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There is nothing for Marston but to give up all,–to leave the home of his childhood, his manhood, his happier days. He is suddenly reminded that there is virtue in fortitude; and, as he gazes round the room, the relics of happier days redouble his conviction of the evil he has brought upon himself by straying from the paths of rectitude. Indeed, so sudden was his fall from distinction, that the scene around him seemed like a dream, from which he had just awoke to question its precipitancy. “A sheriff is here now, and I am a mere being of sufferance,” he says, casting a moody glance around the room, as if contemplating the dark pr nike air max ospect before him. A few moments’ pause, and he rises, walks to the window, looks out upon the serene scene spread out before the mansion. There is the river, on which he has spent so many pleasant hours, calmly winding its way through deep green foliage mellowed by the moonlight. Its beauties only remind him of the past. He walks away,–struggles to forget, to look above his trials. He goes to the old side-board cheap nike air max 90 that has so long given forth its cheer; that, too, is locked! “Locked to me!” he says, attempting to open its doors. A sheriff’s lock hangs upon them. Accustomed to every indulgence, each check indicated a doubt of his honour, wounding his feelings. The smaller the restraint the deeper did it pierce his heart. While in this desponding mood, vainly endeavouring to gain resolution to carry him through, a gentle rap is heard at the door. Who can it be at this hour? he questions to himself. No servant is near him; servants have all been led into captivity for the satisfaction of debts. He approaches the door and opens it himself, looking cautiously into the corridor. There, crouched in a niche, alternately presenting fear and joy,–fear lest he be seen by the enemy, and joy to see his master,–is a dark figure with the famili air max 90 ar face of Daddy Bob,–Bob of the old plantation. The old, faithful servant puts out his wrinkled hand nervously, saying, “Oh, good mas’r!” He has looked up to Marston with the same love that an affectionate child does to a kind parent; he has enjoyed mas’r’s warm welcome, nurtured his confidence, had his say in directing the affairs of the plantation, and watched the frailties that threatened it.
“Why, Daddy Bob! Can it be you?” Marston says, modulating his voice, as a change comes over his feelings.
“Dis is me, mas’r; it is me,” again says the old man. He is wet with the night dew, but his heart is warm and affectionate. Marston seizes his hand as if to return the old man’s gratitude, and leads him into the room, smiling. “Sit down, Bob, sit down!” he says, handing him a chair. The old servant stands at the chair hesitat cheap nike air max trainers ingly, doubting his position. “Fear nothing, Bob; sit down. You are my best friend,” Marston continues. Bob takes a seat, lays his cap quietly upon the floor, smiles to see old mas’r, but don’t feel just right because there’s something wrong: he draws the laps of his jacket together, covers the remnant of a shirt. “Mas’r, what be da’ gwine to do wid de old plantation? Tings, Bob reckon, b’nt gwine straight,” he speaks, looking at Marston shyly. The old slave knew his master’s heart, and had waited for him to unfold its beatings; but the kind heart of the master yielded to the burden that was upon it, and never more so than when moved by the strong attachment evinced by the old man. There was mutual sympathy pourtrayed in the tenderest emotions. The one was full of grief, and, if touched by the word of a friend, would overf nike air max 95 low; the other was susceptible of kindness, knew something had befallen his master, and was ready to present the best proofs of his at nike air max sale tachment.
“And how did you get here, my old faithful?” inquires Marston, drawing nearer to him.
“Well, mas’r, ye see, t’ant just so wid nigger what don’ know how tings is! But, Bob up t’ dese tings. I sees Buckra, what look as if he hab no rights on dis plantation, grab’n up all de folks. And Lor,’ mas’r, old Bob could’nt leave mas’r no how. An, den, when da’ begins to chain de folks up-da’ chain up old Rachel, mas’r!-Old Bob feel so de plantation war’nt no-whare; and him time t’be gwine. Da’h an’t gwine t’ cotch old Bob, and carry ‘m way from mas’r, so I jist cum possum ob http://nikeairmaxn90.co.uk/ er dem-stows away yander, down close in de old corn crib,–”
“And you eluded the sheriff to take care of me, did you, cheap nike air max Daddy?” interrupts Marston, and again takes the old man’s hand.
“Oh, mas’r, Bob ain’t white, but ‘is feeling get so fo’ h mas’r, he can’t speak ’em,” the old slave replies, pearls glistening in his eyes. “My nike air max 1 feelings feel so, I can’t speak ’em!” And with a brother’s fondness he shakes his master’s hand.
We must beg the reader’s indulgence here for the purpose of making a few remarks upon the negro’s power of observation. From the many strange disquisitions that have been put forward on the mental qualities of the man of colour-more particularly the African-few can be selected which have not had for their object his disqualification. His power of observation has been much undervalued; but it has been chiefly by those who judge him by a superficial scale, or from a selfish motive. In the position of mere property, he is, of Nike Air Max necessity, compelled to yi nike air max classic eld all claims to mental elevation. And yet, forced to degradation, there are few negroes on the plantation, or in the spheres of labour, who do not note the rise and fall of their master’s fortunes, study the nature and prospects of the crop, make enquiries about the market, concoct the best economy in managing lands, and consult among themselves as to what would promote the interests of the whole. So far is this carried out, that in many districts a rivalry for t nike air max 90 sale he largest amount of crop on a given space is carried on among the slaves, who not unfrequently “chafe” each other upon the superior wealth and talent of their masters. It is a well-known fact, that John C. Calhoun’s slaves, in addition to being extremely fond of him, were proud and boastful of his talent.
Daddy Bob is an exemplificat nike air max 90 ion. The faithful old slave had become sensible of something wrong on the plantation: he saw the sheriff seizing upon the families, secreted himself in the corn crib, and fled to the woods when they were out of sight. Here, sheltered by the myrtle, he remained until midnight, intently watching the mansion for signs of old mas’r. Suddenly a light glimmers from the window; the old slave’s feelings bound with joy; he feels it an invitation for him to return, and, leaving his hiding-place, approaches the house stealthily, and descries his master at the window. Confidence returns, his joy is complete, cheap nike air max his hopes have not misled him. Hungry and wet, he has found his way back to master, whose face at the window gladdens his heart,–carries him beyond the bounds of caution. Hence the cordial greeting between the old slave and his indulgent master. We hear the oft-expressed words-“Master! I love ye, I do!” Marston gets a candle, lights the old man to a bed in the attic, bids him good night, and retires. ③

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