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“Ah, you black rascals, I knew you had one somewhere. Where did you get it? That’s some of Miss Franconia’s doings.”
“Can’t tell you, mas’r, whar I got him; but he don’t stop my hoein’ corn, for’ true.”
Franconia had observed Harry’s tractableness, and heard him wish for a Bible, that he might learn to read from it,–and she had secretly supplied him with one. Two years Harry and Daddy Bob had spent hours of the night in communion over it; the latter had learned to read from it, the former had imbibed its great truths. The artless girl had given it to them in confidence, cheap ghd wide plate straighteners knowing its consolatory influences and that they, with a peculiar firmness in such cases, would never betray her trust. Bob would not have refused his master any other request; but he would never disclose the secret of Miss Franconia giving it.
“Well, my old faithful,” said Marston, “we want you to put the sprit into Harry; we want to hear a sample of his preaching. Now, Harry, you can begin; give it big eloquence, none of the new fashion preaching, give us the old plantation break-down style.”
The negro’s countenance assumed a look indicative of more than his lips dare speak. Looking upward pensively, he replied,–“Can’t do dat, mas’r; he ain’t what do God justice; but there is something in de text,–where shall I take ’em from?”
“Ministers should choose their own; I always do,” interrupted Deacon Rosebrook.
Daddy Bob, cheap ghds touching Harry on the arm, looks up innocently, interposes his knowledge of Scripture. “D’ar, Harry, I tells you what text to gin ’em. Gin ’em dat one from de fourt’ chapter of Ephes: dat one whar de Lor’ say:–‘Great mas’r led captivity captive, and gin gifts unto men.’ And whar he say, ‘Till we come unto a unity of the faith of the knowledge of the son of God unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ; that we be no more children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the slight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lay in wait to deceive.'”
“And you tink dat ‘ll do,–eh, Daddy?” Harry replies, looking at the old man, as if to say, were he anything but a slave he would follow the advice.
“Den, dars t’ oder one, away ‘long yonder, where ‘e say in Isai cheap ghd straighteners next day delivery ah, fifty-eight chapter–‘Wherefore have we fasted, say they, and thou seest not? Wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and thou takest no knowledge? Behold ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness.” The old man seemed perfectly at home on matters of Scripture; he had studied it in stolen moments.
The young Englishman seemed surprised at such a show of talent. He saw the humble position of the old man, his want of early instruction, and his anxiety to be enlightened. “How singular!” he ejaculated, “to hear property preach, and know so much of the Bible, too! People in my country would open their eyes with surprise.” The young man had been educated in an atmosphere where religion was prized-where it was held as a sacred Cheap GHD Straighteners element for the good of man. His feelings were tenderly susceptible; the scene before him awakened his better nature, struck cheap ghd straighteners deep into his mind. He viewed it as a cruel mockery of Christianity, a torture of innocent nature, for which man had no shame. He saw the struggling spirit of the old negro contending against wrong,–his yearnings for the teachings of Christianity, his solicitude for Marston’s good. And he saw how man had cut down the unoffending imag heap ghd hair straighteners uk e of himself-how Christian ministers had become the tyrant’s hand-fellow in the work of oppression. It incited him to resolution; a project sprung up in his mind, which, from that day forward, as if it had been a new discovery in the rights of man, he determined to carry out in future, for the freedom of his fellows.
Harry, in accordance with Bob’s advice, chose the latter text. For some minutes he expounded the power of divine inspiration, in his simple but impressive manner, being several times interrupted by the Deacon, who assumed the right of correcting his philosophy. At length, Marston interrupted, reminding him that he had lost the “plantation gauge.” “You must preach according to the Elder’s rule,” said he.
