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LET us beg the reader’s indulgence for nike air max classic a few moments, while we say that Mr. Scranton belonged to that large class of servile flatterers who too often come from the New England States-men, who, having no direct interest in slaves, make no scruple of sacrificing their independen cheap nike air max ce that they may appear true to the south and slavery. Such men not unfrequently do the political vampirism of the south without receiving its thanks, but look for the respect of political factions for being loudest supporters of inconsistency. They never receive the thanks of the southerner; frequently and deservedly do they sink into contempt!
A few days after the visit to the plantation we have described in the foregoing chapter, Elder Pemberton Praiseworthy, divested of his pastoral occupation, and seriously anxious to keep up his friendly association cheap nike air max trainers s with those who had taken a part nike air max 95 in furthering the cause of humanity, calls on his old acquaintance, Mrs. Rosebrook. He has always found a welcome under her hospitable roof,–a good meal, over which he could discourse the benefits he bestowed, through his spiritual nike air max 1 mission, upon a fallen race; never leaving without kindly asking permission to offer up a prayer, in which he invoked the mer airmax 90 cy of the Supreme Ruler over all things. In this instance he seems somewhat downcast, forlorn; he has changed his business; his brown, lean face, small peering eyes, and low forehead, with bristly black hair standing erect, give his features a careworn air. He apologises for the unceremonious call, and says he always forgets etiquette in his fervour to do good; to serve his fellow-creatures, to be a Christian among the living, and serve the dying and the dead-if such hav cheap air max 90 e wants–is his motto. And that his motives may not be misconstrued he has come to report the peculiar phases of the business he found it actually necessary to turn his hand to. That he will gain a complete mastery over the devil he has not the fraction of a doubt; and as he has always–deeming him less harmless th nike air max 90 an many citizens of the south–had strong prejudices against that gentleman, he now has strong expectations of carrying his point against him. Elder Praiseworthy once heard a great statesman–who said singular things as well in as out of Congress–say that he did’nt believe the devil was a bad fellow after all; and that with a little more schooling he might make a very useful gentleman to prevent duelling–in a word, that there was no knowing how we’d get along at the south without such an all-important personage cheap nike air max . He has had several spells of deep thinking on this point, which, though he cannot exactly agree with it, he holds firmly to the belief that, so far as it affects duelling, the devil should be one of the principals, and he, being sp ecially ordained, the great antagonist to demolish him with his chosen weapon–humanity.
“They tell me you have gone back into the world,” says Mrs. Rosebrook, as the waiter hands Elder Pemberton Praiseworthy a chair. “It’s only the duty of love, of Christian goodness, he humbly replies, and takes his seat as Mrs. Rosebrook says-“pray be seated!”
“I’m somewhat fatigued; but it’s the fatigue of loving to do good,” he says, rubbing his hands very piously, and giving a look of great ministerial seriousness at the good lady. We will omit several minor portions of the Elder’s cautious introduction o nike air max sale f his humane occupation, commencing where he sets forth the kind reasons air max 90 for such a virtuous policy. “You honestly think you are serving the Lord, do you?” enquires the lady, as she takes her seat.
The Elder evinces surprise at such a question. Hath he moved among Christians so many years, ministering to spiritual wants, and yet the purity of his motives be questioned? “Good madam! we must have faith to believe. All that is meant well should be accepted in the greatness of the intention. You will observe, I am neither a lawyer nor a politician; I would’nt be for the world! We must a nike air max lways be doing something for the good of others; and we must not forget, whilst we are doing it, to serve the Allwise one; and while we are effecting the good of one we are serving the designs of the other.” Thus emphatically spoke the Elder, fingering a book that lay on the table. “I buy sick people, I save the dying, and I instruct them in the ways of the Lord as soon as they are cured, and-” And here the Elder suddenly stops.
“Add, Mr. Praiseworthy, that when you have cured them, and instructed them in the way of the Lord, you sell them!” interrupts the lady, watching the sudden changes that pass over his craven features.
“I always get them good masters; I never fail in that. Nor do I stand upon the profit-it’s the humanity I takes into the balance.” He conceives good under the motley garb of his new mission.
“Humanity-strange humanity, with self coiled beneath. Why, Mr. Praiseworthy!” the lady starts from her seat, and speaks with emphasis, “do you tell me that you have become a resurrection man, standing at the platfor nike air max 90 sale m of death, interposing with it for a speculation?”
“It’s no uncommon business, Madam; hundreds follow it; some have got rich at it.” ③

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