Virgin Mobile Offers Prepaid iPhone 4S 67

Virgin Mobile just added the iPhone 4S to its lineup of no-contract phones, for low monthly prepaid fees. This is the iPhone with Siri, iOS 5 and iCloud, some of the latest features available on Apple iPhones. The iPhone available on Virgin will cost more than you will pay on a two-year contract from one of the big three carriers – Sprint, Verizon or AT&T – but you’ll pay much, much less per month using the Virgin plans. With Virgin Mobile, since there is no contract, you pay per month, and can cancel at any time. Plans start at just $35, but this can be misleading, the $35 plan gives you only 300 minutes of talk time. You can upgrade however to 1200 minutes for $45 a month, and unlimited talk time for $55. In addition, while the plan supposedly has unlimited data, if you go over a certain gigabyte usage, Virgin will slow your service down (called “throttling”). At least they are up front about that when you sign up, which not all of the carriers are. However, nearly all of the carriers now use throttling to stop high volume data users from making the networks run at a snail pace.luoqiyin666

Along with unlimited data you also get unlimited texts, which is as it should be, since texting is the cheapest service for a carrier to offer. Now, we aren’t here to be a big cheerleader for Virgin or anything, but we will say that as compared to some of the other no-contract companies, their customer support is pretty good, and getting a phone up and running and activated is an easy process on Virgin. Using the iPhone on Virgin, you are actually using the Sprint Network. While some customers have had service problems, here on the East Coast we haven’t experienced too many drops or outages. One thing about the Sprint network is that it isn’t 4G LTE yet, but then, the Apple iPhone 4S isn’t 4G capable anyway. A lot of users swear by the iPhone, and if you simply have to have an iPhone and want to save money, then going with a Virgin no-contract plan is a great way to cut your monthly bills (if you can afford the $600+ up front cost of the phone!). Still, we think the Android phones have a wider variety of features and benefits, so you might shop around before making an expensive purchase like the iPhone 4S.For more information, please visit cheap android phones without contract

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