The Energy-saving Measures for New Industrial Dryer

Industrial dryer has become more and more popular with the growing needs of mining industry. The drum dryer is one of the traditional industrial drying equipments, according to the usage, it can be classified into coal dryer, slurry dryer, shape-coal drying equipment. Rotary dryer industry will focus on technology, product quality, service and price in the competitiveness. More and more people pay attention to quality, corrosion resistant materials of rotary dryer and use reliable performance. The energy-saving measures for new dryer will be the focus of the special attention for the user.

The following methods of energy-saving for new dryer:

1. Drying material flow speed is too fast to control, we may add a few sets of X-shaped center lifting plate, but we must take into account the ventilation and exhaust gas temperature; If the conditions are not allowed, the retention ring set and location should depend on the circumstances. However, the disadvantage is that the front part of retention ring of the cylinder is easy wear, in that case, we can choose wear-resistant material or thickening in this region of the plate.

2. Transform the dryer tail at low temperature drying at about 1/3 of the L-shaped lifting plate. Generally, L-shaped lifting plate is vertical fixed in 90 °, and the plates around can be welded in 30 °, 90 °, 120 ° angle respectively; Thus, the spreading area enlarges by industrial dryer rotating. Consequently, the heat exchange rate is higher; Be noted that the transformation of the industrial dryer should consider comprehensively. If the ventilation is good, the exhaust gas temperature is over 100 ° C, we can add a few X-shaped center sets. On the contrary, if poor ventilation, the exhaust gas temperature is below 70 ° C, we need to reduce groups of the X-shaped lifting plate center; It is very important to control exhaust gas temperature. When temperature is too high, on the one hand, it will cause high energy consumption, on the other hand it will burn the dust bag; The other way around, it will cause a bag paste, which affects ventilation, and makes production decline, severe dust internal component corrosion and high maintenance costs.

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