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Captain Selover grinned.
„What did you do?“ he asked.
„Hazed him to his quarters with a belaying pin.“
„Well, that’s all settled then, isn’t it? What more do you want?“
I stood u nike air max 95 ndecided.
„I can take care of myself,“ he went on. „You ought to t nike air max sale ake care of yourself. Then there’s nothing more to do.“
He mused a moment.
„You have a gun, of course?“ he inquired. „I forgot to ask.“
„No,“ said I.
He whistled.
„Well, no nike air max 90 sale wonder you feel sort of lost and hopeless! Here, take this, it’ll make a man of you.“
He gave me a Colt’s 45, the barrel of which had been filed down to about two inches of length. It was a m cheap nike air max trainers ost extraordinary weapon, but effective at short range.
„Here’s a few loose cartridges,“ said he. „Now go easy. This is no warship, and we ain’t got men to experiment on. Lick ‚em with your fists air max 95 or a pin, if you can; and if you do shoot, for God’s sake just wing ‚em a little. They’re awful good lads, but a little restless.“
I took the gun and felt better. With it I could easily handle the members of my own watch, and I did not doubt that with the assistance of Pe nike air max classic rcy Darrow even a surprise would hardly overwhelm us. I did not count on Dr. Schermerhorn. He was quite capable of losing himself in a problem of trajectory after the first shot.
Part 2 Chapter 6 The Island
I came on deck one morning at about four bells to find the entire ship’s company afoot. Even the doctor was there. Everybody was gazing eagerly at a cheap air max 95 narrow, mountainou cheap nike air max 95 s island lying slate-coloured across the early morning.
We were as yet some twenty miles distant from it, and could make out nothing but its general outline. The latter was sharply defined, rising and falling to a highest point one side of the middle. Over the island, and raggedly clasping its sides, hung a cloud, the only one visible in the sky.
I cheap nike air max joined the afterguard.
„You see?“ the doctor was exclaim nike air max 1 ing. „It iss as I haf said. The island iss there. Everything iss as it should be!“ He was quite excited.
Percy Darrow, too, was shaken out of his ordinary calm.
„The volcano is active,“ was his only comment, but it explained the ragged cloud.
„You say there’s a harbour?“ i cheap nike air max nquired Captain Selover.
„It should be on the west end,“ said Dr. Schermerhorn.
Captain Selover drew me one side. He, too w nike air max as a little aroused.
„Now wouldn’t that get you?“ he squeaked. „Doctor runs up against a Norwegian bum who tells him about a volcanic island, and gives its bearings. The island ain’t on the map at all. Doctor believes it, and makes me lay my course for those bearings. _And here’s the island_! So the bum’s story was true! I’d like to know what the rest of it was!“ His eyes were shining.
„Do we anchor or stand off and on?“ I as nike air max 90 ked.
Captain Selover turned to grip me by the shoulder.
„I have orders from Darrow to get to a good berth, to land, to build shore quarters, and to snug down for a stay of a year at least!“
We stared at each other. ③

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