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AT this juncture of the conversation, a sprightly, well-dressed servant opens the parlour-door, announces missus! The deacon’s good lady enters. She is a perfect pattern of neatness,–a finely-developed woman of more than ordinary height, with blonde features, and a countenance as full of cheerfulness as a bright May morning. She bows gracefully; her soft eyes kindle with intelligence as she approaches Mr. Scranton, who rises with the coldness of an iceberg.
“Be seated, Mr. Scranton,” she says, with a voice so full of gentleness,–“be seated.” Her form is well-rounded, her features exquisite. Mr. Scranton views her seriously, as if he found something of great interest in that marble forehead, those fine features moulding a countenance full of soul, love, and sweetness. Her dress is of plain black brocade, made high at the neck, where it is secured with a small diamond pin, the front opening and disclosing a lace stomacher set with undressed pearls. Rufflets and diamond bracelets, of chaste workmanship, clasp her wrists; while her light auburn hair, neatly laid in plain folds, and gathered into a plait on the back of her head, where it is delicately secured with gold and silver cord, forms a soft contrast. There is chasteness and simplicity combined to represent character, sense, and refinement. She is the mother of the plantation: old negroes call her mother, young ones clamour with joy when she visits their abodes: her very soul is in their wants; they look to her for guidance. Their happiness is her pleasure, and by sharing the good fortune that has followed them she has fostered the energy of their negroes, formed them into families, encouraged their morality, impressed them with the necessity of preserving family relations. Against the stern mandates of the law, she has taught them to read the Bible, reading and explaining it to them herself. Indeed, she has risen above the law: she has taught the more tractable ones to write; she has supplied the younger with little story-books, attractive and containing good moral lessons. She rejoices over her system: it is honest, kind, generous,–it will serve the future, and is not unprofitable at present. It is different from that pursued by those who would, through the instrumentality of bad laws, enforce ignorance. Nay, to her there is something abhorrent in using the Word of God as an excuse for the existence of slavery. Her system is practicable, enlightening first, and then enforcing that which gives encouragement to the inert faculties o cheap air max 90 f our nature. Punishments were scarcely known upon her plantation; the lash never used. Old and young were made to feel themselves part and parcel of a family compact, to know they had an interest in the crop, to gather hopes for the future, to make home on the old plantation pleasant. There was something refreshing in the pride and protection evinced in the solicitation of this gentle creature for her negroes. In early life s nike air max classic he had listened to their fables, had mixed with them as children, had enjoyed their hours of play, had studied their sympathies, and entered with delight into the very soul of their jargon merriment. She felt their wants, and knew their grievances; she had come forward to be their protector, their mother! “Why, Mr. Scranton,” she exclaims, laughingly, in reply to that gentleman’s remarks, as she interrupted the conversation between him and the deacon, “we would sooner suffer than sell one of our boys or girls-even if the worst came to the worst. I know the value of family ties; I know how to manage negroes. I would just as soon think of selling our Matilda, I would! If some of you good northern folks could only see how comfortable my negroes are!-”
“Oh, yes!” interrupts the deacon, “she takes it all out of my hands; I’m going to give her the reins air max 90 altogether one of these days. She has got a nice way of touching a negro’s feelings so that anything can be done with him: it tells largely at times.” Mr. Scranton’s face becomes more serious; he doesn’t seem to understand this new “nigger philosophy.” “Poor creatures!” the deacon continues, “how wonderful is the power of encouragement;-how much may be done if proper means are applied-”
“The trouble is in the means,” Mr. Scranton interposes, scratching his head, as if ideas were scarce, and valuable for the distance they had to be transported.
Our good lady smiles. “I cannot help smiling, Mr. Scranton.” She speaks softly. “There are two things I want done-done quickly: I want southern philosophers to consider, and I want southern ladies to act-to put on energy-to take less care of themselves and more of the poor negro!” She lays her hand gently upon Mr. Scranton’s arm, her cheap nike air max soft blue eyes staring him in the face. “When they do this,” she continues, “all will be well. We can soon show the north how much can be done without their assistance. I don’t believe in women’s rights meetings,–not I; but I hold there should be some combination of southern ladies, to take the moral elevation of the slave into consideration,–to set about the work in good earnest, to see what can be done. It’s a monster work; but monster evils can be removed if females will give their hands and hearts to the task. This separating families to serve the interests of traders in human beings must be stopped: females know the pains it inflicts on suffering wretches; they are best suited to stop that heinous offence in the sight of God and man. They must rise to the work; they must devise means to stay the waste of fortune now progressing through dissipation; and, above all other things, they must rise up and drive these frightf nike air max 90 sale ul slave-dealers from their doors.”
Mr. Scranton admits there is something in all this, but suggests that it were better to let the future take care of itself; there’s no knowing what the future may do; and to let those who come in it enjoy our labours “aint just the policy.” He contends-willing to admit how much the ladies could do if they would-it would not be consistent with the times to put forth such experiments, especially when there is so much opposition. “It wouldn’t do!” he whispers.
The deacon here interrupts Mr. Scranton, by stepping to the door and ordering one of the servants to prepare refreshments.
