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“Give you a first best title to this ar’ old critter, gentlemen!” says the vender, affecting much dignity, as he holds up his baton of the trade in flesh. “Anybody wanting a good old mother on a plantation where little niggers are raised will find the thing in the old institution before you. The value is not so much in the size of her, as in her glorious disposition.” Aunt Rachel makes three or four turns, like a peacock on a pedestal, to amuse her admirers. Again, Mr. Wormlock intimates, in a tone that the vender may hear, that she has some grit, for he sees it in her demeanour, which is assuming the tragic. Her eyes, as she turns, rest upon the crispy face of Romescos. She views him for a few moments-she fears he will become her purchaser. Her lip curls with contempt, as she turns from his gaze and recognises an old acquaintance, whom she at once singles out, accosts and invites beseechingly to be her purchaser, “to save her from dat man!” She points to Romescos.
Her friend shakes his head unwillingly. Fearing he may become an object of derision, he will not come forward. Poor old slave! faithful from her childhood up, she has reached an age where few find it profitable to listen to her supplications. The black veil of slavery has shut out the past good of her life,–all her faithfulness has gone for nothing; she has passed into that channel where only the man-dealer seeks her for the few dollars worth of labour left in a once powerful body. Oh! valuable remnant of a life, how soon it may be exhausted-forgotten!
Bidders have some doubts about the amount of labour she can yet perform; and, after much manifest hesitancy, she is knocked down to Romescos for the sum of two hundred and seventy dollars. “There! ’tain’t a bad price for ye, nohow!” says the vender, laconically. “Get down, old woman.” Rachel moves to the steps, and is received by Romescos, who, taking his purchase by the arm, very mechanically sets it on one side. “Come, Auntie, we’ll make a corn-cracker a’ you, until such time as we can put yer old bones in trim to send south. Generousness, ye see, made me gin more nor ye war’ worth-not much work in ye when ye take it on the square;–but a feller what understands the trimmin’ a’ niggers like I can do ye up young, and put an honest face on while he’s cheatin’ some green chap with yer old bones.” Romescos, very clever in his profession, is not quite sure that his newly-purchased property will “stay put.” He turns about suddenly, approaches Rachel-crouched in a corner-mumbling over some incomprehensible jargon, evidently very much disturbed in her feelings, saying, “I kind a’ think I see devil in yer eye, old woman.” Rachel turns her head aside, but makes no answer. Mr. Romescos will make everything certain; so, drawing a cord, similar to a small sized clothes line, from his pocket, she holds up her hands at his bidding: he winds it several times round her wrists, then ties it securely. “The property’s all safe now,” he whispers, and returns to attend the bidding arrangements.
One by one-mothers, fathers, and single property, old and young, as may be-are put upon the stand; sold for the various uses of manifest democracy. Harry,–the thinking property, whose sense-keeping has betrayed the philosophy of profound democracy,–is a preacher, and, by the value of his theological capacity, attracts more than ordinary attention. But his life has been a failure,–a mere experiment in divinity struggling with the sensitive power of model democracy. He now seems impatient to know that doom to which the freedom of an enlightened age has consigned him. One minute some cheering hope of his getting a good master presents itself in a familiar face; then it turns away, and with it vanishes his hope. Another comes forward, but it is merely to view his fine proportions.
Harry has feelings, and is strongly inclined to cling to the opinion that those who know his character and ta nike air max 90 sale lents, will be inclined to purchase. Will they save him from the cruelties of ordinary plantation life?
