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usy in suchcircumstances would be the quickest way to cure them both regrets. The case of the Fulmers was an awful object-lesson in what happened to nike air max 1 grey young people who lost their heads;poor Nat, whose pictures nobody bought, had gone to seed soterribly-and Grace, at twenty-nine, would never again beanything but the woman of whom people say, “I can remember herwhen she was lovely.”But the devil of it air max 1 was that Nat had never been such goodcompany, or Grace so free from care and so full of music; andthat, in spite of their disorder and dishevelment, and the badfood and general nike air max 1 red crazy discomfort, there was more amusement tobe got out of their society than out of the most opulentlystaged house-party through which Susy and Lansing had everyawned their way.
It was almost a relief to tile young man when, on the secondafternoon, Miss Branch drew him into the narrow hall to say: “Ireally can’t stand the combination of Grace’s violin and littleNat’s motor-horn any longer. Do let us slip out till the duetis over.””How do they stand it, I wonder?” he basely echoed, as hefollowed her up the wooded path behind the house.
“It might be worth finding out,” she rejoined with a musingsmile.
But he remained resolutely skeptical. “Oh cheap air max 1 , give them a year ortwo more and they’ll collapse–! His pictures will never sell,you know. He’ll never even get them into a show.””I suppose not. And she’ll never have time to do anything worthwhile with cheap air max 1 her music.”They had reached a piny knoll high above the ledge on which thehouse was perched. All about them stretched an empty landscapeof endless featureless wooded hills. “Think of sticking hereall the year round!” Lansing groaned.
“I know. But then think of wandering over the world with somepeople!””Oh, Lord, yes. For instance, my trip to India with theMortimer Hickses. But it was my only chance and what the deuceis one to do?””I wish I knew!” she sighed, thinking of the Bockheimers; andhe turned and looked at her.
“Knew what?””The answer to your question. What is one to do–when one seesboth sides of the problem nike air max 1 sale ? Or every possible side of it,indeed?”They had seated themselves on a commanding rock under the pines,but Lansing could not see the view at their feet for the stir ofthe brown lashes on her cheek.
“You mean: Nat and Grace may after all be having the best ofi cheap nike air max 1 t?””How can I say, when I’ve told you I see all the sides? Ofcourse,” Susy added hastily, ” I couldn’t live as they do for aweek. But it’s wonderful how little it’s dimmed them.””Certainly Nat was never more coruscating. And she keeps it upeven better.” He reflected. “We do them good, I daresay.””Yes–or they us. I wonder which?”After that, he seemed to remember that they sat a long timesilent, and that his next utterance was a boyish outburstagainst the tyranny of the existing order of things, abruptlyfollowed by the passionate query why, since he and she couldn’ta lter it, and since they both had the habit of looking at factsas they were, they wouldn’t be utter fools not to take theirchance of being happy in the only way that was open to them, Tothis challenge he did not recall Susy’s making any definiteanswer; but after another interval, in which all the worldseemed framed in a sudden kiss, he heard her murmur to herselfin nike air max 1 black a brooding tone: “I don’t suppose it’s ever been triedbefore; but we might–.” And then and there she had laid beforehim the very experiment they had since hazarded.
She would have none of surreptitious bliss, she began bydeclaring; and she set forth her reasons with her usual lucidimpartiality. In the first place, she should have to marry someday, and when she made the bargain she meant it to be an honestone; and secondly, in the matter of love, she would never giveherself to anyone she did not really care for, and if suchhappiness ever came to her she did not want it shorn of half itsbrightness by the need of fibbing and plotting and dodging.
“I’ve seen too much of that kind of thing. Half the women Iknow who’ve had lovers have had them for the fun of sneaking andlying about it; but the other half have been miserable. And Ishould be miserable.”It was at this point that she unfolded her plan. Why shouldn’tthey marry; belong to each other openly and honourably, if forever so short a time, and with the definite understanding nike air max 1 thatwhenever either of them got the chance to do better he or sheshould be immediately released? The law of their countryfacilitated such exchanges, and society was beginning to viewthem as indulgently as the law. As Susy talked, she warmed toher theme and began to develop its endless possibilities.
“We should really, in a way, help more than we should hampereach other,” she ardently explained. “We both know the nike air max 1 ebay ropes sowell; what one of us didn’t see the other might–in the way ofopportunities, I mean. And then we should be a novelty asmarried people. We’re both rather unusually popular–why not befrank!–and it’s such a blessing for dinner-givers to be able tocount on a couple of whom neither one is a blank. Yes, I reallybelieve we should be more than twice the success we are now; atleast,” she added with a smile, “if there’s that amount of roomfor improvement. I don’t know how you feel; a man’s popularityis so much less precarious than a girl’s–but I know it wouldfurbish me up tremendously to reappear as a married woman.” Sheglanced away from him down the long valley at their feet, andadded in a lower tone: “And I should like, just for a littlewhile, to feel I had something in life of my very own–somethingthat nobody had lent nike air max 1 me, like a fancy-dress or a motor or anopera cloak.”The suggestion, at first, had seemed to Lansing as mad as it wasenchanting: it had thoroughly frightened him. But Susy’sarguments were irrefutable, her ingenuities inexhaustible. Hadhe ever thought it all out? She asked. No. Well, she had; andwould he kindly not interrupt? In the first place, there wouldbe all the wedding-presents. Jewels, and a motor, and a silverdinner service, did she mean? Not a bit of it! She could seehe’d never given the question proper thought. Cheques, my dear,nothing but cheques–she undertook to manage that on her side:
she really thought she could count on about fifty, and shesupposed he could rake up a few more? Well, all that wouldsimply represent pocket-money! For they would have plenty ofhouses to live in: he’d see. People were always gla nike air max 1 leopard d to lendtheir house to a newly-married couple. It was such fun to popdown and see them: it made one feel romantic and jolly. Allthey need do was to accept the houses in turn: go on honey-mooning for a year! What was he afraid of? Didn’t he thinkthey’d be happy enough to want to keep it up? And why not atleast try–get engaged, and then see what would happen? Even ifshe was all wrong, and her plan failed, wouldn’t it have beenrather nice, just for a month or two, to fancy they were goingto be happy? “I’ve often fancied it all by myself,” sheconcluded; “but fancying it with you would somehow be so awfullydifferent ….”That was how it began: and this lakeside dream was what it hadled up to. Fantastically improbable as they had seemed, all herprevisions had come true. If there were certain links in thechain that Lansing had n nike air max 1 premium ever been able to put his hand on,certain arrangements and contrivances that still needed furtherelucidation, why, he was lazily resolved to clear them up withher some day; and meanwhile it was worth all the past might havecost, and every penalty the future might exact of him, just tobe sitting here in the silence and sweetness, her sleeping headon his knee, clasped in his joy as the hushed world was claspedin moonlight.

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