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weeks when we two were alone….”The sudden tears, brimming over Ellie’s lovely eyes, andthreatening to make the blue circles below them run int tiffany co bracelet o theadjoining carmine, filled Susy with compunction.
“Poor thing–oh, poor thing!” she thought; and hearing herselfcalled by Nick, who was waiting to take her out for their usualsunset on the lagoon, she felt a wave of pity for the deludedcreature who would never taste that highest of imaginable joys.
“But all the same,” Susy reflected, as she hurried down to herhusband, “I’m glad I persuaded her not to wait for Nelson.”Some days had elapsed since Susy and Nick had had a sunset tothemselves, and in the interval Susy had once again learned thesuperior quality of the sympathy that held them together. Shenow viewed all the rest of life as no more than a show: a jollyshow which it would have been a thousand pities to miss, butwhich, if the need arose, they could get up and leave at anymoment–provided that they left it together.
In the dusk, while their prow slid over inverted palaces, andthrough the scent of hidden gardens, she leaned against him andmurmured, her mind returning to the recent scene with Ellie:
“Nick, shoul tiffany uk sale d you hate me dreadfully if I had no clothes?”Her husband was kindling a cigarette, and the match lit up thegrin with which he answered: “But, my dear, have I ever shownthe slightest symptom–?””Oh, rubbish! When a woman says: ‘No clothes,’ she means:
‘Not the right clothes.'”He took a meditative puff. “Ah, you’ve been going over Ellie’sfinery with her.””Yes: all tiffany and co those trunks and trunks full. And she finds she’ tiffany co terminal 5 sgot nothing for St. Moritz!””Of course,” he murmured, drowsy with content, and manifestingbut a languid interest in the subject of Mrs. Vanderlyn’swardrobe.
“Only fancy–she very nearly decided to stop over for Nelson’sarrival next week, so that he might bring her two or three moretrunkfuls from Paris. But mercifully I’ve managed to persuadeher that it would be foolish to wait.”Susy felt a hardly perceptible shifting of her husband’slounging body, and was aware, through all her watchfultentacles, of a widening of his half-closed lids.
“You ‘managed’–?” She fancied he paused on the wordironically. “But why?””Why–what?””Why on earth should you try to prevent Ellie’s waiting forNelson, if for once in her life she wants to?”Susy, conscious of reddening suddenly, drew back as though theleap of her tell-tale heart might h tiffany co engagement rings ave penetrated the blueflannel shoulder against which she leaned.
“Really, dearest–!” she murmured; but with a sudden doggednesshe renewed his “Why?””Because she’s in such a fever to get to St. Moritz–and in sucha funk lest the hotel shouldn’t keep her rooms,” Susy somewhatbreathlessly produced.
“Ah–I see.” Nick paused again. “You’re a devoted friend,aren’t you!””What an odd question! There’s hardly anyone I’ve reason to bemore devoted to than Ellie,” his wife answered; and she felt hiscontrite clasp on her hand.
“Darling! No; nor I–. Or more grateful to for leaving usalone in this heaven.”Dimness had fallen on the waters, and her lifted lips met tiffany co 925 hisbending ones.
Trailing late into dinner that evening, Ellie announced that,after all, she had decided it was safest to wait for Nelson.
“I should simply worry my tiffany uk self ill if I weren’t sure of gettingmy things,” she said, in the tone of tender solicitude withwhich she always discussed her own difficulties. “After all,people who deny themselves everything do get warped and bitter,don’t they?” she argued plaintively, her l tiffany co ovely eyes wanderingfrom one to the other of her assembled friends.
Strefford remarked gravely that it was the complaint which hadfatally undermined his own health; and in the laugh thatfollowed the party drifted into the great vaulted dining-room.
“Oh, I don’t mind your laughing at me, Streffy darling,” hishostess retorted, pressing his arm against her own; and Susy,receiving the shock of their rapidly exchanged glance, said toherself, with a sharp twinge of apprehension: “Of courseStreffy knows everything; he showed no surprise at finding Ellieaway when he arr tiffany co jewelry sale ived. And if he knows, what’s to preventNelson’s finding out?” For Strefford, in a mood of mischief,was no more to be trusted than a malicious child.
Susy instantly resolved to risk speaking to him, if need be evenbetraying to him the secret of the letters. Only by revealingthe depth of cheap tiffany her own danger could she hope to secure hissilence.
On the balcony, late in the evening, while the others werelistening indoors to the low modulations of a young composer whohad embroidered his fancies on Browning’s “Toccata,” Susy foundher chance. Strefford, unsummoned, had followed her out, andstood silently smoking at her side.
“You see, Streff–oh, why should you and I make mysteries toeach other?” she suddenly began.
“Why, indeed: but do we?”Susy glanced back at the group around the piano. “About Ellie,I mean–and Nelson.””Lor tiffany co careers d! Ellie and Nelson? You call that a mystery? I should assoon apply the term to one of the million candle-poweradvertisements that adorn your native thoroughfares.””Well, yes. But–” She stopped again. Had she not tacitlypromised Ellie not to speak?
“My Susan, what’s wrong?” Strefford asked.
“I don’t know….””Well, I do, then: you’re afr tiffany sale aid that, if Ellie and Nelson meethere, she’ll blurt out something–injudicious.””Oh, she won’t!” Susy cried with conviction.
“Well, then–who will! I trust that superhuman child not to.
And you and I and Nick–“”Oh,” she gasped, interrupting him, “that’s just it. Nickdoesn’t know … doesn’t even suspect. And if he did….”Strefford flung away his cigar and turned to scrutinize her. “Idon’t see–hanged if I do. What business is it of any of us,after all?”That, of course, was the old view that cloaked connivance in anair of dece tiffany co outlet fake ncy. But to Susy it no longer carried conviction,and she hesitated.
“If Nick should find out that I know….””Good Lord–doesn’t he know that you know? After all, I supposeit’s not the first time–“She remained silent.
“The first time you’ve received

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