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“It’s almighty heavy,” insisted the captain. “Let me give you a hand.”
“You must not _touch!_” emphatically ordered the scientist. “Where iss the cabin?”
He disappeared down the companionway clasping his precious load. The young man remained on deck to superintend the stowing of the scientific goods and the per nike canada online sonal baggage.
All this time I had been thinking busily. I remembered distinctly one other instance when Dr. Sche nike air max sale rmerhorn had disappeared. He came back inscrutably, but within a week his results on aerial photography were public property. I told myself that in the present instance his lavish use of money, the elaborate nature of his preparations, the evident secrecy of the expedition as evidenced by the fact that he had negotiated for the vessel only the day before setting sail, the importance of personal supervision as proved by the fact that he–notoriously impractical in practical matters, and notoriously disliking anyth nike air max classic ing to do with business–had conducted the affair himself instead of delegating it,–why; gentlemen, don’t you see that all this was more than enough to wake me up, body and soul? Suddenly I came to cheap nike air max trainers a definite resolution. Captain Selover had descended to the pier. I approached him.
“You need a mate,” said I.
He looked me over.
“Perhaps,” he admitted. “Where’s your man?”
“Right here,” said I.
His eyes widened a little. Otherwise he showed no sign of surprise. I cursed my clothes.
Fortunately I had my master’s certificate with me–I’d passed fresh-water on the Great Lakes–I always carry that sort of document on the chance that it may come handy. It chanced to have a couple of naval endorsements, results of the late war.
“Look here,” I said before I gave it to him. “You don’t believe in me. My clothes are too good. That’s all right. They’re all I have that are good. I’m broke. I came down here wondering whether I’d better throw myself in the drink.”
“You look like a dude,” he squeaked. “Where did you ever ship?”
I h nike canada anded him my cheap nike air max certificate. The endorsements from Admiral Keays and Captain Arnold impressed him. He stared at me again, and a gleam of cunning crept into his eyes.
“Nothing crooked about this?” he breathed softly.
I had the key to this side of his character. You remember I had overheard the night before his statement of his moral scruples. I said nothing, but looked knowing.
“What was it?” he murmured. “Plain desertion, or nike air max 95 something worse?”
I remained inscrutable.
“Well,” he conceded, “I do need a mate; and a naval man–even if he is wantin’ to get out of sight—-”
“He won’t spit on your decks, anyway,” I broke in boldly.
Captain Selover’s hairy face bristled about the mouth. This I subsequently discovered was symptom of a grin.
“You saw that, eh?” he trebled.
“Aren’t you afraid he’ll bring down the police and delay y our sailing?” I asked.
He grinned again, with a cunning twinkle in his eye.
“You needn’t worry. There ain’t goin’ to be any police. He had his advance money, and he won’t risk it by tryin’ to come back.”
We came to an agreement. I professed surprise at the wages. The captain guardedly explained that the expedition was secret.
“What’s our port?” I asked, to test him.
“Our papers are made out fo nike canada store r Honolulu,” he replied.
We adjo nike air max 90 sale urned to sign articles.
“By the way,” said I, “I wish you wouldn’t make them out in my own name. ‘Eagen’ will do.”
“All right,” he laughed, “I _sabe_. Eagen it is.”
“I’ll be aboard at six,” said I. “I’ve got to make some arrangements.”
“Wish you could help with the lading,” said he. “Still, I can get along. Want any advance money?”
“No,” I re cheap nike air max plied; then I remembered that I was supposed to be broke nike air max 1 . “Yes,” I amended.
He gave me ten dollars.
“I guess you’ll show up,” he said. “Wouldn’t do this to everybody. But a naval man–even if he is dodgin’ Uncle Sam—-”
“I’ll be here,” I assured him.
At that time I wore a pointed beard. This I shaved. Also I was accustomed to use eye-glasses. The trouble was merely a slight astigmatism which bothered me only in reading or close inspection. I could get along perfectly well without t nike air max 90 he glasses, so I discarded them. I had my hair cut rather close. When I had put on sea boots, blue trousers and shirt, a pea jacket and a cap I felt quite safe from the recognition of a man like Dr. Schermerhorn. In fact, as you shall see, I hardly spoke to him durin nike air max g all the voyage out.
Promptly at six, then, I returned with a sea chest, bound I knew not whither, to be gone I knew not for how long, and pledged to act as second officer on a little hundred-and-fifty-ton schooner.
Part 2 Chapter 2 The Graven Image. ③

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