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“Is that what Dr. Schermerhorn gave you?” asked Slade.
“Yes,” sai tiffany uk sale tiffany co engagement rings d Darrow. He set it tiffany co 925 carefully insid tiffany co jewelry sale e the little model and slipped a lever. Slade quietly turned down the light.
A faint glow shot up. It grew bright and eddied in lovely, variant colours. As if set to a powder train, it ran through the ship. The pale faces of tiffany uk the spectators shone ghastly in its radiance. From someone burst a sudden gasp.
“There is not enough for danger,” said Darrow, quie tly.
“As a point o tiffany and co f interest,” grunted Trendon.
Everyone looked at his outstretched hand. A little pocket compass lay in the palm. The needle spun madly, projecting blue, vivid sparklings.
“My God!” cried Slade, and covered his eyes for a moment.
He snatched away his hands as a suppressed cry went up from the others.
“As I expected,” said Darrow quietly.
The little craft opened out; it disintegrated. All th tiffany co careers at radiance dissolved tiffany sale and with its going tiffany co terminal 5 the substance tiffany co outlet fake upon which it shaped itself vanished. The la tiffany co st glow showed a formless pulp, spreading upon the water. cheap tiffany
“So passed the _Laughing Lass_,” said Darrow solemnly.
“And the chest is at the bottom of the sea,” said Barnett.
“Good place for it,” muttered Trendon.
“In all probability it closed as the ship dissolved around it,” said Darrow. “Otherwise we should see the effects in the water.”
“It might be recovered,” cried Slade, excitedly.
“Could you chart it, Darrow? Think of the possibilities–”
“Let it lie,” said the captain. “Has it not cost en tiffany co bracelet ough? Let it lie.”
The water in the tub fumed and sparkled faintly and was still. Darkness fell, except where Darrow’s cigarette point glowed and faded.
The End . ③

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