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“Guilty,” says the former, in tones like church-yard wailings: “Guilty. I suppose that’s the style we must render the verdict in?” The foreman is at a loss to know what style of verdict is necessary.
“Yes,” returns the clerk, bowing; and the gentlemen of the jury well complimented by the judge, are discharged until to-morrow. The atto nike huarache rney for the defence made a noble, generous, and touching appeal to the fatherly twelve; but his appeal fell like dull mist before the majesty of slavery. Guilty! O heavens, that ever the innocent cheap nike free run 2 should be made guilty of being born of a mother! That a mother-that name so holy-should be stained with the crime of bearing her child to criminal life!
Two children, fair and beautiful, are judged by a jury of twelve-perhaps all good and kind fathers, free and enlightened citizens of a free and happy republic-guilty of the crime of being born of a slave mother. Can this inquiring jury, this thinking twelve, feel as fathers only can feel when their children are on the precipice of danger? Could they but break over that seeming invulnerable power of slavery which crushes humanity, freezes up the souls of men, and makes the li nike free 3.0 sale ves of millions but a blight of misery, and behold with the honesty of the heart what a pictur nike free run 2 review e of misery their voice “Guilty!” spreads before these unfortunate children, how changed would be the result!
A judge, endeared to his own children by the kindest affections, feels no compunction of conscience while administering the law which denies a father his own children-which commands those children to be sold with the beasts of the field! Mark the slender cord upon which the fate of these unfortunates turns; mark the suffering through which they must pass.
The hand on the clock’s pale face marks four. His honour reminds gentlemen of the bar that it is time to adjourn court. Court is accordingly adjourned. Th nike free review e crowd disperse in silence. Gentlemen of the legal profession are satisfied the majesty of the law has been sus nike free run plus tained.
Hence the guilty children, scions of rights-loving democracy, like two pieces of valuable merchandise judicially decreed upon, are led back to prison, where they will await sale. Annette has caught the sound of “Guilty!”-she mutters it while being taken home from the court, in the arms of an nike free old slave. May heaven forgive the guilt we inherit from a mother, in this our land of freedom!
Chapter 22
We Change With Fortune
BUT a few months have passed since the popularly called gallant M’Carstrow led the fair Franconia to the hymeneal altar; and, now that he has taken up his residence in the city, the excitement of the honeymoon is waning, and he has betaken himself to his more congenial associations. The beautiful Franconia for him had but transient charms, which he now views as he would objects necessary to the g ratifications of his coarse passions. His feelings have not been softened with those finer associations which make man the kind patron of domestic life; nor is his mind capable of appreciating that respect for a wife which makes her an ornament of her circle. Saloons, race-courses, and nameless places nike free trainers uk , have superior attractions for him: home is become but endurable.
In truth, Franconia, compelled to marry in deference to fortune, finds she is ensnared into misfortunes. M’Carstrow (Colonel by courtesy) had fifteen hundred dollars, cash down, to pay for Clotilda: this sad grievance excites his feelings, inasmuch as it was all owing to his wife’s whims, and the poverty of her relations. The verdict of the jury, recently rendered, was to his mind a strictly correct one; but he cannot forget the insane manner in which the nike free running shoes responsibility was fastened upon him, and the hard cash-which might have made two handsome stakes on the turf-drawn from his pocket. His wife’s poverty-stricken relations he now detests, and can tolerate them best when farthest away from him. But Franconia does not forget that he is her husband; no, nig nike huarache free ht after night she sits at the window until midnight, waiting his return. Feeble and weary with anxiety, she will despatch a negro on a hopeless errand of search; he, true to his charge, returns with the confidential intelligence of finding Mas’r in a place less reputab nike free 5.0 v4 le than it is proper to mention. Such is our southern society,–very hospitable in language, chivalrous in memory,–base in morals! Some- times the gallant colonel deems it necessary to remain until daylight, lest, in returning by night, the pavement may annoy his understanding. Of this, however, he felt the world knew but little. Now and then, merely to keep up the luxury of southern life, the colonel finds it gratifying to his feelings, on returning home at night, to order a bed to be made for him in one of the yard-houses, in such manner as to give th nike huarache free run e deepest pain to his Franconia. Coarse and dissolute, indifference follows, cold and cutting; she finds herself a mere instrument of baser purpose in the hands of one she knows only as a ruffian-she loathes! Thus driven under the burden of troub nike free 3.0 review le, she begins to express her unhappiness, to remonstrate against his associations, to plead with him against his course of life. He jeers at this, scouts such prudery, proclaims it far beneath the dignity of his standing as a southern gentleman. ③

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