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Her hands were trembling. But she was surprised how easily it came to her, the brisk voice of the no-nonsense nurse. She pulled the screen around his bed.
“Don’t be silly. cheap ghd straighteners We’ll have them out in a jiff. How did it happen?”
While he explained to her that his job was building runways in the fields of northern France, his eyes kept returning to the steel forceps she had collected from the autoclave. They lay dripping in the blue-edged kidney bowl.
“We’d get going on the job, then Jerry comes over and dumps his load. We drops back, starts all over in another field, then it’s Jerry again and we’re falling back again. Till we fell into the sea.”
She smiled and pulled back his bedcovers. “Let’s have a look, shall we?”
The oil and grime had been washed from his legs to reveal an area below his thigh where pieces of shrapnel were embedded in the flesh. He leaned forward, watching her anxiously.
She said, “Lie back so I can see what’s there.”
“They’re not bo Cheap leopard print ghd thering me or anything.”
“Just lie bac cheap ghds k.”
Several pieces were spread across a twelve-inch area. There was swelling and slight inflammation around each rupture in the skin.
“I don’t mind them, Nurse. I’d be happy leaving them where they are.” He laughed without conviction. “Something to show me grandchildren.”
“They’re getting infect leopard print ghds ed,” she said. “And they could sink.”
“Into your flesh. Into your bloodstream, and get carried to your heart. Or your brain.”
He seemed to believe her. He lay back and sighed at the distant ceiling. “Bloody ’ell. I mean, excuse me, Nurse. I don’t think I’m up to it today.”
“Let’s count them up together, shall we?”
They did so, out loud. Eight. She pushed him gently in the chest.
“They’ve got to come out. Lie back now. I’ll be as quick as I can. If it helps you, grip the bedhead behind you.”
His leg was tensed and tremb ghd outlet ling as she took the forceps.
“Don’t hold your breath. Try and relax.”
He made a derisive, snorting sound. “Relax!”
She steadied her right ha cheap ghd wide plate straighteners nd with her left. It would have been easier for her to sit on the edge of the bed, but that was unprofessional and strictly prohibited. When she placed her left hand on an unaffected part of his leg, he flinched. She chose the smallest piece she could find on the edge of the cluster. The protruding part was obliquely triangular. She gripped it, paused a second, then pulled it clear, firmly, but without jerking.
The escaped word ricocheted around the ward and seemed to repeat itself several times. There w leopard ghd straighteners as silence, or at least a lowering of sound beyond the screens. Briony still held the bloody metal fragment between her forceps. It was three quarters of an inch long an ghd straighteners d narrowed to a point. Purposeful steps were approaching. She dropped the shrapnel into the kidney bowl as Sister Drummond whisked the screen aside. She was perfectly calm as she glanced at the foot of the bed to take in the man’s name and, presumably, his condition, then she stood over him and gazed into his face.
“How dare you,” the sister said quietly. And then again, “How dare you speak that way in front of one of my nurses.”
“I beg your pardon, Sister. It just came out.”
Sister Drummond looked with disdain into the bowl. “Compared to what we’ve admitted these past few hours, Airman Young, your injuries are superficial. So you’ll consider yourself lucky. And you’ll show some courage worthy of your uniform. Carry on, Nurse Tallis.”
Into the silence that followed her departure, Briony said brightly, “We’ll get on, s heap ghd hair straighteners uk hall we? Only seven to go. When it’s over cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery , I’ll bring you a measure of brandy.”
He sweated, his whole body shook, and his knuckles turned white round the i cheap ghd air ron bedhead, but he did not make a sound as she continued to pull the pieces clear.
“You know, you can shout, if you want.”
But he didn’t want a second visit from Sister Drummond, and Briony understood. She was saving the largest until last. It did not come clear in one stroke. He bucked on the b cheap ghd straighteners £50 ed, and hissed through his clenched teeth. By the second attempt, the shrapnel stuck out two inches from his flesh. She tugged it clear on the third try, and held it up for him, a gory four-inch stiletto of irregular steel.
He stared at it in wonder. “Run him under the tap, Nurse. I’ll take him home.” Then he turned into the pillow and began to sob. It may have been the w cheap ghd flat iron ord home, as well as the pain. She slipped away to get his brandy, and stopped in the sluice to be sick.
For a long time she undressed, washed and dressed the more superficial of the wounds. Then came the order she was dreading.
“I want you to g http://leopardprintghds.weebly.com/ o and dress Private Latimer’s face.” ③

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