“‘It must do! It won’t do!’ keeps us where we are, and where we are always complaining that we never have done. You know I speak frankly, Mr. Scranton-women may say what they please;-and let me tell you, that when you do your duty it will do. Hard times never were harder than when everybody thought them hard. We must infuse principle into our poor people; we must make them earnest in agricultural pursuits; we must elev nike air max sale ate the character of labour; we must encourage the mechanic, and give tone to his pursuits; and, more than all, we must arrest the spread of conventional nonsense, and develope our natural resources by establishing a system of paid labour, and removing the odium which attaches itself to those who pursue such avocations as the slave may be engaged in. My word for it, Mr. Scranton, there’s where the trouble lies. N cheap nike air max ature has been lavish in her good gifts to the south; but we must lend Nature a helping hand,–we must be the women of the south for the south’s good; and we must break down those social barriers clogging our progress. Nature wants good government to go along with her, to be her handfellow in regeneration; but good government must give Nature her rights. This done, slavery will cease to spread its loathsome diseases through the body politic, virtue will be protected and receive its rewards, and the buds of prosperity will be nourished with energy and ripen into greatness.”
Mr. Scranton suggests that the nigger question was forced upon him, and thinks it better to change the conversation. Mr. Scranton was once in Congress, thinks a deal of his Congressional experience, and declares, with great seriousness, that the nigger q nike air max uestion will come to something one of these days. “Ah! bless me, madam,” he says, adjusting his arms, “you talk-very-like-a-statesman. Southerners better leave all this regenerating of slaves to you. But let me say, whatever you may see in perspective, it’s mighty dangerous when you move such principles to practice. Mark me! you’ll have to pull down the iron walls of the south, make planters of different minds, drive self out of mankind, and overthrow the northern speculator’s cotton-bag love. You’ve got a great work before you, my dear madam,–a work that’ll want an extended lease of your life-time. Remember how hard it is to convince man of the wrong of anything that’s profitable. A paid system, even emancipation, would have been a small affair in 1824 or 1827. Old niggers and prime fellows were then of little value; now cheap nike air max trainers it is different. You may see the obstacle to your project in the Nashville Convention or Georgia platform-”
“Nashville Convention, indeed!” exclaims Mrs. Rosebrook, her face infused with animation, and a curl of disdain on her lip. “Such things! Mere happy illustrations of the folly of our political affairs. The one was an exotic do-nothing got up by Mister Wanting-to-say-something, who soon gets ashamed of his mission; the other was a mixture of political log-rolling, got up by those who wanted to tell the Union not to mind the Nashville Convention. What a pity they did not tell the Union to be patient with us! We must have no more Nashville Conventions; we must change Georgia platforms for individual enterprise,–southern conventions for moral regeneration. Give us these changes, and we shall show you what can be done w airmax 90 ithout the aid of the north.” Several servants in tidy dresses, their white aprons looking so clean, come bustling into the room and invite missus and her guest into an airy ante-room, where a table is bountifully spread with cake, fruit, fine old Madeira, and lemonade. Mr. Scranton bows and asks “the pleasure;” Mrs. Rosebrook acknowledgingly takes his arm, while the negroes bow and scrape as they enter the room. Mr. Scranton stands a few moments gazing at the set-out. “I hope Mr. Scranton will make himself quite at home,” the good lady interposes. Everything was so exquisitely arranged, so set off with fresh-plucked flowers, as if some magic hand had just touched the whole.
“Now!” continued Mrs. Rosebrook, motioning her head as she points to the table: “you’ll admit my negroes can do something? Poor helpless wretches, we nike air max 1 say continually: perhaps they are worse when bad owners can make the world look upon them through northern prejudice. They are just like children; nobody gives them credit for being anything else; and yet they can do much for our good. It would trouble some persons to arrange a table so neatly; my boys did it all, you see!” And she exults over the efficiency of her negroes, who stand at her side acknowledging the compliment with broad grins. The deacon helps Mr. Scranton, who commences stowing away the sweetmeats with great gusto. “It is truly surprising what charming nigger property you have got. They don’t seem a bit like niggers” he concludes deliberately taking a mouthful. Mrs. Rosebrook, pleased at the honest remark, reminds him that the deacon carries out her views most charmingly, that she studies negro character, a nike air max 95 nd knows that by stimulating it with little things she promotes good. She studies character while the deacon studies politics. At the same time, she rather ironically reminds Mr. Scranton that the deacon is not guilty of reading any long-winded articles on “state rights and secession.” “Not he!” she says, laughingly; “you don’t catch him with such cast-iron material in his head. They call him pious-proof now and then, but he’s progress all over.”
Mr. Scranton, attentive to his appetite, draws a serious face, gives a side glance, begs a negro to supply his plate anew, and reckons he may soon make a new discovery in southern political economy. But he fears Mrs. Rosebrook’s plan will make a mongrel, the specific nature of which it would be difficult to define in philosophy. Perhaps it will not be acceptable to the north as a nike air max 90 thinking people, nor will it please the generosity of southern ladies.
“There is where the trouble lies!” ③

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