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g you to hear lectures by haggardwomen in peplums, and having their portraits painted by wildpeople who never turned out to be the fashion.
All this would formerly have increased Susy’s contempt; now shefound herself liking the Hickses most for their failings. Shewas touched by their simple good faith, their isolation in themidst of all their queer apostles an air max 1 d parasites, their way ofdrifting about an alien and indifferent world in a compactlyclinging group of which Eldorada Tooker, the doctor and the twosecretaries formed the outer fringe, and by their view ofthemselves as a kind of collective re-incarnation of some paststate of princely culture, symbolised for Mrs. Hicks in what shecalled “the court of the Renaissance.” Eldorada, of course, wastheir chief prophete nike air max 1 ss; but even the intensely “bright” andmodern young secretaries, Mr. Beck and Mr. Buttles, showed atouching tendency to share her view, and spoke of Mr. Hicks as”promoting art,” in the spirit of Pandolfino celebrating themunificence of the Medicis.
“I’m getting really fond of the Hickses; I believe I should benice to them even if they were staying at Danieli’s,” Susy saidto Strefford.
“And even if you owned the yacht?” he answered; and for once hisbanter struck her as beside the point.
The Ibis carried them, during the endless June days, far andwide along the enchanted shores; they roamed among theEuganeans, they saw Aquileia and Pomposa and Ravenna. Theirhosts would gladly have taken them farther, across the Adriaticand on into the golden network of the Aegean; but Susy resistedthis infraction of Nick’s rules, and cheap air max 1 he himself preferred tostick to his task. Only now he wrote in the early mornings, sothat on most days they could set out before noon and steam backlate to the low fringe of lights on the lagoon. His workcontinued to progress, and as page was added to page Susyobscurely but surely perceived that each one corresponded with ahidden secretion of energy, the gradual forming within him ofsomething that might eventually alter both their lives. In whatsense she could not conjecture: she merely felt that the factof his having chosen a job and stuck to it, if only through afew rosy summer weeks, had already given him a new way of saying”Yes” and “No.”
Chapter 7
OF some new ferment at work in him Nick Lansing himself wasequally aware. He was a better judge of the book he was tryingto write than either Susy or Strefford; he kn nike air max 1 leopard ew its weaknesses,its treacheries, its tendency to slip through his fingers justas he thought his grasp tightest; but he knew also that at thevery moment when it seemed to have failed him it would suddenlybe back, beating its loud wings in his face.
He had no delusions as to its commercial value, and had wincedmore than he triumphed when Susy produced her allusion toMarius. His book was to be called The Pageant of Alexander.
His imagination had been enchanted by the idea of picturing theyoung conqueror’s advance through the fabulous landscapes ofAsia: he liked writing descriptions, and vaguely felt thatunder the guise of fiction he could develop his theory ofOriental influences in Western art at the expense of lesslearning than if he had tried to put his ideas into an essay.
He knew enough of his subject to know th nike air max 1 at he did not knowenough to write about it; but he consoled himself by rememberingthat Wilhelm Meister has survived many weighty volumes onaesthetics; and between his moments of self-disgust he tookhimself at Susy’s valuation, and found an unmixed joy in histask.
Never–no, never!–had he been so boundlessly, so confidentlyhappy. His hack nike air max 1 ebay -work had given him the habit of application,and now habit wore the glow of inspiration. His previousliterary ventures had been timid and tentative: if this one wasgrowing and strengthening on his hands, it must be because theconditions were so different. He was at ease, he was secure, hewas satisfied; and he had also, for the first time since hisearly youth, before his mother’s death, the sense of having someone to look after, some one who was his own particular care, andto whom he w cheap air max 1 as answerable for himself and his actions, as he hadnever felt himself answerable to the hurried and indifferentpeople among whom he had chosen to live.
Susy had the same standards as these people: she spoke theirlanguage, though she understood others, she required theirpleasures if she did not revere their gods. But from the momentthat she had become his property he had built up in himself aconception of her answering to some deep-seated need ofveneration. She was his, he had chos cheap nike air max 1 en her, she had taken herplace in the long line of Lansing women who had been loved,honoured, and probably deceived, by bygone Lansing men. Hedidn’t pretend to understand the logic of it; but the fact thatshe was his wife gave purpose and continuity to his scatteredimpulses, and a mysterious glow of consecration to his task.
Once or twice, nike air max 1 sale in the first days of his marriage, he had askedhimself with a slight shiver what would happen if Susy shouldbegin to bore him. The thing had happened to him with otherwomen as to whom his first emotions had not differed inintensity from those she inspired. The part he had played inhis previous love-affairs might indeed have been summed up inthe memorable line: “I am the hunter and the prey,” for he hadinvariably ceased to be the first only to regard himself as thesecond. This experience had never ceased to cause him theliveliest pain, since his sympathy for his pursuer was only lesskeen than his commiseration for himself; but as he was always alittle sorrier for himself, he had always ended by distancingthe pursuer.
All these pre-natal experiences now seemed utter nike air max 1 red ly inapplicableto the new man he had become. He could nike air max 1 black not imagine being boredby Susy–or trying to escape from her if he were. He could notthink of her as an enemy, or even as an accomplice, sinceaccomplices are potential enemies: she was some one with whom,by some unheard-of miracle, joys above the joys of friendshipwere to be tasted, but who, even through these fleetingecstasies, remained simply and securely his friend.
These new feelings did not affect his general attitude towardlife: they merely confirmed his faith in its ultimate”jolliness.” Never had he more thoroughly enjoyed the things hehad always enjoyed. A good dinner had never been as good tohim, a beautiful sunset as beautiful; he still rejoiced in thefact that he appreciated both with an equal acuity. He was asproud as ever of Susy’s cleverness and freedom from prejudice:
she couldn’t be too “modern” for nike air max 1 grey him now that she was his. Heshared to the full her passionate enjoyment of the present, andall her feverish eagerness to make it last. He knew when shewas thinking of ways of extending their golden opportunity, andhe secretly thought with her, wondering what new means theycould devise. He was thankful that Ellie Vanderlyn was stillabsent, and began to hope they might have the palace tothemselves for the remainder of the summer. If they did, hewould have time to finish his book, and Susy to lay up a littleinterest on their wedding cheques; and thus their enchanted yearmight conceivably be prolonged to two.
Late as the season was, their presence and Strefford’s in Venicehad already drawn thither several wandering members of theirset. It was characteristic of these indifferent butagglutinative people that they could never r nike air max 1 premium emain long partedfrom each other without a dim sense of uneasiness. Lansing wasfamiliar with the feeling. He had known slight twinges of ithimself, and had often ministered to its qualms in others. Itwas hardly stronger than the faint gnawing which recalls th

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