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had all been a mistake fromthe beginning, that we couldn’t keep it up, and had betterrecognize the fact; and he went off on the Hickses’ yacht. Thelast evening that you were in Venice–the day he didn’t comeback to dinner–he had gone off to Gen Cheap GHD Straighteners oa to meet them. Isuppose he intends to marry Coral.”Strefford received this in silence. “Well–it was your bargain,wasn’t it?” he said at length.
“Yes; but–“”Exactly: I always told you so. You weren’t ready to have himgo yet–that’s all.”She flushed to the forehead. “Oh, Streff–is it really all?””A question of time? If you doubt it, I’d like to see you try,for a while, in those two rooms without a servant; a cheap ghds nd then letme hear from you. Why, my dear, it’s only a question of time ina palace, with a steam yacht lying off the door-step, and aflock of motors in the garage; look around you and see. And didyou ever imagine that you and Nick, of all people, were going toescape the common doom, and survive like Mr. and Mrs. Tithonus,while all about you the eternal passions were crumbling topieces, and your native Divorce-states piling up theirrevenues?”She sat with bent head, the weight of the long years to comepressing like a leaden load on her shoulders.
“But I’m so young … life’s so long. What does last, then?””Ah, you’re too young to believe me, if I were to tell you;though you’re intelligent enough to understand.””What does, then?””Why, the hold of the things we all think we could do without.
Habits–they outstand the Pyram Cheap ghds ids. Comforts, luxuries, theatmosphere of ease … above all, the power to get away fromdulness and monotony, from constraints and uglinesses. Youchose that power, instinctively, before you were even grown up;and so did Nick. And the only difference between you is thathe’s had the sense to see sooner than you that those are thethings that last, the prime necessities.””I don’t believe it!””Of course you don’t: at your age one doesn’t reason one’smaterialism. And besides you’re mortally hurt that Nick hasfound out sooner than you, and hasn’t disguised his discoveryunder any hypocritical phrases.””But surely there are people–“”Yes–saints and geniuses and heroes: all the fanatics! Towhich of their categories do you suppose we soft people belong?
And the heroes and the geniuses–haven’t they their enormousfrailties and thei cheap ghd flat iron r giant appetites? And how should we escapebeing the victims of our little ones?”She sat for a while without speaking. “But, Streff, how can yousay such things, when I know you care: care for me, forinstance!””Care?” He put his hand on hers. “But, my dear, it’s just thefugitiveness of mortal caring that makes it so exquisite! It’sbecause we know we can’t hold fast to it, or to each other, orto anything ….””Yes … yes … but hush, please! Oh, don’t say it!” Shestood up, the tears in her throat, and he rose also.
“Come along, then; where do we lunch?” he said with a smile,slipping his hand through her arm.
“Oh, I don’t know. Nowhere. I think I’m going back toVersailles.””Because I’ve disgusted you so deeply? Just my luck–when ghd outlet Icame over to ask you to marry me!”She laughed, but he had become suddenly grave. “Upon my cheap ghd straighteners soul, Idid.””Dear Streff! As if–now–“”Oh, not now–I know. I’m aware that even with your accelerateddivorce methods–“”It’s not that. I told you it was no use, Streff–I told youlong ago, in Venice.”He shrugged ironically. “It’s not Streff who’s asking you now.
Streff was not a marrying man: he was only trifling with you.
The present offer comes from an elderly peer of independentmeans. Think it over, my dear: as many days out as you like, andfive footmen kept. There’s not the least hurry, of course; butI rather think Nick himself would advise it.”She flushed to the temples, remembering that Nick had; and theremembrance made Strefford’s sneering philosophy seem lessunbearable. Why should she not lunch with him, after all? Inthe first days of his mourning he had come to Paris expressly tosee her, and to offer her one ghd straighteners of the oldest names and one of thegreatest fortunes in England. She thought of Ursula Gillow,Ellie Vanderlyn, Violet Melrose, of their condescendingkindnesses, their last year’s dresses, their Christmas cheques,and all the careless bounties that were so easy to bestow and sohard to accept. “I should rather enjoy paying them back,”something in her maliciously murmured.
She did not mean to marry Strefford–she had not even got as faras contemplating the possibility of a divorce but it wasundeniable that this sudden prospect of wealth and freedom waslike fresh air in her lungs. She laughed again, but now withoutbitterness.
“Very good, then; we’ll lunch together. But it’s Streff I wantto lunch with to-day.””Ah, well,” her companion agreed, “I rather think that for atete-a-tete he’s better company.”During their repast in cheap ghd air a little restaurant over the Seine, whereshe insisted on the cheapest dishes because she was lunchingwith “Streff,” he became again his old whimsical companionableself. Once or twice she tried to turn the t cheap ghd wide plate straighteners alk to his alteredfuture, and the obligations and interests that lay before him;but he shrugged away from the subject, questioning her insteadabout the motley company at Violet Melrose’s, and fitting adroll or malicious anecdote to each of the people she named.
It was not till they had finished their coffee, and she wasglancing at her watch with a vague notion of taking the nexttrain, heap ghd hair straighteners uk that he asked abruptly: “But what are you going to do?
You can’t stay forever at Violet’s.””Oh, no!” she cried with a shiver.
“Well, then–you’ve got some plan, I suppose?””Have I?” she wondered, jerked back into grim reality from t ghd straighteners hesoothing interlude of their hour together.
“You can’t drift indefinitely, can you? Unless you mean to goback to the old sort of life once for all.”She reddened and her eyes filled. “I can’t do that, Streff–Iknow I can’t!””Then what–?”She hesitated, and brought out with lowered head: “Nick said hewould write again–in a few days. I must wait–“”Oh, naturally. Don’t do anything in a hurry.” Strefford alsoglanced at his watch. “Garcon, l’addition! I’m taking thetrain back to-night, and I’ve a lot of things left to do. Butlook here, my dea cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery r–when you come to a decision one way or theother let me know, will you? Oh, I don’t mean in the matterI’ve most at heart; we’ll consider that closed for the present.
But at least I can be of use in other ways–hang it, you know, Ican even lend you money. There’s a new sensation for our jadedpalates!””Oh, Streff … Streff!” she could only falter; and he pressedon gaily: “Try it, now do try it–I assure you there’ll be nointerest to pay, and no conditions attached. And promise to letme know when you’ve decided anything. “She looked into his humorously puckered eyes, answering. Theirfriendly smile with hers.
“I promise!” she said.
Chapter 15
THAT hour with Strefford had altered her whole perspective.
Instead of cheap ghd straighteners £50 possible dependence, an enforced return to the oldlife of connivances and concessions, she saw before her–whenever she chose to take them–freedom, power and dignity.
Dignity! It was odd what weight that word had come to have forher. She had dimly felt its significance, felt the need of itspresence in her inmost soul, even in the young thoughtless dayswhen she had seemed to

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