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y tiffany co engagement rings ou see, art’s a wonderful resource.” (She pronouncedit RE-source.)He continued to look at her kindly. “You won’t need it–or anyother–when you grow young, as you will some day,” he assuredher.
“Do you mean, when I fall in love? But I am in love–Oh,there’s Eldorada and Mr. Beck!” She broke off with a je tiffany co rk,signalling with her field-glass to the pair who had justappeared at the farther end of the nave. “I told them that ifthey’d meet me here to-day I’d try to make them understandTiepolo. Because, you see, at home we never really haveunderstood Tiepolo; and Mr. Beck and Eldorada are the only onesto realize it. Mr. Buttles simply won’t.” She turned toLansing and held out her hand. “I am in love,” she repeatedearnestly, “and that’s the reason why I find art such a REsource.”She restored her eye-glasses, opened her manual tiffany co terminal 5 , and strodeacross the tiffany uk church to the expectant neophytes.
Lansing, looking after her, wondered for half a moment whetherMr. Beck were the object of this apparently unrequitedsentiment; then, with a queer start of introspection, abruptlydecided that, no, he certainly was not. But then–but then–.
Well, there was no use in following up such conjectures …. Heturned home-ward, wondering if the picnickers had alreadyreached Palazzo Vanderlyn.
They got back only in time for a late dinner, full of chaff andlaughter, and apparently still enchanted with each other’ssociety. Nelson Vanderlyn beamed on his wife, sent his daughteroff to bed with a kiss, and leaning back in his armchair beforethe fruit-and-flower-laden table, declared that he’d never spenta jollier day in his life. Susy seemed to come in for a fullshare of tiffany and co his approbation, and Lansing thought that Ellie wasunusually demonstrative to her friend. Strefford, from hishostess’s side, glanced across now and then at young Mrs.
Lansing, and his glance seemed to Lansing a confidential commenton the Vanderlyn raptures. But then Strefford was a tiffany co outlet fake lways havingprivate jokes with people or about them; and Lansing wasirritated with himself for perpetually suspecting his bestfriends of vague complicities at his expense. “If I’m going tobe jealous of Streffy now–!” he concluded with a grimace ofself-derision.
Certainly Susy looked lovely enough to justify the mostirrational pangs. As a girl she had been, for some people’staste, a trifle fine-drawn and sharp-edged; now, to her oldlightness of line was added a shadowy bloom, a sort of star-reflecting depth. Her tiffany uk sale movements were slower, l tiffany co 925 ess angular; hermouth had a needing droop, her lids seemed weighed down by theirlashes; and then suddenly the old spirit would reveal itselfthrough the new languor, like the tartness at the core of asweet fruit. As her husband looked at her across the flowersand lights he laughed inwardly at the nothingness of all thingselse.
Vanderlyn and Clarissa left betimes the next morning; and Mrs.
Vanderlyn, who was to start for St. Moritz in the afternoon,devoted her last hours to anxious conferences with her maid andSusy. Strefford, with Fred Gillow and the others, had gone fora swim at the Lido, and Lansing seized the opportunity to getback to his book.
The quietness of the great echoing place gave him a foretaste ofthe solitude to come. By mid-August all their party would bescattered: the Hickses off on a cruise to Crete and the AEgean,Fred Gillow on the way to his moor, Strefford to stay withfriends in Capri till his annual visit to Northumberland inSeptember. One by one the others would follow, and cheap tiffany Lansing andSusy be left alone in the great sun-proof palace, alone underthe star-laden skies, alone with the great orange moons-stilltheirs!–above the bell-tower of San Giorgio. The novel, inthat blessed quiet, would unfold itself as harmoniously as hisdreams.
He wrote on, forgetful of the passing hours, till the dooropened and he heard a step behind him. The next moment twohands were clasped over his eyes, and the air was full of Mrs.
Vanderlyn’s last new scent.
“You dear thing–I’m just off, you know,” she said. “Susy toldme you were working, and I forbade her to call you down. Sheand Streffy are waiting to take me to the station, and I’ve runup to say good-bye.””Ellie, dear!” Full of compunction, Lansing pushed aside hiswriting and started up; but she pressed him back into his seat.
“No, no! I should never forgive myself if I’d interrupted you.
I oughtn’t to have come up; Susy didn’t want me to. But I hadto tell you, you dear …. I had to thank you…”In her dark travelling dress and hat, so discreetly conspicuous,so negligent and so studied, with a veil masking her paint, andgloves hiding her rings, she looked younger, simpler, morenatural than he had ever seen her. Poor Ellie such a goodfellow, after all!
“T tiffany co careers o thank me? For what? For being so happy here?” he laughed,taking her hands.
She looked at him, laughed back, and flung her arms about hisneck.
“For helping me to be so happy elsewhere–you and Susy, you twoblessed darlings!” she cried, with a kiss on his cheek.
Their eyes met for a second; then her arms slipped slowlydownward, dropping to her sides. Lansing sat before her like astone.
“Oh,” she gasped, “why do you stare so? Didn’t you know …?”They heard Strefford’s shrill voice on the stairs. “Ellie,where the deuce are you? Susy’s in the gondola. You’ll missthe train!”Lansing stood up and caught Mrs. Vanderlyn by the wrist. “Whatdo you mean? What are you talking about?””Oh, nothing … But you were both such bricks about theletters …. And when Nelson was here, too …. Nick, don’thurt my wrist so! I must run tiffany co jewelry sale !”He dropped her hand and stood motionless, staring after her andlistening to the click of her high heels as she fled across theroom and along the echoing corridor.
When he turned back to the table he noticed that a small moroccocase had fallen among his papers. In falling it had opened, andbefore him, on the pale velvet lining, lay a scarf-pin set witha perfect pearl. He picked the box up, and was about to hastenafter Mrs. Vanderlyn–it was so like her to shed jewels on herpath!–when he noticed his own initials on the cover.
He dropped the box as if it had been a hot coal, and sat for along while gazing at the gold N. L., which seemed to have burntitself into his flesh.
At last he roused himself and stood up.
Chapter 10
WITH a sigh of relief Susy drew the pins from her hat and threwherself down on the lounge. tiffany sale
The ordeal she had dreaded was over, and Mr. and Mrs. Vanderlynhad safely gone their several ways. Poor Ellie was not notedfor prudence, and when life smiled on her she was given tobetraying her gratitude too openly; but thanks to Susy’svigilance (and, no doubt, to Strefford’s tacit co-operation),the dreaded twenty-four hours were happily over. NelsonVanderlyn had departed without a shadow on his brow, and thoughEllie’s, when she came down fr tiffany co bracelet om bidding Nick good-bye, hadseemed to Susy less serene than usual, she became her normalself as soon as it was discovered that the red morocco bag withher jewel-box was missing. Before it had been discovered in thedepths of the gondola they had reached the station, and therewas just time to thrust her into her “sleeper,” from which shewas seen to wave an unperturbed farewell

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