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e much less mine.
Hand them over, please, dear.””Just as you like. But it does seem a waste; and, of course,the other people will never have one of them …. The gardenerand Giulietta’s lover will see to that!”Lansing looked away from her at the waves of la cheap air max 1 ce and muslinfrom which she emerged like a rosy Nereid. “How many boxes ofthem are left?””Only four.””Unpack them, please.”Before she moved there was a pause so full of challenge thatLansing had time for an exasperated sense of the disproportionbetween his anger and its cause. And Air Max 1 this made him stillangrier.
She held out a box. “The others are in your suitcasedownstairs. It’s locked and strapped.””Give me the key, then.””We might send them back from Venice, mightn’t we? That lock isso nasty: it will take you half an hour.””Give me the key, please.” She gave it.
He went downstairs and battled with the lock, for the allottedhalf-hour, under the puzzled eyes of Giulietta and the sardon nike air max 1 premium icgrin of the chauffeur, who now and then, from the threshold,politely reminded him how long it would take to get to Milan.
Finally the key turned, and Lansing, broken-nailed andperspiring, extracted the cigars and stalked with them into thedeserted drawing room. The great bunches of golden roses thathe and Susy had gathered the day before were dropping theirpetals on the marble embroidery of the floor, pale camelliasfloated in the alabaster tazzas between the windows, hauntingscents of the garden blew in on him with the breeze from thelake. Never had Streffy’s little house seemed so like a nest ofpleasures. Lansing laid the cigar boxes on a console and ranupstairs to collect his last possessions. When he came downagain, his wife, her eyes brilliant with achievement, was seatedin their borrowed chariot, the luggage cl cheap nike air max 1 everly stowed away, andGiulietta and the gardener kissing her hand and weeping outinconsolable farewells.
“I wonder what she’s given them?” he thought, as he jumped inbeside her and the motor whirled them through the nightingale-thickets to the gate.
Chapter 4
CHARLIE STREFFORD’S villa was like a nest in a rose-bush; theNelson Vanderlyns’ palace called for loftier analogies.
Its vastness and splendour seemed, in comparison, oppressive toSusy. Their landing, after dark, at the foot of the greatshadowy staircase, their dinner at a dimly-lit table under aceiling weighed down with Olympians, their chilly evening in acorner of a drawing room where minuets should have been dancedbefore a throne, contrasted with the happy intimacies of Como astheir sudden sense of disaccord contrasted with the mutualconfidence of the d nike air max 1 ay before.
The journey had been particularly jolly: both Susy and Lansinghad had too long a discipline in the art of smoothing thingsover not to make a special effort to hide from each other theravages of their first disagreement. But, deep down andinvisible, the disagreement remain cheap air max 1 ed; and compunction for havingbeen its cause gnawed at Susy’s bosom as she sat in hertapestried and vaulted bedroom, brushing her hair before atarnished mirror.
“I thought I liked grandeur; but this place is really out ofscale,” she mused, watching the reflection of a pale hand moveback and forward in the dim recesses of the mirror. “And yet,”she continued, “Ellie Vanderlyn’s hardly half an inch tallerthan I am; and she certainly isn’t a bit more dignified …. Iwonder if it’s because I feel so horribly small to-night thatthe place seems nike air max 1 grey so horribly big.”She loved luxury: splendid things always made her feel handsomeand high ceilings arrogant; she did not remember having everbefore been oppressed by the evidences of wealth.
She laid down the brush and leaned her chin on her claspedhands …. Even now she could not understand what had made hertake the cigars. She had always been alive to the value of herinherited scruples: her reasoned opinions were unusually free,but with regard to the thi nike air max 1 black ngs one couldn’t reason about she wasoddly tenacious. And yet she had taken Streffy’s cigars! Shehad taken them–yes, that was the point–she had taken them forNick, because the desire to please him, to make the smallestdetails of his life easy and agreeable and luxurious, had becomeher absorbing preoccupation. She had committed, for him,precisely nike air max 1 leopard the kind of litt nike air max 1 red le baseness she would most havescorned to commit for herself; and, since he hadn’t instantlyfelt the difference, she would never be able to explain it tohim.
She stood up with a sigh, shook out her loosened hair, andglanced around the great frescoed room. The maid-servant hadsaid something about the Signora’s having left a letter for her;and there it lay on the writing-table, with her mail and Nick’s;a thick envelope addressed in Ellie’s childish scrawl, with aglaring “Private” dashed across the corner.
“What on earth can she have to say, when she hates writing so,”Susy mused.
She broke open the envelope, and four or five stamped and sealedletters fell from it. All were nike air max 1 ebay addressed, in Ellie’s hand, toNelson Vanderlyn Esqre; and in the corner of each was faintlypencilled a number and a date: one, two, three, four– nike air max 1 sale with aweek’s interval between the dates.
“Goodness–” gasped Susy, understanding.
She had dropped into an armchair near the table, and for a longtime she sat staring at the numbered letters. A sheet of papercovered with Ellie’s writing had fluttered out among them, butshe let it lie; she knew so well what it would say! She knewall about her friend, of course; except poor old Nelson, whodidn’t, But she had never imagin air max 1 leopard print ed that Ellie would dare to useher in this way. It was unbelievable … she had never picturedanything so vile …. The blood rushed to her face, and shesprang up angrily, half minded to tear the letters in bits andthrow them all into the fire.
She heard her husband’s knock on the door between their rooms,and swept the dangerous packet under the blotting-book.
“Oh, go away, please, there’s a dear,” she called out; “Ihaven’t finished unpacking, and everything’s in such a mess.”Gathering up Nick’s papers and letters, she ran across the roomand thrust them through the door. “Here’s something to keep youquiet,” she laughed, shining in on him an instant from thethreshold.
She turned back feeling weak with shame. Ellie’s letter lay onthe floor: reluctantly she stooped to pick it up, and one byone the expected phrases sprang out at her.
“One good turn deserves another …. Of course you and Nick arewelcome to stay all summer …. There won’t be a particle ofexpense for you–the servants have orders …. If you’ll justbe an angel and post these letters yourself …. It’s been myonly chance for such an age; when we meet I’ll exp laineverything. And in a month at latest I’ll be back to fetchClarissa ….”Susy

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