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“Well I do,” pursued the man with the steel hook, “and it’s just the whole of nothing, and you can kiss the Boo cheap ghd straighteners k on that too! There ain’t any gold output, because there ain’t any mines, and there never have been. They made their gold.”
He tossed aside a book he had been holding in his left hand. I recognised the f http://leopardprintghds.org.uk/ at little paper duodecimo with amusement, and some wonder. The only other copy I had ever laid my eyes on is in the Astor Library. It is somewhat of a rarity, called _The Secret of Alchemy, or the Grand Doctrine of Transmutation Fully Explained_, and was written by a Dr. Edward Duvall,–a most extraordinary volume to have fallen into the h cheap ghds ands of seamen.
I stepped forward, greeting and being greeted. Besides the man I have mentioned they were four. The cook was a bullet-headed squat negro with a broken nose. I believe he had a name,–Robinson, or something of that sort. He was to all of us, simply the Nigger. Unlike most of his race, he was gloomy and taciturn.
Of the other two, a little white-faced, thin-chested youth named Pulz, and a villainous-looking Mexican called Perdosa, I shall have more to say later.
My arrival broke the talk on alchemy. It resumed its course in ghd outlet the direction of our voyage. Each discovered that the others knew nothing; and each blundered against the astounding fact of double wages.
“All I know is the pay’s good; and that’s enough,” concluded Thrackles, from a bunk.
“The pay’s too good,” growled Handy Solomon.
“This ain cheap ghd air ‘t no job to go look at the ‘clipse of the moon, or the devil’s a preacher!”
“W’at you maik heem, den?” queried Perdosa.
“It’s treasure, of course,” said Handy Solomon shortly.
“He, he, he!” laughed the negro, without mirth.
“What’s the matter with you, Doctor?” demanded Thrackles.
“Treasure!” repeated the Nigger. “You see dat box he done carry so cairful? You see dat?”
A pause ensued. Somebody scratched a match and lit a pipe.
“No, I don’t see that!” broke out Thrackles finally, with some impatience. “I _sabe_ how a man goes after treasure with a box; but why should he take treasure away in a box? What do you think, Bucko?” he suddenly appealed to me. Rare ghd
I looked up from my investigation of the empty berths.
“I don’t think much about it,” I replied, “except that by the look of the stores we’re due f heap ghd hair straighteners uk or more than Honolulu; and from the look of the light we’d better turn to on deck.”
An embarrassed pause fell.
“Who are you, anyway?” bluntly demanded the man with the steel hook.
“My name is Eagen,” I replied; “I’ve the berth of mate. Which of these bunks are empty?”
They indicated what I desired with just a trace of sullenness. I understood well enough their resentment at having a ship’s officer quartered on them,–the forec’stle they considered as their only liberty when at sea, and my presence as a curtailment to the freedom of speech. I subsequently did my best to overcome this feeling, but never quite succeeded.
At my command the Nigger went to his galley, I ascended to the deck. Dusk was falling, in the swift Californian fashion. Already the outlines of the wharf ho cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery uses were growing indistinct, and the lights of the city were beginning to twinkle. Captain Selover came to my leopard print ghds side and leaned over the rail, peering critically at the black water against the piles.
“She’s at the flood,” he squeaked. “And here comes the Lucy Belle.”
The tug took us in charge and puffed with us down the harbour and through the Golden Gate. We had sweated the canvas on her, even to the flying jib and a huge club topsail she sometimes carried at the main, for the afternoon trades had lost their strength. Ab cheap ghd flat iron out midnight we drew up on the Farallones.
The schooner handled well. Our crew was divided into three watches–an unusual arrangement, but comfortable. Two men could sail her handily in most sorts of weath ghd straighteners er. Handy Solomon had the wheel. Otherwise the deck was empty. The man’s fantastic headgear, the fringe of his curling oily locks, the hawk outline of his face momentarily silhouetted against the phosphorescence astern as he glanced to windward, all lent him an appearance of another day. I could almost imagine I caught the gleam of silver-butted horse pistols and cutlasses at his waist.
I brooded in wonder at what I had seen and how little I had explained. The number of boats, sufficient for a craft of three times the tonnage; the capacity of the forec’stle with its eighteen bunks, enough for a passenger ship,–what di cheap ghd straighteners £50 d cheap ghds it mean? And this wild, unkempt, villainous crew with its master and his almost ridiculous contrast of neatness and filth;–did Dr. Schermerhorn realise to what he had trusted himself and his precious expedition, whatever it might be?
The lights of shore had sunk; the _Laughing Lass_ staggered and leaped joyously with the glory of the open sea. She seemed alone on the bosom of the ocean; and for the life of me I cheap ghd wide plate straighteners could not but feel that I was embarked on some desperate adventure. The notion was utterly illogical; that I knew well. In sober thought, I, a reporter, was shadowing a respectable and venerable scientist, who in turn was probably about to investigate at length some little-known deep-sea conditions or phenomena of an unexplored island. But that did not suffice to my imagination. The ship, its surroundings, its equipment, its crew–all read fantastic. So much the better story, I thought, shrugging my shoulders at last.
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