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ny ground defensible-wouldhave been before his marriage, and before the acceptance of thebounties which had helped to make it possible. He wondered alittle now that in those day tiffany co engagement rings s such scruples had not troubledhim. His inconsistency irritated him, and increased hisirritation against Gillow. “I suppose he thinks he owns us!” hegrumbled inwardly.
He had thrown himself into an armchair, and Susy, advancingacross the shining arabesques of the floor, slid down at hisfeet, pressed her slender length against him, and whispered withlifted face and lips close to his: “We needn’t ever go anywhereyou don’t want to.” For once her submission was sweet, andfolding her close he whispered back through his kiss: “Notthere, then.”In her response to his embrace he felt the acquiescence of herwhole happy self in whatever future he decided on, if only itgave them enough of such moments as this; and as they held eachother fast in silence his doubts and distrust began to seem likea silly injustice.
“Let us stay here tiffany uk sale as long as ever Ellie will let us,” he said,as if the shadowy walls and shining floors were a magic boundarydrawn about his happiness.
She murmured her assent and stood up, stretching her sleepy armabove her shoulders. “How dreadfully late it is …. Will youunhook me? … Oh, there’s a telegram.”She picked it up from the table, and tearing it open stared amoment at the message. “It’s from Ellie. She’s coming to-morrow.”She turned to the window and strayed out onto the balcony. Nickfollowed her with enlacing arm. The canal below them lay inmoonless shadow, barred with a few lingering lights. A lastsnatch of gondola-music came from far off, carried upward on asultry gust.
“Dear old Ellie. All the same … I wish all this belonged toyou and me.” Susy sighed.
Chapter 8
IT was not Mrs. Vanderlyn’s fault if, after her ar tiffany co 925 rival, herpalace seemed to belong any less to the Lansings.
She arrived in a mood of such general benevolence that it wasimpossible for Susy, when they finally found themselves alone,to make her view even her own recent conduct in any but the mostbenevolent light.
“I knew you’d be the veriest angel about it all, darling,because I knew you’d understand me– especially now,” shedeclared, her slim hands in Susy’s, her big eyes (so likeClarissa’s) resplendent with past pleasures and future plans.
The expression of her confidence was unexpectedly distasteful toSusy Lansing, who had never lent so cold an ear to such warmavowals. She had always imagined that being happy one’s selfmade one–as Mrs. Vanderlyn appeared to assume –more tolerantof the happiness of others, of however doubtful elementscomposed; and she was almost cheap tiffany ashamed of responding so languidlyto her friend’s outpourings. But she herself had no desire toconfide her bliss to Ellie; and why should not Ellie observe asimilar reticence?
“It was all so perfect–you see, dearest, I was meant to behappy,” that lady continued, as if the possession of so unusuala characteristic singled her out for special tiffany co outlet fake privileges.
Susy, with a certain sharpness, responded that she had alwayssupposed we all were.
“Oh, no, dearest: not governesses and mothers-in-law andcompanions, and that sort of people. They wouldn’t know how ifthey tried. But you and I, darling–“”Oh, I don’t consider myself in any way exceptional,” Susyintervened. She longed to add: “Not in your way, at anyrate–” but a few minutes earlier Mrs. Vanderlyn had told herthat the palace was at her disposal for the rest of the summe tiffany co bracelet r,and that she herself was only going to perch there–if they’dlet her!–long enough to gather up her things and start for St.
Moritz. The memory of this announcement had the effect ofcurbing Susy’s irony, and of making her shift the conversationto the safer if scarcely less absorbing topic of the number ofday an tiffany co jewelry sale d evening dresses required for a season at St. Moritz.
As she listened to Mrs. Vanderlyn–no less eloquent on thistheme than on the other–Susy began to measure the gulf betweenher past and present. “This is the life I used to lead; theseare the things I used to live for,” she thought, as she stoodbefore the outspread glories of Mrs. Vanderlyn’s wardrobe. Notthat she did not still care: she could not look at Ellie’slaces and silks and furs without picturing herself in them, andwondering by what new miracle of m anagement she could giveherself the air of being dressed by the same consummate artists.
But these had become minor interests: the past few months hadgiven her a new perspective, and the thing that most puzzled anddisconcerted her about Ellie was the fact tha tiffany and co t love and fineryand bridge and dining-out were seemingly all on the same planeto her.
The inspection of the dresses lasted a long time, and was markedby many fluctuations of mood on the part of Mrs. Vanderlyn, whopassed from comparative hopefulness to despair at the totalinadequacy of her wardrobe. It wouldn’t do to go to St. Moritzlooking like a frump, and yet there was no time to get anythingsent from Paris, and, whatever she did, she wasn’t going to showherself in any dowdy re-arrangements done at home. But suddenlylight broke on her, and she clasped her hands tiffany co careers for joy. “Why,Nelson’ll bring them–I’d forgotten all about Nelson! There’llbe just time if I wire to him at once.””Is Nelson going to join you at St. Mo tiffany co terminal 5 ritz?” Susy asked,surprised.
“Heavens, no! He’s coming here to pick up Clarissa and take herto some stuffy cure in Austria with his mother. It’s too lucky:
there’s just time to telegraph him to bring my things. I didn’tmean to wait for him; but it won’t delay me more than day ortwo.”Susy’s heart sank. She was not much afraid of Ellie alone, butEllie and Nelson together formed an incalculable menace. No onecould tell what spark of truth might dash from their collision.
Susy felt that she could deal with the two dangers separatelyand successively, but not together and simultaneously.
“But, Ellie, why should y tiffany uk ou wait for Nelson? I’m certain tofind someone here who’s tiffany co going to St. Moritz and will take yourthings if he brings them. It’s a pity to risk losing yourrooms.”This argument appealed for a moment to Mrs. Vanderlyn. “That’strue; they say all the hotels are jammed. You dear, you’realways so practical!” She clasped Susy to her scented bosom.
“And you know, darling, I’m sure you’ll be glad to get rid ofme–you a tiffany sale nd Nick! Oh, don’t be hypocritical and say ‘Nonsense!’

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