couldn’t take six seconds off to spit over the side! Couldn’t walk two fathom! Had to spit on my quarter-deck, did you!“
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„No, by God, you won’t call up any of the crew. You’ll get a swab and do it yourself. You’ll get a _hand_ swab and get down on your knees, damn you! I’ll teach you to be lazy!“
The mate said something again.
„It don’t matter if we ain’t under way. That has nothing to do with it. The quarter-deck is clean, if the waist ain’t, and nobody but a damn misbegotten son-of-a-sea-lawyer would spit on deck anyhow!“ From this Captain Selover went on into heap ghd hair straighteners uk a good old-fashioned deep-sea „cussing out,“ to the great joy of the stevedores.
The mate stood it pretty well, but there comes a time when further talk is useless even in regard to a most heinous offense. And, of course, as you know, the mate could hardly consider himself very seriously at fault. Why, the ship was not yet at sea, and in all the clutter of charging. He began to answer back. In a moment it was Cheap ghds a quarrel. Abruptly it was a fight. The mate marked Selover beneath the le ghd outlet ft eye. The captain with beautiful simplicity crushed his antagonist in his gorilla-like squeeze, carried him to the side of the vessel, and dropped him limp and beaten to the pier. And the mate was a good stout specimen of a sea-farer, too.
Then the captain rushed below, emerging after an instant with a chest which he flung after his subordinate. It was followed a moment later by a stream of small stuff,–mingled with language–projected through an open port-hole. This in turn ceased. The captain reappeared with a pail and brush, scrubbed feverishly at the offending spot, mopped it dry with that same old red bandana handkerchief, glared about him,–and abruptly became as serene and placid as a noon calm. He took up the direction of the stevedore ghd straighteners s. It was all most astounding.
Nobody paid any attention to the mate. He looked toward the ship once or twice, thought better of it, and began to pick up his effects, muttering savagely. In a moment or so he threw his chest aboard an outgoing truck and departed.
It was now nearly noon a cheap ghd wide plate straighteners nd I was just in the way of going for something to eat, when I caught sight of another dray laden with boxes and crated affairs which I recognised as scientific apparatus. It was followed in quick succession by three others. Ignorant as I was of the requirements of a scientist, my common sense told me this could be no exploring outfit. I revised my first intention of going to the club, and bought a sandwich or two at the corner coffee house. I don’t know why, but even then the affair seemed big with mystery, with the portent of tragedy. P ghd straighteners erhaps the smell of tar was in my nostrils and the sea called. It has always possessed for me an extraordinary allurement—-
A little after two o’clock a cab drove to the after gangplank and stopped. From it alighted a young man of whom I shall later have occasion to tell you more, followed by Dr. Schermerhorn. The young man carried only a light leather „serviette,“ such as students use abroad; while the doctor fairly staggered under the weight of a square, brass-bound chest without handles. The singularity of this unequal division of labour struck me at once.
It struck also one of the dock men, who ran forward, eager for a tip.
„Kin I carry th‘ box for you, boss?“ he asked, at the same time reaching for it.
The doctor’s thin figure seemed fairly to shrink at the idea.
„No, no!“ he cried. „It iss not for you to carry!“ cheap ghd straighteners
He hastened up the gangplank, clutching the chest close. At the top Captain Selover met him.
„Hello, doctor,“ he squeaked. „Here in good time. We’re busy, you see. Let me carry your chest for you.“
„No, no!“ Dr. Schermerhorn fairly glared.
„It’s almighty heavy,“ insisted the captain. „Let me give you a hand.“
„You must not _touch!_“ emphatically ordered the scientist. „Where iss the cabin?“
He disappeared down the companionway clasping his precious load. The young man remained on deck to superintend the stowing of the scientific goods and the personal baggage.
All this time I had been thinking busily. I remembered distinctly one other instance when Dr. Schermerhorn had disappeared. He came back inscrutably, but within a week his results on aerial photography were public property. I told myself that in the present insta cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery nce his lavish use of money, the elaborate nature of his preparations, the evident secrecy of the expedition as evidenced by the fact that he had negotiated for the vessel only the day before setting sail, the importance of personal supervision as proved by the fact that he–notoriously impractical in practical matters, and notoriously disliking anything to do with business–had conducted the affair himself instead of delegating it,–why; gentlemen, don’t you see that all this was more than enough to wake me up, body and soul? Suddenly I came to a definite resolution. Captain Selover had descended to the pier. I approached him.
„You need a mate,“ said I.
He looked me over.
„Perhaps,“ he admitted. „Where’s your man?“
„Right here,“ said I.
His eyes widened a l Cheap GHD Straighteners ittle. Otherwise he showed no sign of surprise. I cursed my c cheap ghds lothes.
Fortunately I had my master’s certificate with me–I’d passed fresh-water on the Great Lakes–I always carry that sort of document on the chance that it may come handy. It chanced to have a couple of naval endorsements, results of the late war.
„Look here,“ I said before I gave it to him. „You don’t believe in me. My clothes are too good. That’s all right. They’re all I have that are good. I’m broke. I came down here wondering whether I’d better throw myself in the drink.“
„You look like a dude,“ he squeaked. „Where did you ever ship?“
I handed him my certificate. The endorsements from Admiral Keays and Captain Arnold impressed him. He stared at me again, and a gleam of cunning crept into his eyes.
„Nothing crooked about this?“ he breathed softly.
I had the key to this side of his character. You remember I had overheard the night before his statement of hi cheap ghd air s mora cheap ghd flat iron l scruples. I said nothing, but looked knowing.
„What was it?“ he murmured. „Plain desertion, or something worse?“
I remained inscrutable. ③

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