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“Dr. Trendon is right,” said Barnett. “Whatever happened–and God only knows what it could have been–it heap ghd hair straighteners uk happened just after the squall.”
“Just about the time of the strange glow,” cried Ives.
It was decided that two men and a petty officer should be sent aboard the _Lau Cheap ghds ghing Lass_ to make her fast with a cable, and remain on boa rd over night. But when the order was given the men hun cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery g back. One of them protested brokenly that he was sick. Trendon, after examination, reported to the captain.
“Case of blue funk, sir. Might as well be sick. Good for noth ghd outlet ing. Others aren’t much better.”
“Who was to be in charge?”
“Congdon,” replied the doctor, naming one of the petty officers.
“He’s my coxswain,” said Captain Parkinson. “A first-class man. I can hardly believe that he is afraid. We’ll see.”
Congdon was sent for.
“You’re ordered aboard the schooner for the night, Congdon,” said the captain.
“Yes, sir.”
“Is there any reason why you do not wish to go?”
The man hesitated, looking miserable. Finally he blurted out, not without a certain digni ghd straighteners ty:
“I obey orders, sir.”
“Speak out, my man,” urged cheap ghd straighteners the captain kindly.
“Well, sir: it’s Mr. Edwards, then. You couldn’t scare him off a ship, sir, unless it cheap ghds was something–something—-”
He stopped, failing of the word.
“You know what Mr. Edwards was, sir, for pluck,” he concluded.
“_Was_!” cried the captain sharply. “What do you mean?
“The schooner got him, sir. You don’t make no doubt of that, do you, sir?” The man s cheap ghd air poke in a hushed voice, with a shrinking glance back of him.
“Will you go aboard under Mr. Ives?”
“Anywhere my officer goes I’ll go, and gladly, sir.”
Ives was sent aboard in charge. For tha ghd straighteners t night, in a light breeze, the two ships lay close together, the schooner riding jauntily astern. But not until morning illumined the world of waters did the _Wolverine_’s people feel confident that the _Laughing Lass_ would not vanish away from their ken like a shape o cheap ghd straighteners £50 f the mist.
Part 1 Chapter 5 The Disappearance
When Barnett come on deck very early in the mor cheap ghd flat iron ning of June 7th, he found Dr. Trendon al Cheap GHD Straighteners ready up and staring moodily out at the _Laughing Lass_. As the night was calm the tow had made fair time toward their port in the Hawaiian group. The surgeon was muttering something which seemed to Barnett to be in a foreign tongue.
“Thought out any clue, doctor?” asked the first officer.
“_Petit Chel_–Pshaw! _Jolie Celimene!_ No,” muttered Trendon. “_Marie–Marie_–I’ve got it! The _Marie Celeste_.”
“Got w cheap ghd wide plate straighteners hat? What about her?”③

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