With a submissive stare, Harry replied: “Mas’r, a man what lives fo’h dis world only is a slave to himself; but God says, he dat lives fo’h de world to come, is the light of life coming forth to enjo cheap ghd flat iron y the pleasures of eternity;” and again he burst into a rhapsody of eloquence, to the astonishment and admiration of Maxwell, and even touching the feelings of Marston, who was seldom moved by such displays. Seeing the man in the thing of merchandise, he inclined to look upon him as a being worthy of immortality; and yet it seemed next to impossible that he should bring his natural feelings to realise the simple nobleness that stood before him,–the man beyond the increase of dollars and cents in his person! The coloured winter’s hand leaned against the mantel-piece, watching the changes in Marston’s countenance, as Daddy stood at Harry’s side, in patriarchal muteness. A tear stealing down Maxwell’s cheek told of the sensation produced; while Marston, setting his elbow on the table, supported his head in his hands, and listened. The Deacon, good man that he was, filled his glass,–as if to say, “I don’t stand nigger preaching.” As for the Elder, his pishes and painful gurglings, while he slept, were a ghd outlet source of much annoyance. Awaking suddenly-raising himself to a half-bent position-he rubs his little eyes, adjusts his spectacles on his nose, stares at Harry with surprise, and then, with quizzical demeanour, leaves us to infer what sort of a protest he is about to enter. He, however, thinks it better to say nothing.
“Stop, Harry,” says Marston, interrupting h Cheap ghds im in a point of his discourse: then turning to his guests, he inquired, with a look of ridicule, “Gentlemen, what have you got to say against such preaching? Elder, you old snoring Christian, you have lost all the best of it. Why didn’t you wake up before?”
“Verri-ly, truly! ah, indeed: you have been giving us a monkey-show with your nigger, I suppose. I thought I’d lost nothing; you should remember, Marston, there’s a future,” said the Elder, winking and blinking sardonically.
“Yes, old boosey,” Marston replies, with an air of indifference, “and you should remember there’s a present, which you may lose your way in. That venerable sermon won’t keep you straight-”
The Elder is extremely sensitive on this particular poin ghd straighteners t-anything but speak disparagingly of that sermon. It has been his stock in trade for numerous years. He begs they will listen to him for a minute, excuse this little trifling variation, charge it to the susceptibility of his constitution. He is willing to admit there is capital in his example which may be used for bad purposes, and says, “Somehow, when I take a little, it don’t seem to go right.” Again he gives a vacant look at his friends, gets up, resting his hands on the table, endeavours to keep a perpendicular, but declares himself so debilitated by his sleep that he must wait a little longer. Sinking back upon ghd straighteners the settee, he exclaims, “You had better send that nigger to his cabin.” This was carrying the amusement a little beyond Marston’s own “gauge,” and it being declared time to adjourn, preparations were made to take care of the Elder, who was soon placed horizontally in a waggon and driven away for his home. “The Elder is gone beyond himself, beyond everything,” said Marston, as they carried him out of the door. “Y cheap ghd air ou can go, Harry, I like your preaching; bring it down to the right system for my property, and I’ll make a dollar or two out of it yet,” he whispers, shaking his head, as Harry, bowing submissively, leaves the door.
Just as they were making preparations to retire, a carriage drove to the gate, and in the next minute a dashing young fellow came rushing into the house, apparently in great anxiety. He was followed by a well-dressed man, whose countenance and sharp features, full of sternness, indicated much mechanical study. He hesitated as the young man advanced, took Marston by the hand, nervously, led him aside, whispered something in his ear. Taking a few steps towards a window, the intruder, for such he seemed, stood almost motionless, with his eyes firmly and watchfully fixed upon them, a paper in his right hand. “It i cheap ghd straighteners £50 s too often, Lorenzo; these things may prove fatal,” said Marston, giving an inquiring glance at the man, still standing at the window.
“I pledge you my honour, uncle, it shall be the last time,” said the young stranger. “Uncle, I have not forgotten your advice.” Marston, much excited, exhibited changes of countenance peculiar to a man labouring under the effect of sudden disappointment. Apologising to his guests, he dismissed them-with the exception of Maxwell-ordered pen and ink, drew a chair to the table, and without asking the stranger to be seated, signed his name to a paper. While this was being done, the man who had waited in silence stepped to the door and admitted two gentlemanly-looking men, who approached Marston and authenticated the instrument. It was evident there was something of deep importance associated w ith Marston’s signature. No sooner had his pen fulfilled the mission, than Lorenzo’s face, which had just before exhibited the most watchful anxiety, lighted up with joy, as if it had dismantled its care for some new scene of worldly prosperity. ③

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