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“areligion” ….
A few days later, his well-being was unexpectedly disturbed bythe arrival of Fred Gillow. Lansing had always felt a tolerantliking for Gillow, a large smiling silent young man with anintense and serious desire to miss nothing attainable by one ofhis fortune and standing. What use he made of his experiences,Lansing, who had always gone into his own modest adventuresrather thoroughly, had never been able to guess; but he hadalways suspected the prodigal Fred of being no more than a well-disguised looker-on. Now for the first time he began to viewhi nike air max classic m with another eye. The Gillows were, in fact, the one uneasypoint in Nick’s conscience. He and Susy from the first, hadtalked of them less than of any other members of their group:
they had tacitly avoided the name from the day on which Susy hadcome to Lansing’s lodgings to say that Ursula Gillow had askedher to renounce him, till that other day, just before theirmarriage, when she had met him with the raptu nike air max 95 rous cry: “Here’sour first wedding present! Such a thumping big cheque from Fredand Ursula!”Plenty of sympathizing people were ready, Lansing knew, to tellhim just what had happened in the interval between those twodates; but he had taken care not to ask. He had even affectedan initiation so complete that the friends who burned toenlighten him were discouraged by his so obviously knowing morethan they; and gradually he had worked himself around to theirview, and had taken it for granted that he really did.
Now he perceived that he knew nothing at all, and that the”Hullo, old Fred!” with which Susy hailed Gillow’s arrival mightbe either the usual tribal welcome–since they were all “old,”and all nicknamed, in their private jargon–or a greeting thatconcealed inscrutable depths of complicity.
Susy was visibly glad to s nike air max ee Gillow; but she was glad ofeverything just then, and so glad to show her gladness! Thefact disarmed her husband and made him ashamed of hisuneasiness. “You ought to have thought this all out sooner, orelse you ought to chuck thinking of it at all,” was the soundbut ineffectual advice he gave himself on the day after Gillow’sarrival; and immediately set to work to rethink the wholematter.
Fred Gillow showed no consciousness of disturbing any one’speace of mind. Day after day he sprawled for hours on the Lidosands, his arms folded under his head, listening to Streffy’snonsense and watching Susy between sleepy lids; but he betrayedno desire to see her alone, or to draw her into talk apart fromthe others. More than ever he seemed content to be thegratified spectator of a costly show got up for his privateentertainment. nike air max sale It was not until he heard her, one morning,grumble a little at the increasing heat and the menace ofmosquitoes, that he said, quite as if they had talked the matterover long before, and finally settled it: “The moor will beready any time after the first of August.”Nick fancied that Susy coloured a little, and drew herself upmore defiantly than usual as she sent a pebble skimming acrossthe dying ripples at their feet.
“You’ll be a lot cooler in Scotland,” Fred added, with what, forhim, was an unusual effort at explicitness.
“Oh, shall we?” she retorted gaily; and added with an air ofmystery and importance, pivoting about on her high heels:
“Nick’s got work to do here. It will probably keep us allsummer.””Work? Rot! You’ll die of the smells.” Gillow staredperplexedly skyward from under his tilted hat-brim; and thenbr cheap nike air max ought out, as from the depth of a rankling grievance: “Ithought it was all understood.””Why,” Nick asked his wife that night, as they re-enteredEllie’s cool drawing-room after a late dinner at the Lido, “didGillow think it was understood that we were going to his moor inAugust?” He was conscious of the oddness of speaking of theirfriend by his surname, and reddened at his blunder.
Susy had let her lace cloak slide to her feet, and stood beforehim in the faintly-lit room, slim and shimmering-white throughblack transparencies.
She raised her eyebrows carelessly. “I told you long ago he’dasked us there for August.””You didn’t tell me you’d accepted.”She smiled as if he had said something as simple as Fred. “Iaccepted everything–from everybody!”What could he answer? It was the very principle on which theirbargain had be cheap nike air max en struck. And if he were to say: “Ah, but thisis different, because I’m jealous of Gillow,” what light wouldsuch an answer shed on his past? The time for being jealous-ifso antiquated an attitude were on any ground defensible-wouldhave been before his marriage, and before the acceptance of thebounties which had helped to make it possible. He wondered alittle now that in those days such scruples had not troubledhim. His inconsistency cheap air max irritated him, and increased hisirritation against Gillow. “I suppose he thinks he owns us!” hegrumbled inwardly.
He had thrown himself into an armchair, and Susy, advancingacross the shining arabesques of the floor, slid down at hisfeet, pressed her slender length against him, and whispered withlifted face and lips close to his: “We needn’t ever go anywhereyou don’t want to.” For once he nike air max r submission was sweet, andfolding her close he whispered back through his kiss: “Notthere, then.”In her response to his embrace he felt the acquiescence of herwhole happy self in whatever future he decided on, if only itgave them enough of such moments as this; and as they held eachother fast in silence his doubts and distrust began to seem likea silly injustice.
“Let us stay here as long as ever Ellie will let us,” he said,as if the shadowy walls and shining floors were a magic boundarydrawn about his happiness.
She murmured her assent and stood up, stretching her sleepy armabove her shoulders. “How dreadfully late it is …. Will youunhook me? … Oh, there’s a telegram.”She picked it up from the table, and tearing it open stared cheap nike air max trainers amoment at the message. “It’s from Ellie. She’s coming to-morrow.”She turned to the cheap nike air max window and strayed out onto the balcony. Nickfollowed her with enlacing arm. The canal below them lay inmoonless shadow, barred with a few lingering lights. A lastsnatch of gondola-music came from far off, carried upward on asultry gust.
“Dear old Ellie. All the same … I wish all this belonged toyou and me.” Susy sighed.
Chapter 8
IT was not Mrs. Vanderlyn’s fault if, after her arrival, herpalace seemed to belong any less to the Lansings.
She arrived in a mood of such general benevolence that it wasimpossible fo r Susy, when they finally found themselves alone,to make her view even her own recent conduct in any but the mostbenevolent light.
“I knew you’d be the veriest angel about it all, darling,because I knew you’d understand me– especially now,” shedeclared, her slim hands in Susy’s, her big eyes (so likeClarissa’s) resplendent with past pleasures and future plans.
The expression of her nike air max 1 confidence was unexpectedly distasteful toSusy Lansing, who had never lent so cold an ear to such warmavowals. She had always imagined that being happy one’s selfmade one–as Mrs. Vanderlyn appeared to assume –more tolerantof the happiness of others, of however doubtful elementscomposed; and she was almost ashamed of responding so languidlyto her friend’s outpourings. But she herself had no desire toconfide her bliss to Ellie; and why should not Ellie observe asimilar reticence?
“It was all so perfect–you see, dearest, I was meant to behappy,” that lady continued, as if the possession of so unusuala characteristic singled her out for special privileges.
Susy, with a certain sharpness, responded that she had alwayssupposed we all were.
“Oh, no, dearest: not gove nike air max 90 rnesses and mothers-in-law andcompanions, and that sort of people. They wouldn’t know how ifthey tried. But you and I, darling–“”Oh, I don’t consider myself in any way exceptional,” Susyintervened. She longed to add: “Not in your way, at anyrate–” but a few minutes earlier Mrs. Vanderlyn had told herthat the palace was at her disposal for the rest of the summer,and that she herself was only going to perch there–if they’dlet her!–long enough to gather up her things and start for St.
Moritz. The memory of this announcement had the effect ofcurbing Susy’s irony, and of making her shift the conversationto the safer if scarcely less absorbing topic of the number ofday and evening dresses required for a season at St. Mo nike air max 90 sale ritz.
As she listened to Mrs. Vanderlyn–no less

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