“Now for the preacher!”-Mr. Forshou touches his hat, politely. “Gentlemen purchasing, and wanting a church can be accommodated with that article to-morrow. Come, boy, mount up here!” The preaching article draws his steps reluctantly, gets up, and there stands,–a black div nike air max sale ine: anybody may look at him, anybody may examine him, anybody may kick him; anybody may buy him, body, soul, and theology. How pleasing, how charmingly liberal, is the democracy that grants the sweet privilege of doing all these things! Harry has a few simple requests to make, which his black sense might have told him the democracy could not grant. He requests (referring to his position as a minister of the gospel) that good master-the vender-will sell him with his poor old woman, and that he do not separate him from his dear children. In support of his appeal he sets forth, in language that would be impressive were it from white lips, that he wants to teach his little ones in the ways of the Lord. “Do, mas’r! try sell us so we live together, where my heart can feel and my eyes see my children, nike air max 1 ” he concludes, pointing to his children (living emblems of an oppressed race), who, with his hapless wife, are brought forward and placed on the stand at his feet. Harry (the vender pausing a moment) reaches out his hand (that hand so feared and yet so harmless), and affectionately places it on the head of his youngest child; then, taking it up, he places it in the arms of his wife,–perhaps not long to be so,–who stands trembling and sobbing at his side. Behold how picturesque is the fruit of democracy! Three small children, clinging round the skirts of a mother’s garment, casting sly peeps at purchasers as if they had an instinctive knowledge of their fate. They must be sold for the satisfaction of sundry debts he nike air max classic ld by sundry democratic creditors. How we affect to scorn the tyranny of Russia, because of her serfdom! Would to God there were truth and virtue in the scorn!
Mr. Forshou, the very sensitive and gentlemanly vender-he has dropped the title of honourable, which was given him on account of his having been a member of the State Senate-takes Harry by the right hand, and leads him round, where, at the front of the tribune, customers may have a much better opportunity of seeing for themselves.
“Yes! he’s a swell-a right good fellow.” Mr. Forshou turns to his schedule, glancing his eye up and down. “I see; it’s put down cheap nike air max trainers here in the invoice: a minister-warranted sound in every respect. It does seem to me, gentlemen, that here ‘s a right smart chance for a planter who ‘tends to the pious of his niggers, giving them a little preaching once in a while. Now, let the generous move; shake your dimes; let us turn a point, and see what can be done in the way of selling the lot,–preacher, wife, and family. The boy, Harry, is a preacher by nature; has by some unknown process tumbled into the profession. He’s a methodist, I reckon! But there’s choice field property in him; and his wife, one of the primest wenches in the gang, never says die when there’s plenty of cotton to pick. As for the young uns, they are pure stock. You must remember, gentlemen, preachers are not in the market every day; and when one’s to be got that’ll preach the right stripe, there’s no knowing the value of him-”
“We don’t want so much of this,” interrupts a voice in the crowd.
“Rather anxious to buy the feller,” Mr. Forshou replies, affecting much indifference. He will say a few words more. “Think the matter over, upon strict principles of political economy, and you’ll find, gentlemen, he’s just the article for big planters. I am happy to see t nike air max 90 he calm and serene faces of three of my friends of the clergy present; will they not take an interest for a fellow-worker in a righteous cause?” The vender smiles, seems inclined to jocularity, to which the gentlemen in black are unwilling to submit. They have not been moving among dealers, and examining a piece of property here and there, with any sinecure motive. They view the vender’s remarks as exceedingly offensive, return a look of indignation, and slowly, as if with wounded piety, walk away. The gentlemen in black are most sensitive when any comparison is made between them and a black brother. How horible shocked they seem, as, with white neckerchiefs so modest, they look back as they merge from the mart into the street!
It is a question whether these sensitive divi nike air max nes were shocked at the affectation and cold indifference manifested by legitimate dealers, or at the vender’s very impertinent remarks. We will not charge aught against our brethren of the clergy: no, we will leave the question open to the reader. We love them as good men who might labour for a better cause; we will leave them valiant defenders of southern chivalry, southern generosity, southern affability, and southern injustice. To be offended at so small an affair as selling a brother clergyman,–to make the insinuation that they are not humane, cause of insult,–is, indeed, the very essence of absurdity.
The vender makes a few side-motions with his thumbs, winks to several of his customers, and gives a significant no nike air max 95 d, as the gentlemen in black pass out of the insulting establishment. “Well, gentlemen, I’m sorry if I’ve offended anybody; but there’s a deep-rooted principle in what I’ve said, nor do I think it christian for the clergy to clear out in that shape. However, God bless ’em; let ’em go on their way rejoicing. Here’s the boy-he turns and puts his hand kindly on Harry’s shoulder-and his wench, and his young uns,–a minister and family, put down in the invoice as genuine prime. Our worthy sheriff’s a good judge of deacons-the sheriff-high functionary-acknowledges the compliment by respectfully nodding-and my opinion is that air max the boy’ll make a good bishop yet: he only wants an apron and a fair showing.” He touches Harry under the chin, laughing heartily the while.
“Yes, master,” replies Harry-he has little of the negro accent-quieting his feelings; “what I larn is all from the Bible, while master slept. Sell my old woman and little ones with me; my heart is in their welfare-”
“Don’t trifle with the poor fellow’s feelings; put him up a cheap nike air max nd sell him to the best advantage. There’s nobody here that wants a preacher and family. It’s only depreciating the value of the property to sell it in the lot,” says Graspum, in a firm voice. He has been standing as unmoved as a stoic, seeing nothing but property in the wretch of a clergyman, whose natural affections, pictured in his imploring looks, might have touched some tender chord of his feelings.
After several attempts, it is found impossible to sell the minister and his family in one lot. Hence, by the force of necessity, his agonising beseechings pouring forth, he is put up like other single bales of merchandise, and sold to Mr. M’Fadden, of A–district. The minister brought eleven hundred dollars, ready money down! The purchaser is a well-known planter; he has worked his way up in the world, is a rigid disciplina cheap nike air max rian, measuring the square inches of labour in his property, and adapting the best process of bringing it all out.
“He’s all I want,” says M’Fadden, making a move outward, and edging his way through the crowd.
“A moment with my poor old woman, master, if you please?” says Harry, turning round to his wife.
“None of your black humbugging; there’s wives enough on my place, and a parson can have his choice out of fifty,” returns M’Fadden, dragging him along by the arm. The scene that here ensues is harrowing in the extreme. The cries and sobs of children,–the solicitude and affection of his poor wife, as she throws her arms about her husband’s neck,–his falling tears of sorrow, as one by one he snatches up his children and kisses them,–are painfully touching. It is the purest, simplest, holiest of love, gushing forth from na nike air max ture’s fountain. It were well if we could but cherish its heavenly worth. That woman, the degraded of a despised race, her arms round a fond husband’s neck, struggling with death-like grasp, and imploring them not to take him from her. The men who have made him merchandise,–who have trodden his race in the dust,–look on unmoved as the unfeeling purchaser drags him from the embrace of all that is near and dear to him on earth. Here, in this boasted freest country the sun shines on-where freedom was bequeathed by our brave forefathers,–where the complex tyranny of an old world was overthrown,–such scenes violate no law. When will the glorious, the happy day of their death come? When shall the land be free?
M’Fadden, having paid the price of his clergyman, drags him to the door. “Once more, master,” mutters the victim, loo cheap nike air max king back with fear and hope pictured on his imploring face. M’Fadden has no patience with such useless implorings, and orders him to move along. “I will see them once more!” the man exclaims, “I will! Good bye! may Heaven bless you on earth, my little ones!-God will protect us when we meet again!” The tears course down his cheeks.
“None of that ar’ kind of nonsense! Shut down yer tear-trap,” says M’Fadden, calling an attendant, and, drawing a pair of irons from his pocket, placing them about Harry’s hands. Mr. M’Fadden’s property shows signs of being somewhat belligerent: to obviate any further nonsense, and to make short work of the thing, Mr. M’Fadden calls in aid, throws his property on the ground, ties its legs with a piece of rope, places it upon a drag, and orders it to be conveyed to the depot, from whence it will be despatched by rail for a new home.
This little ceremony over, the wife and children (Romescos and M’Fadden, not very good friends, were competitors for the preacher property) are put up and sold to Romescos. That skilful and very adroit gentleman is engaged to do the exciting business of separating, which he is progressing with very coolly and cleverly. The whole scene closes with selling the animal property and farming utensils. Happy Christian brothers are they who would spread the wings of their Christianity over such scenes! ③

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